Biden Finally Gets Some Great News

President Biden’s approval rates have risen to 44 percent according to the new Gallup poll. This is one of the latest signs of the President recovering approval rates as he has managed to achieve some big legislative victories while also steadily dropping gas prices.

This shows a clear improvement from the Gallup poll a month earlier which had placed his approval rates at 38 percent in July.

While this is still significantly lower than the 57 percent he went into the office with, this current rating is still the highest rating he has achieved in a year. His last high result was in August 2021 when he had an approval rating of 49 percent.

The Gallup poll shows that Biden is potentially becoming more popular, even though the inflation rates are still a major worry for a lot of Americans.

According to a Morning Consult-Politico poll released on Wednesday, 43 percent of voters currently approve of Biden’s performance as President. This is significantly higher than the 39 percent approval he had had earlier in August.

Last month Biden’s climate, health care, and tax package passed through the Senate. Another bill to boost the domestic semiconductor industry was also passed with bipartisan support.

Gas prices are also steadily lowering and a counterterrorism operation was successful in killing al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan earlier this month.

As the Democrats are heading into the midterm elections this is a critical moment for Biden to regain the support of the American people.

Especially as it is widely believed that Republicans are to regain control of the House.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. I don’t believe it!! Biden is still the worst president in history. He lied to America people! He kept inviting immigrants people enter border and want to give them free rooms at the hotel at NYC and SF. Also he want to give free foods and money to immigrate?!? America homeless come FIRST!! Not immigrants people! He want immigrants to vote after 30 days! No way!! That’s NOT Acceptable!! People who came to America and want to be US Citizen then they have to study English language, good job, no criminal record etc for 7 years or so. If pass 7 years or so they can become US Citizen. Immigrants people for 30 days! HELL NO!! They won’t study English or won’t work . They all want free money from the government. Go back home where u came from. Biden made me soooo disgusted and idiot person! We want Trump back 2024!!!

    • It’s strange that he has been in office for two years and just now before the midterms , he decides to do something! And the bad part of it is he’s doing it in an attempt to get votes. He doesn’t care about this country. And I would bet as soon as the election is over, gas prices will go back up, groceries, utilities and other goods will continue to go up. I just hope and pray we’re not stuck with him for another term. He’s done more to damage this country than any other president I recall.

  2. They are laying the ground work, for another stolen election. Biden is the worst president, in our country’s history.
    By telling us these lies, and the Terrorist Party wins most of the races, we will be told, ” The polls were right.” If the masses cry out, ” These elections were stolen!” We will be told, “No, they were ligitimate, look at all the polls, and so, what can you do about it?? NOTHING, so get over it.”
    At that point folks, we will have become a Communist country. YOUR VOTE IS CRITICAL. We have to have a tsunami of votes, to try and stop this evil in our country.

  3. If Americans are actually improving their opinion of the corrupt, dottering, child groping, crooked lunatic then America is a dying nation.
    Personally I don’t believe in polls and my opinion of Biden has been in the toilet since the 80s.

  4. Hopefully those responsible individuals who paid off their student loans sometimes over many years, struggling and working 2 jobs and doing without lots of things only to put their student loan payments behind them (and move on with their lives knowing non payment of these loans would screw them in the future) and not having this hanging over them remember the ‘student loan freebie’ come November and vote this clown and his board of buffoons adios. If this isn’t an insult and kick in the teeth just what is? Really why should the American taxpayers be on the hook for this BS when they didn’t incur the loans and won’t get any benefit for this? Really I’m insulted and pissed off these irresponsible idiots who went to school, took out the loans knowing full well their obligation, farted around in school or took nonsensical courses thet wouldn’t lead to a good paying job in the future ’cause they were trying to ‘find themselves’ and didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, well cry me a river the volume of the Pacific Ocean. And if these people go broke tough SHIT! In lifem decisions have consequences be they responsible or irreaponsible. Realy if this issue isn’t the one that that gets America pissed off and realize slow joey and ‘heels up’ harris have done nothing for America other than the leeches and deadbeats who think everything should be free, just what is? This giveaway BULLSHIT has gone on for 2 1/2 years, just what the next two years will be like with these traitorous bozos at the helm, I shudder to think. America wake up before it’s too late and maybe with the mid trerms in November we the thinking rational ones will have a chance to save things before we become the Venezuela of the northern western hemisphere.

  5. Unfortunately, I believe it. Biden is not the problem it is the people behind him actually calling the shots. The “Ends justify the means” crowd are willing to do anything (i.e. Trump raid, Facebook and Twitter suppression, Uncontrolled spending, AOC, Education, etc. Unfortunately, when supposedly opposition politicians say nothing with few exceptions the DNC is the only voice in town. It is too close to the mid-term elections to throw Biden out with the bath water. We need a coordinated plan with stated opposition to Biden’s policies and to hammer the solution to our country’s issues.

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