Whitlock: Brittney Griner and Alex Jones Have a Lot in Common


Racism and sexism do not explain the national indifference to the sad plight of Brittney Griner, the WNBA player imprisoned in Russia.

Thursday, a Russian court sentenced Griner to nine years in prison for attempting to carry a small amount of hashish oil into the country. A crime that would provoke a slap on the wrist here in America could dramatically alter the course of the 31-year-old two-time Olympian’s life.

Griner has already spent more than 150 days jailed in a foreign country. She’s a hostage in a geopolitical dispute between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the regime backing American President Joe Biden. Griner is a pawn Putin has walked across the chess board and plans to turn into a queen capable of forcing the United States into releasing terrorist kings.

America should be writhing in empathy for Brittney Griner. Instead, we’re mostly indifferent. Why?

The answer is complicated. Race and sex play a role, but not in the way Griner’s loudest supporters argue. In an attempt to pressure the Biden administration, Griner’s WNBA coach, Vanessa Nygaard, played all of the identity cards.

“If it was LeBron, he’d be home, right? Nygaard alleged. “It’s a statement about the value of women. It’s a statement about the value of a black person. It’s a statement about the value of a gay person. All of those things. We know it, and so that’s what hurts a little more.”

The truth is the identity politics movement is the reason Griner is caught in a cold war game that used to be reserved for men only. She’s a victim of the feminist movement that states there’s no difference between Brittney Griner and John McCain, the now-deceased Vietnam War prisoner turned politician.

The feminist movement redefined the rules of engagement. We no longer protect women and children first. We marked Griner and other women as fair game. Now we will pay an inflated price for her release.

The United States has offered a convicted arms dealer for Griner and a U.S. Marine, Paul Whelan. That’s a really bad deal for America. It’s only being offered because Griner is black, gay, and a woman and the regime backing Biden is a slave to identity politics.

Russia knows this. That’s why, according to reports, the Russians are insisting that America sweeten an already bad deal. Putin wants America to involve Germany in the trade. Germany holds a convicted murderer whom Putin wants thrown into the Griner trade.

This is embarrassing. It partially explains the indifference to Griner’s plight.

The rest of the explanation resides in our own corrupt justice system. It’s difficult to muster outrage at the unfairness and harshness of the Russian courts when our own system has fully embraced a harshness and one-sided political motivation.

We’re no better than Putin and Russia.

Our courts and media have defined Trump supporters as insurrectionists and terrorists. We jailed a 69-year-old grandmother with cancer for 60 days because she attended the Jan. 6 protest. She took videos while trespassing in the Capitol. She did nothing violent.

A policeman murdered Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6 and has been lauded as courageous. She was unarmed. She posed no threat.

On the same day Russia sentenced Griner, our Department of Justice announced the arrest of four Louisville police officers for violating the civil rights of Breonna Taylor. What happened to Taylor is a tragedy. But her boyfriend shot a police officer before the officers fired into her apartment and killed her.

You can argue that her boyfriend thought the police were intruders. OK, but let’s say it was his next-door neighbor banging on the door and the boyfriend mistakenly thought it was an intruder and shot the neighbor. The boyfriend would be charged with criminal negligence. Banging on a door does not justify shooting whoever is on the other side of the door.

The boyfriend has faced no charges. Meanwhile the police officers who responded to being shot at are facing prison time.

Our court systems are a mess. There’s no consistent logic or set of laws driving what we see from our courts. This includes our civil courts.

I don’t fully comprehend what’s happening with Alex Jones. A politically motivated judge appears to be crucifying Jones in civil court because he uncorked a loony opinion on the Sandy Hook school shooting. Thursday a jury awarded two Sandy Hook parents $4.1 million in damages for Jones’ contention that the school shooting was a hoax.

I don’t have a problem with Jones facing consequences for spreading a myth that caused people to harass the parents of Sandy Hook. My problem is with the judge seeming to assist in the prosecution of Jones. It creates the appearance that she doesn’t like Jones’ politics.

When everything is politics, we lose empathy for all political prisoners.

The indifference to Brittney Griner’s plight is matched by the indifference to Alex Jones’ plight.

Original Article: Whitlock: Brittney Griner and Alex Jones have a lot in common – TheBlaze


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  1. I agree so many in the us go unprosecuted for their blatant crimes while other are persecuted due to their beliefs. What happened to freedom of speech? I am sick of judges being political puppets. That is not the oath they took.

    • When will people learn that outside of the USA you are subject to the laws of the country you’re tough SHIT, She knew full well the consequences of this so no sympathy here. Nine years is a long time but hey this is russia if thes were isomeplace in the middle east, she’d be sentenced to death.

  2. The biggest problem I have with Griner is that she is anti-American. Let the Russians keep her.

    There are a LOT of problems with Biden, but he wasn’t concerned about the soldier until Griner showed up.

    Biden is a fool, and the sad part is, everyone knows it, but his supporters won’t admit it.

    • Poor little millionaire victim. Her life of privilege has put the United States in a position where wr have to give away untold hours and money of law enforcement capturing this ruthless thug because she didn’t want to leave her dope at home. This country no longer recognizes right from wrong. We no longer require culpability and responsibility. Everyone claims victim status while pointing fingers at everyone except themselves. Can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. I’m sick of this nonsense. She has been traveling for years and knew the risks. She dismissed those risks because she’s been told she’s a victim for no reason at all. Nobody who has the privilege of playing a game for millions of dollars is a victim. The only thing she’s a victim of is her own arrogance and stupidity. I wouldn’t trade a penny for her return. We learn from our mistakes and of we bail her out she will just return with more hateful rhetoric about our great nation. Let her sit where she put herself.

      • You are absolutely spot on. Other countries don’t give slaps on the wrist, especially since she was basically spitting in Russia’s face and daring them to do anything about it. She hates America so bad? Well good news for her, she’s found a new home for the next nine years.

    • Griner was stopped leaving Russia not entering Russia. She should have tossed the drugs before she attempted to leave Russia. Her vaping does not set a good example.

  3. Not only is Biden a lying, inept, incompetant, corrupt fool, he’s in way over his head. Obama was so correct when he said “never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up”. Obama watched Joe screw up his job as a Senator for many years. Biden’s performance as President will mark him in history as the absolute worst. That’s quite a legacy!

  4. Griner has denounced our great country anytime she’s close to a microphone, just Lebron James. Now she begs for the U.S to step in and help, when she knowingly committed a crime in a adversarial country, Russia. Griner has played in Russia before and knew how serious drug crimes are taken. Griner intentionally hid Hashish oil in a vape dispenser in effort to hide it from Russia’s police, which she got caught.!

    O’Biden’s attempt to trade a high value arms dealer who supplied terrorists is as stupid of a trade as his former boss, Barack Hussein Obama, made for a known traitor, Private Bergdhal. Obama traded 5 high ranking terrorists, where some are currently in Afghanistan running the country as a terrorist dictator. Apparently Obama and Biden never read President Trump’s book, “Art of the Deal!”

  5. I have absolutely no sympathy for Griner. She has showed her true feelings for this country for years. I personally consider her a disgrace to America. I think Griner knew exactly what she was doing. My guess is if she had been successful in leaving Russia, she would have bragged for sometime to come how she got away with breaking laws.
    I do not see how this law-breaking, anti-American can possibly be considered “unjustly detained.” To do so is a complete disregard for Russian law. Any injustice in this entire situation lies with the fact that Biden, and his group of thugs, are willing to spend millions of dollars and untold hours of negotiations on Griner while they fail to recognize the plight of other American imprisoned in Russia.
    Griner made her bed. Now she has to lie in it. She followed Colin Kaepernick in his insult to taking a knee to the American flag. I think people like these two do not deserve the protection of this country. They are anti-American and un-American and should live in another country.

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