Watch: Biden Called a P——– to His Face

President Joe Biden was heckled at a campaign rally in Rockville, Maryland Thursday evening by a man who yelled, “You stole the election!”

Biden took a break from his most recent vacation to attend the rally in the gymnasium of Richard Montgomery High School in the suburb of Washington DC. Candidates at the event included Maryland Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wes Moore.

Biden was in the middle of his remarks and was interrupted while saying, “The whole notion of ‘burn it all down’ MAGA Republicans continues to be a drum beat…” when the man yelled, “You stole the election!”

The man continued, “You stole it! You stole it guy! You stole it!”

As the Democratic faithful at the rally began to boo the man added, “You’re a pedophile too!” Video then showed the protester being removed from the rally.

Biden replied to the heckler by addressing the crowd after the man was removed saying, “Folks, ignorance knows no boundaries.”

Earlier in the day Biden spoke at a fundraiser in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, and accused former President Donald Trump and his supporters of “semi-fascism.”

Biden said at the event hosted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), “What we’re seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy. It’s not just Trump, it’s the entire philosophy that underpins the — I’m going to say something, it’s like semi-fascism.”

“This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a different deal,” he added. “Our team has to show up and quite frankly vote, just simply vote.”

According to a DNC official, the 100 attendees helped raise $1 million for the committee and the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.

Biden is scheduled to return to Delaware on Friday to resume his vacation.

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  1. As long as the democratic voters refuse to open their eyes and their minds the rest of us will just have to put up with it until Trump is back in the oval office. Every dem we turn before Nov. is a nail in their coffin. The grass roots MAGA movement is our only hope. Less “say” and more “do” is the only way to go now.

  2. There was so much more that needed to be said do those idiots really believe their lies. They acusse Republicans of exactly what they are doing to destroy america.

  3. Bidung is a rotten SON OF A BITCH and he and the rest of his fellow communist should be tried for treason and sent to Getmo to be caged like the perverts that they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not hang them that is to fast and they need to suffer!!!!

    • Harry, you are correct….these people need to feel the pain they have caused so many….they will pay the price….but only when
      God sees fit????

  4. This is what the pit.of hell must be like. All Demons at this place. Way to go MAGA. Call them out every chance we get!

  5. Angela you’re the one that needs to open up your eyes look at all the crap our former president got into stealing all these documents wake up

    • But Hillary still holds the record for the most stolen from the White House and the Arkansas Governors Mansion when she and Bill left both offices, however, the police did stop her and forced her to return the items she stole from the Governors Mansion, even she claimed she only took these items as they were gifts from the citizens in Arkansas, and then she did the same thing at the White House. Plus she had a field day with the emails she stored on her personal servers, then destroyed government equipment, staff’s phones and I-pads. President Trump was so much worse, as he took cocktail Napkins from the White House which probably cost about $5.00.

  6. The comments did not affect Biden. Joe was thinking, “I wonder who he was talking about. He sure doesn’t like that “U” guy, whoever that is.”

  7. It’s good to see there are those who have the courage to enter the lions lair to identify Biden as a lying person and not a lion of a person. I’m surprised the Progressive and otherwise liberal minded crowd didn’t lynch this man.

  8. The Demonrats are such a difficult breed of total idiots who are only about themselves and the hell with the rest of us.

  9. Wake up, the USA is a laughing stock of the world, we have leaders that are corrupt to the core, diaper wearing jokes, and WAKE UP you are a joke for posting on here.

  10. IMPEACHMENT BIDEN NOW! We want TRUMP BACK AGAIN. That’s sucks democrats! Biden didn’t support our building better America, you only focus on other countries and make Americans to pay more taxes . STOP BIDEN SPENDING $$$$ . Trump did made our building better American . Biden stole the elections. Impeachment Nancy Pelsoy and Vice President Harris, too.

  11. Did I read this correct that Biden held a rally and 100 attended it. WOW! that is a record for Biden, as his last rallies he held while running for President, he only had about 30 attendies, yet he was so popular with the country, he won by the millions, well more than any President ever received in history, while President Trump had tens of thousand attend his rallies and he lost to Biden who basically had no supporters, only large money people on his side to buy him the election. May all who was in on the fake election, burn in HELL!!

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