Democrats Panic Over Problem They Created

On Monday the Pentagon denied the request by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser to use the National Guard to assist with the migrant influx in the nation’s capital. The request was originally made months ago and was at first rejected on Aug. 4. Another request was then placed on Aug. 11, when Bowser asked for 150 National Guard troops to be deployed to help with the migrants arriving in the capital.

Defense Department executive secretary Kelly Bulliner Holly replied with a message on Monday stating that the D.C. The National Guard was not trained for this task and that activation at this time could result in the troops not being ready to be easily deployed in case of an emergency.

The DCNG also doesn’t have experience in the necessary ground support or management of the facilities and sanitation that would be required for this type of operation. By sending personnel to such facilities, therefore, the readiness of the force would be diminished as military training would need to be reduced.
Around 7,000 migrants have been taken to Washington, D.C. by bus from Texas, and 900 have been taken to New York according to reports from Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

This was part of Abbott’s plan for having other states realize the problem that an influx in migration brought to states like Texas and Arizona, which are historically the only two states to have experienced this phenomenon.

Bowser has said that Abbott’s move was a political stunt. She also noted that the immigration system needs fixing and that they are trying to find better ways to put systems in place to support this humanitarian crisis.

Operation Lone Star, which has been dealing with the migrant problem across the southern border was originally launched in March of 2021.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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