Democrats Panic Over Problem They Created

On Monday the Pentagon denied the request by Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser to use the National Guard to assist with the migrant influx in the nation’s capital. The request was originally made months ago and was at first rejected on Aug. 4. Another request was then placed on Aug. 11, when Bowser asked for 150 National Guard troops to be deployed to help with the migrants arriving in the capital.

Defense Department executive secretary Kelly Bulliner Holly replied with a message on Monday stating that the D.C. The National Guard was not trained for this task and that activation at this time could result in the troops not being ready to be easily deployed in case of an emergency.

The DCNG also doesn’t have experience in the necessary ground support or management of the facilities and sanitation that would be required for this type of operation. By sending personnel to such facilities, therefore, the readiness of the force would be diminished as military training would need to be reduced.
Around 7,000 migrants have been taken to Washington, D.C. by bus from Texas, and 900 have been taken to New York according to reports from Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

This was part of Abbott’s plan for having other states realize the problem that an influx in migration brought to states like Texas and Arizona, which are historically the only two states to have experienced this phenomenon.

Bowser has said that Abbott’s move was a political stunt. She also noted that the immigration system needs fixing and that they are trying to find better ways to put systems in place to support this humanitarian crisis.

Operation Lone Star, which has been dealing with the migrant problem across the southern border was originally launched in March of 2021.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. It is not so funny when it hits your state and cities. This is well deserved, but should be in Bidens home town and state. There is no way to control the influx of illegals in our Southern states, not can the Southern states afford to feed, house and cloth them, but it makes no difference to our dear mentally dead President. It like trying to stuff 50 lbs. of dirt in a 5 lb. bag. The Democrats deserve whatever hardship this brings to them as they have done nothing to stop it.

    • The Democrats should not be complaining! They are responsible for the chaos at the border which enables criminals to transport deadly drugs like fentanyl throughout our country!

      The Democrats are also responsible for terrorists brought in on planes leaving Afghanistan without documents and disappeared throughout our country! Terrorists are also entering through the porous Mexican border!

  2. That is a shame that it’s gotten this far and what city or state in America can handle such a load? I don’t think President Biden is caring enough to grasp the situation that He created.

  3. Yes when it is in their back yard they bark Joe is not a President someone else is doing his job in Washington. They have it all fixed ,he probably didn’t know what was going on.

  4. Why are they complaining? They wanted open borders, to allow anyone and everyone into the country, to ban calling them illegals. Oh wait! that was when it was the red states problem! Now that they have to deal with them its a problem. DC got 7000 illegals total so far? The border cities are having to deal with more than that every day in much smaller cities and towns than DC without using the national guard.

  5. As a person educated in all forms of the Constitution and having taught Immigration classes the mess that is currently going on is a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISES! These people are illegally, the current administration is feeding them, giving them money, supplying them with health, living quarters, education and other living gifts. Our own people, who work, pay taxes, follow the law(for the most part), we supply almost nothing and feed them false news, a government that is reducing the impact of the Constitution – freedom of speech, religion, and all the rest through their laws that deny what a REPUBLIC really is. I am concerned for the innocent citizens who are taking a beating because of the “DO GOODERS” who are running this country right now.

  6. For the record, these aren’t migrants but illegals that have been put on busses and shipped to the steps of Washington by the cities (mostly run by the ‘dumbocraps) by the citizans that have become sick and tired of this liberal, ‘progressive’ BULLSHIT, of being overtaxed to pay for this and being overrun and nothing constructive to mitigate and solve this unfolding disaster and slow moving train wreck being done by those in charge. Social services are going broke supporting this, legal Americans who need services are being denied although they pay taxes that support these programs, and the demise goes on and on. And since Washingon’s not prepared for this inundation of so called migrants, no food facilities and no toilets and sanitation facilities, let them deal with the filth and stench that other places have been dealing with for years like piss and SHIT littering and stinking up streets, sidewalks and city parks making an outdoor adventure a possible biohazard exposure. You can’t make this stuff you just can’t. It’s as real as it gets and is coming to a city like yours if you vote for the liberals who’ve already destroyed some of America’s greatest cities, Los Angeles, New York and many more I don’t have time to list here but this is a start and of course San Francisco, where I live that in many neighborhoods resembles a third world country and is fast becoming the the calcutta, nairobi, mogadishu and port au prince of the west coast, sad to say. California is at the forefront of this as it abuts the Mexican border. And the sad but scary thing, gavvy ‘giveaway the store and everything else for free’ newsom to bums, leeches, freeloaders and of course ‘illegals’ ( his new voting demographic as most of the former democraps have been leaving the party in droves due to this BS and many other issues I don’t have time to list) is planning a run for president in 2024. When I heard this I laughed so hard till my sides ached and damned near peed in my pants. When I came to I thought it was a nightmare on full throttle. This asswipe, snake in the grass douchebag and weasel wants to destroy the USA just like he did to San Francico when he declared it as a ‘sanctuary city’ and since this idiot hoodwinked the voters got the California governors position. And as they say, the BS and destruction goes on and on like the Energizer Bunny. I’ve got newsom’s campaign slogan down: ‘hi i’m gavin newsom and i’m from California and runnijng for predident and if you want to make America just like Califronia, i’d appreciate your support and votes’. This should sink this no good bastards campaign like an iceberg the size that sank the Titanic, pronto. The scary thing, there are idiots here that’d vote for this worthless no good for anything festering POS. God please educate the American people on the danger of the liberals or ‘progressives’ or whatever these idiots are calling themselves these days before it’s too late.

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