Video: Beto O’Rourke Forced to Leave Town

Gubernatorial hopeful, Beto O’Rourke was forced to leave the small town of Rockdale, TX in haste. He was in town as part of an effort to connect rural communities with his liberal policies. Gun control has been a main topic during his 49-day tour of these areas.

In the effort to find some common ground. What if we at least raise the minimum age of purchase for an AR 15 or an AK 47 to 21? And imagine, imagine if we could push for three more years, three more years with the and and . . . So she’s going to say, you know what, criminals don’t follow the law. But this young man in Uvalde, he did . . .

Beto O’Rourke

Video shows O’Rourke being swarmed by a pro Greg Abbott crowd as he left the event. The candidate immediately made his way to a truck and pulled away, possibly striking people holding Abbott signs. This incident comes days after fellow democrats have been in the news for striking people with their cars. Fortunately in this case, there have been no reported injuries.


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    • I just don’t understand people these days. A point can be made without hatred and vile rhetoric. The ridiculous fu “song” is just another disgusting example of where the youth of today is coming from. I’ve watched this sort of behavior from the left for years now but to see it coming from the right only continues to normalize it. I grew up in a world where we could disagree and still be friends. Unfortunately we’re only digging the hole deeper and deeper. Civil discourse has been replaced by vitriolic hyperbole and though they did not actually threaten him the way they approached him was truly disturbing. The final commentary epitomizes exactly what I am talking about. To garner respect one must comport themselves in a respectful manner. We have always been manipulated by the media but the message used to be love for the country love for the children and love of faith. It seems that nowadays the only love is for oneself. Sodom and Gomorrah

  1. I absolutely love that Rockdale did this to Robert Francis, the fake hispanic who is not only an imbecile but also a Far Left democrat. He needs to quit running for office, nobody wants him.

    • I don’t believe he expects to be elected. He runs to “stir the pot” and live off the campaign contributions dopes give him. I know he has his own money but he’s an activist not a politician.

  2. Watching the video, I noticed several things.
    First, O’Rouke had to drive himself. What, no driver to ferry him around? Perhaps no working person wanted to be that closely associated with him.
    Secondly, the vehicle he was driving was an older one. Francis O’Rouke has spent his entire life in the lap of luxury as a ‘trust-fund baby’. Is he so delusional to think that, by appearing in a vehicle an ordinary man who has to work for his living might drive, the public will embrace him as ‘just like us’? How stupid does he think the public is? (Don’t answer; that was a purely rhetorical question. As an elitist who inherited his wealth, he assumes moral and intellectual superiority over ‘the masses’.)
    Thirdly, the vehicle he was driving uses a traditional internal combustion engine which is powered by gasoline. Yup, that EVIL (in their elitist minds) fossil fuel! So why isn’t he driving an electric vehicle? Is it because he knows that, for most Americans, their cost is way beyond our already overstretched budgets–thanks to Biden’s economy destroying policies. Or is it because he knows, when you get beyond large metropolitan areas, recharging your electric vehicle will take hours upon hours. That is, if you can even find someplace where you can plug in to charge it.
    So what I saw was just more examples of his insincere fakeness. Just as Irish-descent Robert O’Rouke decided to try to rebrand himself as “Beto” in a thinly-veiled attempt to try to align himself with Texas’s (and now this nation’s) large Latino/Hispanic-identifying populace, so too was he trying to project a fake image that he’s “just one of the guys”. But people are not stupid and they saw right through his duplicity.

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