Rubio Tells Florida Democrats that Their Party Has Abandoned Them!

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is vying for reelection, says that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by radical progressives and their woke agenda. The GOP Senator added that the Party has “abandoned” their hardworking voters who hold dear to traditional Democratic values that are no longer part of the Left’s platform. 

In saying that their Party has abandoned them, Rubio has also held out an olive branch to his Democrat constituents. The Senator called on Democrat voters to help put an end to the radical progressivism, which he said has taken over the Party, and not for the better.

He made these comments while appearing beside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Attorney-General Ashley Moody after all three won their primaries unopposed. With his sights on the general election, Rubio called on Democrats to take a good look at their Party.

“If you’re a Democrat or a working-class Democrat, maybe you’ve voted Democrat your whole life because your parents were members of unions, or you’re a member of a union, or for whatever reason,” said Rubio. “I say to you tonight; your party has abandoned you.”

Rubio elaborated and appealed to those Democrats who feel alienated by the radical left to think about voting for himself and Ron DeSantis in November.

“The Democratic Party has been taken over by radical left-wing lunatics, laptop liberals, and Marxist misfits,” claimed Rubio. “Those are the people who have taken over that Party. I wish this country had two normal political parties so we can debate should the taxes be 18 percent or 19 percent. But that’s not what we debate anymore. We debate crazy things. Insanity”

Rubio said that the country is so polarized because America’s two major political parties share no common ground. He claimed that while Republicans hold the United States in high regard, the Democrats hate the core values of America and wish to destroy it. The Senator declared the fight for the nation was not over. He called on still patriotic Democrats to help save America.

“And when we win in November, we’re going to put a stop to this destruction,” the Senator said. “And then, God willing, in two years, someone will be in the White House that isn’t this guy, with common sense, with an understanding about America’s future, that believes in the greatness of our country. And we will save our country, and we will leave for our children what our parents, what our grandparents, what previous Americans left for us: the single greatest country in the history of all of mankind. We need to go win, and we need your help”.

Rubio will face off against representative Val Demings, in order to retain his seat this November, while DeSantis goes up against one-time Republican, now turncoat, Charlie Crist.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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