Trump Gives FBI Some Major Advice

Former President Donald Trump called on the FBI to “make America great again” while discussing the past actions taken by the agency which include the cases of former Director James Comey, the 2016 election, and the raid into his Florida home. Early on Monday, Trump took to Truth Social to report a comment where he was asking FBI agents to rebel against what is happening to him following the search of his Mar-a-Lago estate on August 8.

In his comment he wrote, “When are the great agents, and others, in the FBI going to say ‘we aren’t going to take it anymore.’” He also referred to the cases of James Comey and Hillary Clinton, after which the FBI had said there were no reasonable grounds for prosecution.

Trump’s posts came at an important time, as this coming week there is a hearing with U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida during which she will decide if a special master should be appointed to oversee the FBI’s investigation, evidence, and the materials seized.

Cannon issued an order on Sunday requesting that both Trump and the Department of Justice file their responses before the hearing on Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Paul G. Rogers U.S. Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The DOJ also has until Tuesday to respond to Trump’s demand for the master, or a third-party attorney who can filter privileged material which might have been found during the raid.

Trump’s accusations over the weekend also extended to the FBI and Department of Justice, when he said that they were interfering with the elections on a dishonest level. In the message, he said that they were interfering both with the 2022 midterm elections as well as with the 2024 presidential elections.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. I have to say this because I am sick of the Democrat party going after a person that they couldn’t stop when he was President and they can’t stop him now from running for President in 2024 I do not like the man but
    what he done for this country while he was President was awesome that man did more for the people then any President on record. If you had just left him be and not steal the election we would not be in the position we are in right now but your selfess greed and the Democratic party to make this country a socialist country will not happen and the Nov election will prove that the Free Americian people will speak. Your whole party stinks of lies and the person you call the President does also.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha. Haven’t you magas been conned enough???? You are embarrassing yourself. No wonder you all are cranked in the head. Birds of a feather trump together.

      • Poor Carla. So how long have you been a anti-American member of the Democratic Communist Party? I’m guessing you’ve been stuck on stupid for quite a while. Let me guess, do you drive an electric car.

        I guess us Trump supporters just miss when President Trump made our border secure, joblessness at a historical low, law and order (except blue cities), real peace in the Middle East, praises for our military and police officers, our country’s enemies in fear, no recession, low gas prices…..the list goes on. In other words Carla, pull your head out of your azz!!!! have a nice day

    • I have to agree with you completely! I am a Trump supporter but have been disappointed that he’s pushing Operation Warpspeed with the vax but I’m glad he doesn’t support FOCRED Vax like Biden & others! My body, MY choice…RIGHT?

      Trump DOES tend to rub many the wrong way including his supporters like myself at times…especially when he picks Rino Rs as his inner circle! That’s like inviting the devil into your inner circle in my opinion, and these Rs are WORSE than the Ds because they KNOW better & are doing their foolishness any way!

    • I know of people that didn’t vote for Trump because of his actions. They NEVER even considered what he had done for this country , when he said he wanted to make America great again he meant it .Those people had judged him without realizing how good life was then. Can we say this now ?….no, if anyone says or thinks that life is better or as good has been living under a rock for the last few years. It’s time for the American people to take back our country by voting out those politicians causing the hardships among us. John 6 says: ” judge not for you will be judged”, we should vote out those that haven’ t done what they promised , not for who they are.

  2. You’re spot on! But many people fear that the Democrats are going to steal the election again. You already see what Biden is doing giving a press conference saying that all Trump supporters are terrorists. It’s my fear that they are going to come after the citizens who do not identify as dems

  3. Now that is more than even Pres Trump can do i think . The FBI and DOJ are just to crooked for Pres Trump to fix The FBI needes to be dismandled there is a LOT that say the local Police need to be defunded but most of them are a heck of a lot more honest than ANY FBI agent Most Cops do there JOB are use to but since that coward jury called the Cops bad and the thugs the good guy they might have to chnage But there is NO changing the crooked FBI that NEED to be defunded

  4. Oh Carla I always say the democrats depend on stupid people to win elections and you proved my point perfectly with you’re post. You wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked you in your face which leads me to believe you are either a lying, deceitful person yourself or you are uneducated. I’m going with you’re BOTH

  5. As is usual, most of the problems with the FBI and other government agencies has to do with money. Government employees should not be compensated more than the same type of job would compensate in the private sector. No employee of government should ever openly reject the U.S. Constitution or in any way conduct their job for political purposes, especially if they are being financially compensated to do so. If the FBI cannot provide services to all American citizens equally, the FBI needs to be dismantled.

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