Adam Schiff Still Looking for Trump Card

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the Justice Department “appeared to be investigating the fake elector plot” because Rep. Scott Perry’s (R-PA) cell phone was seized by the FBI.

Anchor Margaret Brennan asked, “We learned this past week that your colleague, Congressman Scott Perry, who leads the Freedom Caucus- the Justice Department seized his cell phone as part of their investigation into the attempts to overturn the election results in 2020 and that slate of fake electors. The committee looked into his actions and the slate of fake electors. We heard during the public testimony about that and some conspiracy theories that he had been talking to Mark Meadows, the Chief of Staff, about. Are those two parts of those investigations overlapping here?”

Schiff said, “Well, to the degree that the Justice Department appears to be investigating the fake elector plot, then yes, our investigations would very much be overlapping. What is to me most striking about the seizure of that phone is in order to do that, of course, they would have to make a showing to a judge or grand jury about there being probable cause that there was evidence of a crime on that phone and the fact that it was a member of Congress’s phone, I think, would make the Justice Department all the more certain, or need to be certain, that they had the probable cause. And that also suggests the Department thinks that this fake elector plot was a violation of law, which I think it certainly was. So, I think it’s very significant. All those respects.”

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  1. Shit head Schiff got his nose bent when he found out the Russa deal fell through and his vendetta against Trump flopped. The inpeachment embarassed him and caught him in his lies. How could New York elect such an idiot? Oh ya I remember from my visit New York sucks it’s full of smucks; and shit head Schiff is a flaming example of that statement. Are all the people that blinded by the tall buildings and drowning on a superior complex by putting complete fools into Government as your mouth peice. Prime example Blasio, a real winner Adams, Koch AOC and let us not forget the great governer slimy Como. “hey here’s an idea try pulling your head out of your ass!” Ya that means you Schiff.

      • Schiff is in California not New York, before posting and insulting everyone in New York get your facts straight. New York is a lib city we all know that, every democrat you mentioned holding office in New York with the exception of cuomo only the people in the city can vote for. I live on Long Island and it’s beautiful. Only an ignorant person like yourself would call all New Yorkers schmucks or as you say and spelled it “smucks”. You sound as stupid as the libs that voted for schiff in CALIFORNIA.

  2. Why is this idiot still in office. Kick his sorry a–to the curb once and for all and charge him for treason. His a–should be in prison at minimum or facing capital punishment. Moron never would have gotten away with what he has in our forefathers time. They didn’t tolerate BS!

  3. Adam schiff has proven himself to be one of the biggest liars in Washington. He’s like a dog chasing his tail trying to take down Donald Trump. If any registered democrat has paid attention to what schiff has tried to do and has listened to what he has accused Trump of along with other republicans they have to know that nothing that he has accused any of them of has been true and nothing stuck. So I ask these idiots why would you think this man EVER TELLS THE TRUTH. Like I’ve always said the Democratic Party depends on stupid people for power and the registered democrats in American are way too happy to oblige. Stupid is as stupid does the registered democrats motto. Face the nation putting a known liar, loser and corrupt as the day is long person on their show just shows you how far they have fallen.

  4. The photo of Adam Shitt in this Article embodies what Corruption, Lying and just general “NO GOOD” truly means, he is probably the most unliked POS in the Democrat Party, well, except perhaps for Joe Useless Biden, Nutty Nancy Pelosi, Chuckie boy Schumer, Jerry The Pig Nadler….well, the list could actually go on and on by just penciling in the entire so-called Biden Administration, but these are some of the Top Poster Children for the Liberal DemoNcrat Party!

  5. I’m certain most rational people with common sense know that California’s Adam Schiff (D) is shameless and a utter idiot.

    An interview with the First Lady, Mylania Trump, which of course the fake news ignored , revealed some very interesting facts. The First Lady stated that she and her son Barron were at the Capital library doing some work, which is a responsibility of every First Lady.

    I think the First Lady provided some evidence for the Jan 6 morons that they’re not going to like. If President Trump had prior planning of an alleged insurrection, why would he allow his wife and young son to be at the Capital building during a take over where violence was very likely?????

  6. adam sh*ts never can win trying to take down president trump..give it up sh*thead..your not gonna win..the american people will step all over you..that is what being a compulsive liar that you are …no one believes anything you say..another nutcase out of california..isn’t that old hag pelosi one of your good friends??.now that is laughable…another nutcase..looking forward to when president trump and desantis get into the whitehouse and they drain this massive cesspool of slime that has been robbing the american people and america for far too long..your days are number sh*thead..oh by the way..let’s not forget that crooked nutcase child molester biden another compulsive liar going down all in good time..wont be soon enough..looking forward to crooked hilary and racist obama following after all you into that massive cesspool..we should just dig a big hole … better yet open up the massive cesspool and throw each of you and all the rest of these lowlife crooks into the big cesspool hole..yeah …the american people would celebrate that day for sure..maybe we will even make it a national holiday..the day the cesspool was filled to the rim with all the maggots of goverment..hahaha..that’s the ticket..FJB..

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