Kamala’s Biggest Accomplishment

While a President is alive and well, the only real constitutional power the Vice President has is breaking ties in the Senate, a power that Vice President Harris has now used so often that she is a mere six votes away from breaking a 200-year-old record for using the Senate tiebreaker.

When Harris cast her 25th tiebreaking vote with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act on Sunday, moving her within six votes of the almost two-century-old record held by former Vice President John Calhoun.

The Constitution stipulates the vice president also serves as president of the Senate and has the authority to break ties, which has occurred with some regularity over the past year and a half, given the 50-50 makeup of the upper chamber.

Harris has already cast more tiebreakers than almost any other vice president, except for John Adams and Calhoun, who served from 1825 to 1832.

Calhoun has held the record of 31 tiebreaking votes since his tenure as vice president under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. John Adams, who served as vice president for nearly eight years under George Washington, cast 29 tiebreakers.

Harris, however, has cast more tiebreakers than Adams or Calhoun at the equivalent times in their vice presidencies.

She has primarily broken ties to confirm President Biden’s nominees, although she has also appeared at the Senate dais for other 50-50 splits, like when she voted to begin debate on the American Rescue Plan.

Harris’s role as tiebreaker came into the spotlight again quite recently, when she broke the tie to advance a long-awaited $740 billion bill that includes provisions to raise corporate taxes, confront climate change, lower prescription drug costs, and reduce the federal deficit. Her vote was met with applause from the chamber.

The bill’s passage in the Senate first required the support of all 50 Democrats, given all Republicans were united in opposition.

With previous Democratic holdouts Manchin and Sinema on board both with a “yes” this time, passing with Harris’s tiebreaker, the reconciliation package now heads to the House for consideration.

How often Harris casts a deciding vote during the remainder of Biden’s term and if she breaks Calhoun’s record, will largely depend on the outcome of this year’s Senate midterm elections.

Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has predicted a close race for the Senate majority.

“I think it’s going to be very tight. We have a 50-50 nation. And I think when this Senate race smoke clears, we’re likely to have a very, very close Senate still, with us up slightly or the Democrats up slightly,” McConnell said Wednesday on Fox New’s “Special Report.”

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. She is a disgrace and the worst VP to ever be in office. Her IQ is non-existent!! How in the world, by all that is reasonable, did this administration take power of this country. We will be the next third world entity by the time these idiots get thru this term of office. There is not one person in this administration that has one ounce of civilian experience or has worked in a “real” job in their life. Term limits MUST be explored and initiated. Career politicians have let Washington turn into a “SWAMP” full of man-eating, self-serving, and power hungry amazons.!!!!!

    • When I read the title of this article ‘tha accomplishments of ”heels up harris’ I laughed so hard until my sides ached and I damned near peed in my pants at such a preposterous question. Is this a for real question? Simple answer and to cut to the chase she’s done: NADA, ZIPPO, ZILCH, ZERO, BUPKUS, and nothing for anybody other than herself. If I’ve missed anything, sorry about that but as far as I and a lot of others here are concrned ‘heels up’ harris ( her moniker from the beginning when she began screwing her way to the top first with willie brown and then only God knows who to where she is today), and slow joe are a waste of time. Time for the GOP to get off their butts and begin impeachment procedings immediately if not sooner. The charges: derelicxtion of duty, ineptitude and incompetence. Really time is valuable, we can’t tolerate any more of this incompetent and inept nonsense and BULLSHIT and 2 more years of this is UNACCEPTABLE, period!. It’s payback time for the Republicans to do this to their candidate just like they did to Donald Trump ( although the liberals had nothing impeachable on him and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and got nowhere, after 2 attempts). as the evidence ias as plain as a sunny day. If last almost 2 years haven’t been proof enough that these idiots are unfit for the job, those in charge need to resign and get people in who will do what’s necessary.

  2. The Inflation Reduction Act is as much about reducing the cost of healthcare as the Affordable Healthcare Act was. Obama promised that Americans would not pay a PENNY more for healthcare insurance and your annual average savings would be 2,500! Yet this new Inflation Reduction Act has billions of dollars carved out to bailout the failing, unfunded, Unaffordable Healthcare Act!!!

    Jan 6th committee has nothing because President Trump did not cause any riot. Now these azzwhole’s In the radical Democratic Communist Party, The O’Biden administration, The DOJ, and The FBI raided Trumps home on a fishing exhibition in search of anything to keep Trump out of the 2024 presidential election.

    Here’s a little fact about the Jan 6th so called investigation of Trump allegedly pre-planning a insurrection. Riots and insurrections typically have a high likelihood of danger and violence right. So if Trump planned this why would he plan it on a day that the First Lady and his son were actually at the Capital Building during the riot??? It’s confirmed they were both at the Capital when the riot happened? Do the Jan 6th morons believe we are stupid enough to believe President Trump would put his own wife and young son in danger.

    • She is black and a woman. If she were trans and a quadriplegic, she wouldn’t need a brain at all and would be the next Dem president. She still has hope, tho’, with proper surgery.

      • Problem is SHE’S NOT BLACK. Kamel Toe is half India Indian, and white Jamaican. Harris only uses the black claim the same way Elizabeth Warren used the Native American claim.

      • When did gender and color trump (sorry for the appropriate pun) character and experience for a job like this? Really time to get back to the old ways and get things back on track with this slow moving train wreck called the bidee (sounds like bidet, some kind of fancy French crapper, same thing) administration. Two more years of slow joe and ‘heels up’ harris will destroy America more than it has already, guaranteed! Heels up’s nothing but a cackling clown who couldn’t run a high class or low calss brothel in las Vegas much less be the vice president which requires skills and experience she ‘s berift of, like character and talent along with real politcal experience that wasn’t earned on her back. One thing about the liberals, they keep squatting and stepping in it and are a laugh a minute but the scary thing, they’re supposed to be the leaders, yikes. You can’t make SHIT like this up, really you can’t.

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