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Dirty Dems: They’re Even Sending Their Feces in the Mail

An Ohio man is in custody after being accused of sending about three-dozen feces-filled letters to lawmakers around the country, including Ohio’s 25 Republican state senators in early July.

Police arrested Richard Steinle, a 77-year-old from Mogadore, Ohio, and former Portage County Common Pleas Court mediator on Friday. Steinle is charged with sending “injurious articles as nonmailable,” violating a federal law that prohibits mailing certain things, including hazardous material, according to court records.

The misdemeanor charge carries a maximum prison sentence of one year and a $100,000 fine. A message seeking comment was left with Steinle’s lawyer.

The feces mailed in early July prompted an investigation by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, but investigators said Steinle has been sending such letters since August 2021 to elected officials in Washington D.C., Kentucky, California and Ohio.

Mailroom employees in the Ohio Statehouse and post offices in Cleveland and Akron intercepted the 25 letters, which never made it to their intended recipients. The return addresses on the letters were deemed fake. Some letters contained words such as “pig” and “racist” on them, according to court records. 

In late July, investigators for the U.S. Postal Inspection service conducted surveillance on Steinle’s home after a tip from another court employee that Steinle might be involved in sending the letters. Investigators witnessed Steinle mailing a letter while wearing a glove and after retrieving the letter, determined it to be contaminated with feces. The letter was addressed to Republican U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, according to court records. 

A message was left with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service seeking comment. It is not clear if the feces were human or animal. 

Senate GOP spokesperson John Fortney called the incident in early July “outrageous” and a serious health risk. 

“This type of biohazard attack doesn’t just stop with the people it’s directed towards,” Fortney said. “This is something that could potentially affect every single employee at the Ohio Statehouse, regardless of their political affiliation.” 

Steinle was released on a $20,000 unsecured bond and his next hearing is set for Aug. 25. 

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  1. IDK. The article doesn’t give his political affiliation. Maybe he’s just upset with what the moronic Republicans have been doing. Lord knows that most of them haven’t been acting how they should be. Just my opinion!

  2. I think this is outrageous and stupid, but after he is a Democrat and that is enough said. At his age, they should not send him to prison, since they are doing nothing about Biden and the crap he is doing to our entire country.
    If it is illegal, then they should be arresting the company that advertises on TV that you can contact them for a container for you to send stool samples in the mail to them and they will test it and check for colon cancer. Even though I should not feel sorry for him, being a Democrat, he does not know any better.

  3. He is just doing what he’s told. Wonder how many times this guy has been arrested? Get out jail free cards are still circulating. Unless you were near(within 2000 miles) of the Capitol on January 6. Harris will get you out in no time. Blame this on Trump. He instigated it. Not surprising.

  4. Since the journalist didn’t tell the readers what political affiliation this shit-dispenser is, it’s likely this offender is a member of The Democratic Communist Party. It shouldn’t matter but it does, especially if he is a Democrat he stands a very good chance of having his charge dismissed or minimal punishment for his crime. If the victims were from the Democratic Communist Party, he would be charged with a felony and would be sentenced to each crime separately. One year in prison, times 25, equaling a total of 25 years. He would additionally be charged with domestic terrorists charges.

  5. About the only thing worse than what this person has done are those who are not condemning what he has done. When we have no ethics or morals and refuse to be responsible for our actions, we can call ourselves Progressives. Way too many Progressives in the Democrat Party and in government positions in general.

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