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Kamala Goes on Vacation as Staffers Flee

VP Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff arrived in Hawaii on August 15th and are continuing their vacation on the sunny island.

The trip has raised questions on her obvious absence from important meetings with Biden, such as the signing of a massive climate, healthcare, and tax spending bill just a day after she left.

She remained on vacation as the president announced his administration would give student loan borrowers up to $20,000 in debt forgiveness for those making under $125,000. Harris tweeted her approval and celebrated Biden’s decision.

While away from office and her responsibilities, she has been spotted hiking and visiting farmers’ markets.

Harris was last spotted in her hometown of Oakland, California, where she delivered the speech about the space program on August 12th before departing for Hawaii.

Harris’s Staff Keeps On Leaving

A senior communications advisor has been the most recent VP staff member to hand in his papers.

Herbie Ziskend announced his departure from the West Wing job as White House deputy communications director.

According to Townhall,

Ziskend joined the Vice President at the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term, one of the few who have made it this long before finding a new role. 

Kate Berner, who is currently in the role Ziskend is taking over, will be promoted to principal deputy communications director. 

Herbie Ziskend joined Harris at the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term and is one of the few who have made it this long before finding a new role. 

There have been several reports of the atmosphere around Vice President Harris is tense and some have called her a “bully.”

VP Harris and President Biden’s Relationship

There is speculation about Vice President Harris and President Biden’s relationship being strained since the pair was voted into the White House.

Reports indicate that Biden and Harris had met for lunch only a handful of times, despite Biden saying he wanted it to become a weekly occurrence.

Written by Valerie Steele


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  1. Joe and Jill hated her but was told that Kamala had to be his running mate if he
    was going to be the DNC nominee for 2020. The DNC knew they needed to get
    the women’s vote especially Black women. So he ended up with a VP that hates
    him and he hates as well. Between the two of them, they would fit right in to
    running a day-care. Joe could sniff the little girls kids hair and she could talk her
    mumbo-jumbo baby talk that she does soooo well.

  2. The entire Biden administration does nothing but vacation and dictate edicts anyway. A total disaster!!!!

  3. Well, nothing like and our President and VP both on vacation at the same time. They are really working hard to keep the U.S. on top while our entire country is treading water to stay afloat, financially and physically. What a group of morons. However, we are better off that they are out of their offices since all they do is create problems for our country when they are in office. Can’t wait to vote these two out of office.

  4. Saying that someone is on vacation suggests that that individual had been working and doing productive things. Am I right/wrong???
    GOD Bless America and protect her from all evil both foreign and domestic
    Freedom of speech and expression is a glorious thing that should be enjoyed while it still exists outside of the reach of many types of implied censorship!!!!

  5. Quite unbelievable; these two brainless inferior humans will hopefully be lost in the underbrush of domestic in tranquility!
    After all over 60% of the electorate can’ t be far from wrong.
    About these two losers….in the days of the cave people, mutt & muff would be stranded on the ice and left to the elements.
    I’m sure the rest of the legitimate political world is doubled over with laughter & ridicule/Manuel Cohen

  6. With today’s new of Sara Palin’s lost in Alaska (that is generally a red state) to a democrat is concerning. If these goons continue to win, I think the US that we know of will go down the drain. An outsider like Trump truly exposed the ugly corrupt politicians in the country.

  7. This isn’t news tp anybody, at least to those who’re paying attention. Really you have to do be doing something to warrant a vacation and as i can see this POS has done nothing but sit on her worthless progressive liberal ass and cackle like a chicken. Am I missing something here or what? What has she done in the lasst 2 years that’s helped Ameica? I’ll wait for an answer but won’t hold my breath. Too late, answer in short: she’s done ZIPPO, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NOTHING and BUPKUS to be exact. The only redeeming thing though, these liberals keep doing it and stepping in it on a daily basis proving their incompetence and ineptitude and finally the Americvan people are past being fed up and will hopefully get rid of these do nothings at the next opportunity, which is in November. By then hopefully more and more people will be pissed off, at the end of their rope and realize they’re being screwed daily by these clowns treating this like a 3 riung circus sans the laughs. If this doesn’t happen only God knows what the next 2 years ill bring. Wake up America., it’s later than you think. Who in their right mind voted for this S**T?

  8. How exactly can we tell when Harris is on vacation or supposed to be working? The only time she makes the news is when she says something stupid. She hasn’t accomplished anything in any of the tasks she has been given to do. Does it really matter if she is on vacation or not? It would most likely be better for the nation if both Harris and Biden vacationed permanently until they are replaced in 2024.

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