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Biden Botches The Border

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz has said under oath that the policies of the Biden administration have “no consequences” for illegal migrants traveling into the U.S., this is why they are partly to blame for the huge influx in border crossings as hundreds of thousands of immigrants are released into the country.

Fox News Digital was the first to publish the video of Ortiz’s assertions. The video was captured on July 28 and was part of a recorded deposition to be used in the discovery in a lawsuit by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. The lawsuit was filed against the Department of Homeland Security and other border agencies.

Ortiz, who has more than 3 decades of experience has told the attorneys that in his view the surge of migrants at the southern border is in part caused by the lack of consequences for those who try to enter.

He also said that this is commonly the case and in his years of experience whenever there is a lack of consequences there is a surge in immigration.

In response to this assertion, the attorney asked Ortiz if he then believes that lack of consequences can mean that more people will choose to make it to the border.

Ortiz reaffirmed that the potential of release and lack of consequences will lead to more migrants taking the chance and entering the country.

After being pressed further Ortiz also said that he believed a further increase could be ahead. About a document presented to Ortiz with Biden’s immigration policies, Ortiz also said that those entering the United States would perceive it as more possible that they would be able to remain in the U.S. following their entry.

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  1. The Biden Terrorist’s illegal interlopers have no idea they’ll be used as forced experimental subjects for phake pharma and Fauci-types, as forced seks slaves, as forced domestic servitude in elitist households, and likely ground up as food for cattle since Biden has engineered the tampering/removal of fertilizer which effects food stock. Take note also of the fact that since the Biden Terrorist has shipped his paid-for illegal aliens to various cities, all of these cities has declared there is no room, food, clothing, jobs, monies or shelters for his hordes with many of whom were found to be nailed shut inside and hidden in shipping containers (filmed and documented), as per the Biden Terrorist.

    • Exactly. The MSM has ignored Joe’s comments and they refuse to connect the dots.
      Everything Biden is doing, including doing nothing, is to get in 2 million immigrants and refugees A YEAR.
      1) Washington Examiner, Immigration conference in Des Moines, IA, 7 Aug 2019, Biden said the US can “afford 2 million immigrants and refugees a year.”
      2) After the election, Biden was asked about immigrants. He said, “Tell them help is on the way.”
      3) Throughout 2020, VP Harris stated about a dozen times that our southern border should look just like driving across a state line in the US.
      4) Biden promised he would stop the border wall – and did.
      5) Wa Po, Dec 22, 2020. Biden reaffirmed his intention to bring in 2 million. Biden says he’ll reverse Trump immigration policies. Joe Biden says on day one as president he will “carve a path on immigration policy for asylum in the United States to desperate asylum seekers. He repeated his view that the US “can afford 2 million in a heartbeat.”

  2. This is just the Beginning of a Socialistic Take Over By The Government, Create Unstable Situations, That Create Division Among the People, So They Fight Against Each Other, Based On What They Believe In. When It Gets Real Bad, the Government Will Declare Marshall Law and Take Over, Too Protect The People from Themselves.
    Look to the Past for the Same Scenarios Like Germany, Cuba, n USSR.
    We Know Longer Live in Country Were The Government is For The People By The People, Its About and For Them!!

  3. I’m with Ortiz. Biden has done a real number on Americans. The man is not only against Americans but he’s proven that he is only out for himself and his family. His attitude and behavior screams of “I’m gonna get mine.To hell with anyone else.” Way to go,dems.

  4. What I don’t understand, Why in the hell! Is he still president? His gotten away with so much. Messed our country, has done nothing good. Turned everything upside down. . But yet his still running our country. People that are with him are so blind. Evil, that’s what they all are. So sad to see our country go down. Our country was one of the greatest, now all other countries laugh and make fun of what’s happening to our country, for having this leader ruin it.

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