McConnell Reacts To Trump’s Attack On His Wife

Following former President Trump’s statement made over the weekend, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was asked whether he had any comments to make about Trump calling his wife, former Trump administration Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, “crazy.” McConnell did not allow for any space for doubt when he said “No.”

On Saturday, the former President took to Truth Social where he commented on Chao being crazy. The entirety of his comment was seen by many as a criticism of McConnell, as he wrote about how Senate Republicans had not been supporting some of the new Republican candidates for the United States Senate. He also continued by saying McConnell should be trying to help these candidates more with money and time, but instead he has been helping Chao make her family in China richer.

Chao, who worked as the Transportation secretary for almost four years, before resigning the day after the Capitol riot, on Jan. 6, 2021, has previously been central to comments about her family’s company, the Foremost Group. This company was founded by her father, but the leadership is now with her sister. Despite Trump’s statement, the company is American and simply does business in China and other countries.

The Department of Transportation inspector general has found that Chao often used her department to aid in her family’s business. However, the Justice Department refused to have a formal investigation on Chao.

Upon her resignation, Chao had written about how the Jan.6 events could have been avoided and how she was disappointed by the incident.

The Department of Transportation inspector general previously discovered that Chao used department staff to assist the family business. The watchdog referred the facts to the Justice Department, which declined to investigate the then-secretary.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Trump is always trying to find someone to criticize and investigate just to get the attention off of him. He has committed more crimes then what could be counted on my 10 fingers. When will this guy just go away!!!! CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE WERE SO BLIND SIDED AND VOTED FOR HIM AND STILL FOLLOW HIM!
    This guy knows nothing about being a President, showing respect for our democracy and everythg about how to get away with CRIMES and MANIPULATION!

    • No proof or the liberal/Communists running the country now would have proved your biased accusations. But they haven’t so get over it. Trump is here to stay. Democracy and the Democrat party have no connection. 4 Years of Trump our country was respected in the world. Now we’re a laughing stock.

      • I agree with you 100%. Way to go. That guy previously is clueless about Donald Trump. I bet he didn’t mind taking Donalds stimulus checks. 😁

        • Everyone is clueless about that sore toed money mad nutwad. I cannot believe that we have so many brainless people out there that say he was a good President. He wouldn’t make a good spokesperson for Ovaltine!

    • You are talking manipulation… what a joke. BRANDON after promised to all American not taxes if you make less than 400 thousand, just raise the taxes for ALL AMERICAN with this student loan policy every people in America will be pay an extra 2000 dollars more a year….👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻MAGA 2022/2024

      • Trump for all his faults was the right man at the right time. I don’t think any other R candidate could have beat HRC. As a bonus he turned out to be a good steward for the country despite his tweeting habits. The political persecution of Trump does not sit well with me.

    • Can you elaborate on your tirade against Mr. Trump? So far you sound like a brainwashed puppet, a stingy communist. All i see is your mouth running faster than your brain…how about been impartial and read both sides of the political page where you can see all the evil perpetrated presently on America by this “Demoncrat” administration and their satanic globalists of the “new world order”….i think you should read more (if you know how to read) and inform yourself; you are just another American traitor!!!

    • Becky, please name the crimes ! I dont think you can, i bet you are ok with the crimes diaper joe and family has committed .

    • Well Becky, Please list all the crimes what could be counted on your 10 fingers. I personally would like to know. Thanks in advance.

    • So start naming, Becky. People like you make this claim all the time, but when asked to give facts, they have nothing to say.

    • Name the crimes that he committed. I love you people who speak without facts, but then liberals do not need facts and of course, according to the Mafia Princess Pelosi no one is above the law except for corrupt democrats.

    • Becky, the best way to describe your post is completely irrelevant and clueless. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and I’m going to vote for him again in 2024. I voted for Trump in 2020, but the Democratic Communist Party, their FBI, their fake mainstream media, and the tech companies rigged the election.

      I know you’re told by the idiots on fake news that it’s Russia, but more and more evidence is coming forward and Trump will be vindicated as the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election.

      What I find amazing about you Liberals who suffer from Trump derangement syndrome is you never say exactly what you mean in how he’s denied democracy and exactly what crime you think he committed?!

      I assume you love the destruction to our country that the O’Biden administration and the Democratic Communist Party has reigned down on the American people, which %75 of the people think the country is going in the wrong direction.

      You must love that gas has more than doubled, inflation is skyrocketing, Biden has spent over 4-trillion dollars in under 19-months, the wide open border, historic crime levels in all of our cities, defunding and attacking police while trying to take guns from law abiding citizens, censoring conservatives in violation of our 1st amendment rights, the idiotic withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving Americans and allies behind, Biden using federal law enforcement to go after anyone he wants not to mention Biden can’t complete a sentence . There’s tons more! I would rather have a President who has a few mean words to people who deserve it, than a president who is anti-American and is destroying this wonderful country!

    • Becky, Becky, Becky,
      Is your head in the sand? I am so glad that people like you are having to pay higher gas prices, higher
      food prices, and hopefully your stock losses are as great as everyone else. Those of us that are retired and on fixed incomes will probably never recoup our losses in our lifetime. Thank you so much…not!!!!!!
      But you can’t see beyond your nose, can you? How stupid are you communist socialistic Democrats.
      Please read the Constitution of the US and study history of our great country and figure out how you
      can become a meaningful citizen of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and save our future…..
      Trump and his team did more for the US citizens in 4 years then the Dumocrats have every time they have held office….think back to your “best” i.e. Obama, Clinton, Carter….really.

    • Some people hate so much, they can’t see that our President Trump DID MORE GREAT things for our REPUBLIC and it’s people than any I’ve seen.
      And those crimes you wish he did, where are the convictions??
      biden( not my President ) is the MOST ILLEGITIMATE CROOK TO LIE AND CHEAT his way in. ALL FACTS!!!!!
      But y’all don’t believe in facts, only your truth which isn’t !

    • It so happens, Einstein, that the ones he criticizes are significantly criticizable. The Ispector General found evidence of wrongdoing to a degree that merited reporting to the DOJ. So maybe it is peoole like YOU who are wilfully blind and immature and following a moronic agenda.

  2. I supported President Trump, and appreciated many of his policies.
    However, he seems to be becoming more unhinged and unstable. He lost the election by millions of votes. Get over it. He’s not going to get “reinstated” as President. He’s viciously attacking good Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Brian Kemp who won’t kowtow to him and repeat his lies. (I’m writing this as a strong, former supporter of his)
    Our 10 kids/spouses: None will vote for him again, even though most are conservatives. That does not bode well for a re-run.
    President Trump is now supporting election deniers, who are going to get attacked mercilessly, and will be weaker candidates for the midterm. It looks as though Republicans will lose senate races in Pennsylvania and Ohio and elsewhere due to his interference in these elections.
    There are many great Republicans who would make an excellent President who don’t have all his baggage. Someone like Ron DeSantis would get many votes that Donald Trump would not, which is likely to be critical in the 2024 election. Sadly, I expect that if Donald Trump runs for president again, he will savagely attack all the Republicans who run against him, whether that be Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and whoever else would dare run against him.

    Liz Cheney could actually be helping Republicans, by helping move President Trump and his rants to the side, so more electable Republicans can step up.

    • I too voted for Trump. He did an excellent job as president with all the interference he received because he was not a politician. We don’t need a politician in that office but we do need someone that will work with people, not constantly but down any one that may differ in opinion. What he did to Vice President Pence is unforgivable. I lost all respect for Trump and would not vote for him again.

    • Mitch, who was losing for his reelection bid until Trump supporter him, is the prime example of a swamp Rhino that proves that you need term limits. They get into office and then become rich on lobbyists, so many of them just cares about satisfying their donors, Trump never was a politician ,never taking a salary (donating it to causes like the Vets) did not need to owe lobbyists so Rhino like Mitch are afraid of Trump. And Mitch’s wife’s
      family owns a Chinese shipping company and must be connected to the CCP. LOOK IT UP!

    • Bill pull your head out of the sand, Trump didnt lose, the election was stolen, just look at the facts. and yes if Trump runs he will win, You are a demorat are a Rhino .

    • You are the unhinged my friend! Trump really has no baggage at all. All of the negative press that has clogged the airwaves accusing Trump of corruption or anything and everything from sleeping with his daughter to being naked in Russia, colluding with Russia, to Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine, to being a war monger and starting wars, to using the office to make money by making policies favor his companies, to cheating on his taxes, to being Epstein’s pal, anyone with half a half functioning brain and that actually pays attention to everything said by everyone from all platforms can easily discern who is being honest and who isn’t. Only a fool can be deceived by this corrupt and completely Fake News Hollywood Script reading media like CNN, MSNBC, PBS, All of the local affiliates of ABC CBS & NBC & Most all news in print starting with NYT, WAPO, and 1000’s more newspapers magazines and web based sites like Snopes, Fact check .org and 1000’s more that are owned operated or in some way linked to some of the most notorious Elites living on our continent. These corrupt mouth pieces of the airwaves are responsible for advancing every lie about Trump, his family, his supporter, all of the fake racism, climate disasters, white privilege, COVID 19 deception, and on and on and on.
      These lousy corrupt Pukes have controlled the narrative by enhancing lies against Trump by reporting New Damning Details from carefully crafted stories of leaked proof from a reputable source inside the FBI or DOJ. They never produce any evidence ever. They only state that they have seen it or a believable source has verified it all the while never reporting the opposite and hiding facts that dispel the lies they push while spinning the facts that slip through their net and get reported.
      If you can’t see with obvious and crystal clear certainty that that the Democrats along with the assistance of the Fake News Agencies FBI DOJ and our courts have sold us down the river and disenfranchised our VOTE. If you feel that the election was the safest and that there wasn’t enough fraud to change the outcomes of the election, then you haven’t looked for it. The fraud is clearly evident in every state and will only grow strong stronger and more widespread because the Corrupt liberal lawmakers, media, FBI, DOJ and most of the Liberal supporters and voters are perfectly OK with cheating to win as long as it’s in favor of their party or reflects what they value.
      When there is clear proof or overwhelming evidence of wrong doing by a political figure. Conservatives will fight to resolve the issue no matter political affiliation. A crook is a crook is a crook. Most odd us with uncommon Common Spence and a decent memory that pay close attention to everything said on all sides know exactly who is lying. Anyone who still spouts about Trump as a nefarious man of bad character, low morality, mean spirited, racist, childish or any other characteristic eluding to some crazy character flaw and or some corrupt action to which he must be held accountable and prosecuted, ::::::to you people that are still thinking they’ll find something on Trump and think poorly of him because of the current descriptions about him gaslighted on Fake news the last 6 years,:::;::;you people are the reason Joe Biden is in the WH, Why gas is 4 dollars a gallon Food prices are so high, men in dresses are reading books to kids, racism is an issue at all, there is war in Ukraine , Taiwan is a Chinese target, we are in a recession, our savings vanished and vaporized into nothing., I could write a million more with ease. Pull your head from southern most end and open your eyes, take notes and study. You have been fooled and you sound foolish.

    • Hey Bill: I KNOW FOR A FACT THE ELECTION WAS RIGGED!!!! I was one of SEVERAL I personally KNOW who were sent unasked mail-in ballots-3 THREE. Others were literally sent up to 7-SEVEN ballots that were NEVER requested. What we seemed to have in common was that we all were disabled..I reported this to my state AG, the state election board, and the local election board. NO ONE INVESTIGATED AT ALL. Trump is NOT perfect, but he has tried to get America back on track. NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS BEEN ATTACKED AS HE HAS! Despite the attacks, he had this country prosperous. Before Trump, we had a choice to vote for ‘crook A’ or ‘crook B’…most of the politicians you mentioned are ‘crook Bs’ . America needs a fearless leader who is a business person-not a wimp who gives into whiners who only think government should give them things. America has to clean house in Congress…but I truly believe we have reached the point of no-return and will enter Civil War #2. Those of us who can see what is happening-Trump included-are FURIOUS….it is NOT being ‘unhinged’…

    • true……….he did not lose…….everything was stolen……do not think there will be a truthful election again….too many crooks, too many people only want power. We have many , many politicians that need to be struck by God’s hands! They will be gone the day of the innocent and the ones that played fair and by the rules once again are in power! I would be shaking in my boots if I was a Biden, Peloski, Clinton, Obama…..and many others! Why, why would you want soooo much power? You cannot take the power, money or so called prestige with you??? You do know…one day….you WILL die….then what? You are bound to HELL FOREVER! For what? A few luxuries here on earth for such a short time??? We are talking “fire and brime stone forever”! PLEASE , get on your knees and confess? HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE???? GOD IS YOUR JUDGE! I PRAY FOR YOU! SO FAR< YOU"RE HELL BOUND.
      Nadine Meade…a sinner…but a lover of God Al

  3. All I hear here is Rinos crying and moaning. Hope you guys like being run by the Commie/Dems, because that is what is ahead for us. Most of you voted for McCain and Romney and look where that got you. Our problem is not Trump, but McConnel and McCarthy doing absolutely nothing about corruption in our government. People Wake Up!!

  4. Trump didn’t lose by millions, do you really think that millions of people voted for this loser (Sleepy Creepy Joe) who campaign in his basement. Hillary was right the fix was in. The democrats found up to50,000 votes in five states once they shut the voting count down overnight, to figure out how many votes needed to steal an election again.

  5. becky is just as blind and dumb as the other sheep that follow the democrats. only half their brain really works the other half is DEAD SPACE. SHE MUST BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE. SOME OF THE STUPIDEST ONES HAVE BEEN THERE TO GET BRAINWASHED WITH THEORY’S. GOD HELP US ALL IF TRUMP DOESN’T GET BACK IN.

  6. Old Mitch abd that drunk Bonehead could have helped Pres Trump do a lot more good for the country if they had wanted to But Pres Trump got in the way of there dealing with China So they went for self and to heck with the Country .. Olf Mitch and bone head worked better with obambo than mitch did with Pres Trump He could have fixed the media care thing with Pres Trump as the leader but the RINOS there didnt want to There is a lot of reason old mitch should be out of a leadership postion

  7. mcconnell is a deep state stooge and it’s too bad the people of his state dont see it. he isnt for you or for me, but only for the money. he is part of the uni party, dems and gop rinos, that dont care about america only power. mcconnel pelosi schumer all uni party, anti american money mongers.

  8. Ditch Mitch the turtle neck!
    Let’s go Brandon!
    Buck Joe Fiden!
    President Trump was the best president ever in my lifetime, and that’s a long time! China Joe sat in his basement while the fix was in to rig the election. Then in less than 3 months, China Joe ruined the whole economy. He has wasted more time and money than anyone in history and continues to do so. Major death coming this winter and it has nothing to do with covid. When the electric grid goes down and there won’t be enough oil for heat, freezing will start and deaths will occur! This will be another mark on China Joe. How many lives will he sacrifice? Lives in Afghanistan! Lives of migrants at the border! Lives of the people dying from the Illegal drugs coming over the border. Lives in Ukraine. Lives that have been taken by the violence he allows. Lives of the police officers he won’t allow to defend themselves. So many lives, yet just the beginning!

  9. Trump is a businessman just think of all the millions he was going to make by selling all these documents to Russia or North Korea nobody’s ever thought about that this man is a crook do all the Democrats and Republicans who believe in him think about it

  10. Talk talk talk just think what this businessman would’ve done with all these documents that he Stole from the White House once a businessman always a businessman he probably would’ve sold these documents to Russia or North Korea just think of all those millions of dollars he would’ve made he’s a crook lock him up

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