Republicans Now Support Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney is making her way to the top of the Republican party as her fame is rising for being one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest critics.

A recent CNBC report has noted how she has managed to gain a lot of support from former Trump allies, including billionaire Charles Koch. This is while many are speculating that she is also considering placing a presidential bid for 2024.

Cheney is currently the vice chair of a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack. She is also looking into the involvement of Trump in this incident.

However, last week Cheney lost her re-election campaign in Wyoming against Trump supporter Harriet Hageman. This could potentially also mean a loss of GOP support because of her involvement with the Jan. 6 investigation.

On Monday, Cheney made a public statement that she was “disgusted” about the former president giving to the public the name of the federal agents that were responsible for carrying out the search warrant for his Florida residence.

She has said that Donald Trump continues to be a threat to the country and their Republic and that defeating him requires the unification of Republicans, Democrats, and independents.

Koch and Trump fell out in 2018 after Koch reportedly criticized Trump for his trade war and budget deficit. While Koch industries have not yet expressed explicit support for Cheney, a spokesperson has said that Cheney is using their i360’s data technology. They also noted that this technology has thousands of clients and that it did not mean she was endorsed by them.

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  1. Ridiculous, she just was rejected by the voters in her own state. What kind of bullshit are you publishing here??? Apparently you are a lapdog for the Democraps. Grow up and start admitting the truth.

  2. This chain is stupid if she thinks she will run for president she’s no better than President Biden she’s losing it she’s delirious she’s delusional that’s why she lost her seat because that’s how stupid she is she doesn’t know when to quit she doesn’t know when she’s defeated she’ll never be anything or mountain anything she’s a no we’re person a loser going nowhere

  3. Ms Cheney is not even a RINO, but a pure demo socialist. Unlike some republican states, Wyoming voters chose to remove her from office. Smart move. If you don’t want to support your constituents move over and become a star for the other side.

  4. Hi All,
    The Cheney’s are part of and been so for decades of the corrupt DC SWAMP. The fortune amassed by the Cheney clan has been done at the taxpayer’s expense. Yeah and the same folks who have screwed the American taxpayers are now supporting this latest corrupt Chaney, Liz, are also the ones made their fortunes by dishonest thievery.

  5. I don’t favor giving out FBI agent’s names, but Cheney has never objected to Dems threatening Supreme Court Judges and protesting in front of their homes. She has never objected to Maxine Waters and others ranting about chasing Republicans out of public places. Liz feels all of that is just a higher calling to “protect Democracy.”

  6. The only support she has is the Bush people. She is at the top of a dying part of the party the Bush/Cheney group they did not vote for Trump before so who gives a s**t what she does?

    • It qppears from the comments above that this little political puff piece is not only inaccurate but very likely composed of and written by a Trump hating Cheney fan if not old Liz herself. Get a grip and do us and yourself a favor. Let it go its not going to happen. Cheney might as well turn demonrat because her career as a republican is over. When a politician can’t even garner the support of their home state it clearly over for them. Perhaps a gig at MSNBC or CNN might be in order but as a republican never again. You Liz Cheney have held your last office as an elected republican and your involvement in the January 6th sham trial was an embarrassment. We’ve had enough of liars and fake Republicans. Trump whether or not he ever holds a political position again has consolidated the right wing voters and we want ni more of you Mitch McConnell and your sell out ideals. Take the hint

  7. This article is just more garbage being pushed by the liberal media and the fascist Dems. Cheney is a spoiled “elitist” who, (obviously), is in denial. Her hatred for Trump is based on jealousy. She hasn’t paid attention to her own constituents’ as she’s been consumed by her hate. She is now aligned with the fascist Dems who are ruining our country. Just now, I looked at a poll asking poll takers if they would support Cheney. Ninety-one percent said “No!” (and that’s all there is, folks!) Stop printing garbage!

  8. ANY fool who thinks for one minute that Trump was behind the Jan 6 ruckus is blind, or stupid. There were FBU I agents galore there encouraging protestors to enter the capitol building. The whole thing was a big set up. There was NO insurrection.

  9. Only RINOS would support this POS “C” She has no morals, integrity, or ethics. She is perfect to be in bed with the democrats. REAL Republicans can stand Cheney and she isn’t even worth being called a woman. GO TO H–L WITH THE REST OF THE RINOS AND DEMOCRATS! YOU ALL HSVE DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY LONG ENOUGH WITH YOUR CRAP!

  10. Cheney not only voted to impeach Trump and is an unhinged member of the January 6th Committee, but she has consistently voted against her constituents. Why would anyone but a fellow backstabber support her in 2024?

  11. Cheney is a true Conservative (voted with Trump 93% of the time).
    She is also an American hero fighting to maintain our free democratic republic.
    People should praise her for standing up to save democracy against a sore loser who lies to protect his tender ego.

  12. Cheney is a Republican Swamp dweller Republican. We need to support Republicans who support President Trump in order to get political motivations out of government and replace them with business means of benefitting American citizens. Swamp dwelling Republicans are no better than Progressive Democrats.

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