Proof: Fetterman is One Dirty Dog

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D), running against Dr. Mehmet Oz for the state’s open United States Senate seat, was previously accused of abusing his “mayoral authority” while mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, for using local police to dig up dirt on his political opponent.

While running for re-election in 2009, Fetterman was accused by Braddock solicitor Lawrence Shields of “abuse of your mayoral authority” for requesting a local police officer pull a 2004 police report on his opponent, Jayme Cox.

Cox told the Washington Free Beacon that he had gotten into an altercation with his wife, who passed in 2017, but that claims he had hit her were not true. The changes against Cox were dropped after he attended a domestic abuse course.

“[Fetterman will] stab anybody in the back who gets in his way,” Cox said.

City Council members wanted Fetterman to be arrested for allegedly trying to get the police report on Cox, as Pennsylvania state laws restrict such information when the charges are dropped against an individual.

Braddock, officials told the Free Beacon, was nearly sued for Fetterman’s actions:

As lieutenant governor, Fetterman has proposed rewriting the very same law he was accused of violating in 2009, the Criminal History Record Information Act. He claimed the act “unfairly” disqualified “many Black and Brown Pennsylvanians” from employment. Braddock solicitor Shields said in 2009 that Fetterman’s release of the police report on Cox, who is black, opened Braddock up to a potential lawsuit for violating the act, which bars the release of criminal information three years after an arrest when no conviction occurred. Pennsylvania’s Bucks County was fined $67 million in 2019 for violating the act by publishing protected criminal information. [Emphasis added]

Following the incident, Fetterman also helped cast the deciding vote to fire Shields as Braddock solicitor.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Fetterman oversaw crime surges and a declining population while mayor of Braddock, despite his promises to revitalize the area.

Original Article: Report: Fetterman Accused of ‘Abuse of … Mayoral Authority’ for Using Local Police to Get Dirt on Political Opponent (


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  1. Besides the fact that Fetterman used law enforcement officials to take down his political opponent is what dirty Democratic Party members do! Obama, Biden and Hilary have all done the same thing except on a much bigger scale!

    Fetterman is a full blown Democratic Communist who believes that all of our country’s decision must be made by the anti-American Democrats in Washington D.C. Fetterman along with the majority of radicals want to defund state and local law enforcement. The Democrats want ALL law enforcement to become Federalized and controlled by the corrupt azzwhole’s in Washington D.C!

    The Democratic Communist Party is attempting to destroy our country by any means necessary! They’re at war with the American people and our way of life, which is living free! This is why they’re extremely afraid of President Donald Trump, because he loves and believe’s in the American people. Trump is exposing the radical democrats and the never Trump Rhinos, like Mitch McConnell and Lynsey Graham.

    Only a handful of Republican politicians have the spine to fight back against these Communists . Unfortunately, the majority are weak and will not fight the war raged against the American people by the violent, lawless, anti-American, radical Democrats who want complete control of everything you do.

  2. Erik Gerhardt the Libertarian is the best choice for Senate. ‘Cause no way would I vote for a Carpetbagging idiot from NJ.

  3. Erik Gerhardt is the only good choice for Senate. Can’t vote for a carpetbagging doctor from NJ to know what PA needs.

  4. I say ban the Communist Party especially in the USA. It was done in the 1950’s and if the USA is to be saved from the collapse of Democracy then Communism MUST be crushed again. Fetterman is a ” pig” No class and all arse. It seems the more good morals are lost in any country then soon too the “unglies” of society come out of the woodwork. If the Republicans do not work hard at gaining control of the USA then of course evil shall prevail

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