Investigation Unveiled: Biden Family the Subject of a Legal Takedown

A conservative legal group has sent several requests to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for records related to Hunter Biden during Joe Biden’s vice presidency.

America First Legal (AFL), which is led by former senior members of the Trump administration, filed three separateFreedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests Tuesday to NARA. The nonprofit is asking for a wide variety of information related to those who had financial relationships with Hunter Biden andJames Biden in connection with their business dealings overseas, White House visits by them both and also then-vice president Biden’s communications with Hunter and James.

“America First Legal will use every resource at our disposal to oppose and ultimately overcome this lawless, autocratic, malicious third world corruption,” Stephen Miller, president of AFL and a former senior adviser for former President Donald Trump, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Civilization is on the line.”

The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) probe into Hunter Biden’s domestic and foreign dealings has reached a “critical juncture,” CNN reported in July. The investigation, which is being conducted by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss and was launched as early as 2018, is now centered around the Biden son’s alleged tax and foreign lobbying violations and alleged involvement in a 2018 gun incident.

AFL is notably asking NARA for all communications between Joe Biden and Hunter Biden through the Biden son’s email forRosemont Seneca Partners — an investment firm he co-founded. It is also seeking records related to individuals such as Devon Archer, Ye Jianming and Patrick Ho, who were involved financially in Ukraine and China with Hunter and James.

Archer, who served on the board of Burisma Holdings with Hunter Biden, was sentenced to roughly one year in prison in May after defrauding the Oglala Sioux tribe of around $60 million, according to court documents. Jianming and Ho were involved with CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct Chinese conglomerate that paid $4.8 million to entities managed by Hunter Biden and James Biden, The Washington Post reported.

“The American people deserve answers about Joe Biden’s use of his office while serving as Vice President to advance the financial and other interests of his family,” said AFL Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton, who served under Trump’s DOJ and Department of Homeland Security.

The DOJ did not respond to a request for comment, nor did a lawyer for Hunter Biden or the White House. NARA did not respond.

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  1. Miranda Devine’s book (Laptop From Hell) lays out how deeply involved financially the “Big Guy”–Joe Biden–was with Hunter’s shady business dealings in China, Russia and other countries. Yet Joe says he knew nothing of the business that Hunter and Jim in which they were involved. Recent revelations have proved that to be a lie. Ten Percent of the millions Hunter obtained with his shady business dealings led up to some nice pocket change for the “Big Guy.”

  2. The Biden’s are an organized crime family and there is plenty of PROOF….they are probably as CORRUPT as the Clinton’s….maybe even more so.

  3. Throw the family in jail….maybe even give them their own “Biden” wing…complete with additional cells for people like Hillary…and others, I’m sure, in the administration.

    • The corruption in DC runs so deep nothing will ever come of this. Haven’t we learned anything after both Hillary and Bill Clinton? The deep staters protect their own. It’s a nice thought but everything will be dragged out until after 2024 and even then anything incriminating will be redacted. The reason these people continue to get away with their criminal behavior is not just because of the left but because so many from the right are just as corrupt. Anyone who has been in Washington DC for more than 10 years is not going to risk their own corruption being revealed which is why the likes of Mitch McConnell never says anything of substance against democrats. Our entire federal structure is and always has been corrupt to the core but it’s normalized since Obama brought Chicago style politics “pay to play” to the White House. The only reason we’re hearing anything about the Bidens and Pelosis is because they have served their purpose and are now disposable. Trump is not an insider but I wouldn’t be so sure he’s not compromised as well. Everything that comes from Washington and the bought and paid for media is nothing more than a dog and pony show. My measure of standard is based on one simple factor. If you haven’t spoken out against the World Economic Forum and it’s ESG scores your part of the swamp. So far not one single federal “elected” official has said a single word about what’s happening to this country and the world at large. In fact the only possible future elected official that I know for a fact that has is Ron DeSantis. The problem is even if someone is elected that has integrity they will accomplish nothing unless they play the game of the ingrained corruption in place. They will be nullified until they do. I listen to some of these idiots and know immediately they don’t believe what they are saying and really don’t care because they understand this fact. Not even your beloved Trump will say anything against the WEF and has given speeches to this elitist billionaire group. Just look at their leadership and donors and you’ll begin to understand that this is a giant scam and it’s literally global. When the banks of every major nation is contributing to the Economic Social Governance ideology including oil producing nations like Saudi Arabia it’s more than apparent this system has infiltrated all levels of government across the globe. Everything we’ve seen Biden use as American policy comes directly from the WEF’S “mission statement”. They are not even trying to hide it as you can go directly to their website and read it for yourself. Don’t spend your life fighting billionaires battles because the outcome is inevitable. Understand that not one single Biden will do any time for their crimes because these people never do.

  4. The Biden Family needs to go down for all the illegal activities that they have done and continue to do daily. Im sorry but they are no better than any other person in the United States. While they are at it the need to go after the Pelosi Family for insider trading and take all the money that they have recieved for the illegal activities away from them. Our government need to be gone over with a magnifying glass. The American people are suffering and they are getting richer on our downfall as a country. Time to bring them down to our level and put them in jail for thwir crimes!

  5. With all this evidence nothing will be done. Who is going to bring charges against them, certainly not the F.B.I or the D.O.J. even the I.R.S. they are all in bed with the Biden. As long as you have top representatives, and senators in bed with the Chinese. Receiving theirs.The American people are also, screwed.

  6. Sad all the lies and illegal activities of our elected officials. Biden and Pelosi have done wrong at our expense

  7. I wish them luck. When I got fired from DOJ while working in a sick building because I refused to work in it and filed a Workers Comp claim and Disability Retirement, and I filed a couple of FOIA requests, they didn’t give me crap. And I know they had boxes of information on the building because I was told so by someone who knew. The government does not follow the laws but I guess you have all seen that now! I won my Workers Comp and Disability Retirement. I had kept records and had pictures. I loved my work!

  8. The Democratic Communist Party and their enforcement arm ( DOJ, FBI, CIA, ATF, NSA….etc), along with their propaganda arms, (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR,NY-Times, Wash-Post, Huff-Post, LA-Times, Assc-Press…etc) are all onboard to do what ever it takes to keep President Trump from running in the 2024 presidential election. It’s irrelevant it’s illegal because in a radical communist desperation, the end justifies the means!

    What one of the biggest problems with this ridiculous RAID of Trumps residence is the lack of urgency the Republican Party is not taking. You have half these Rhino idiots saying we have to just see what happens?! You’re kidding right. After the last six years have you not been paying attention. The Democratic Communist may not have tried this latest criminally corrupt action against Trump if someone went to prison on the last several attempts to change Trump with a phony crime…..

  9. There are so many covering the Biden family’s rear ends, nothing will come of it. It’s obvious as the nose on my face that all these politicians on both sides so some shady s*** as soon as they reach Washington. The Dems don’t pretend.

  10. As if the Biden crime family isn’t rich enough already Biden has Pelosi on a trip to China and Korea to infuriate those countries in hopes of world War 3. He wrongly thinks he can screw America another 4 years if another war breaks out. WRONG ASS HOLE.!!! YOU ARE GOING DOWN,,,,,,, AND PHONY DR JILL CAN’T GET YOU DRESSED FAST ENOUGH.

  11. Guiliani should have went after them instead of trying to make a name for himself going after Gotti,an others.Way more dangerous an harmful to this country than organized crime could ever be!

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