VIDEO: Biden Shows His Incompetence Regarding Guns

President Biden during his campaign-style event was once again noted to have made a mistake.

Biden traveled to Wilkes-Barre to promote his “Safer America” agenda, which is looking to deter crime and empower law enforcement. Biden’s policies are currently geared toward increased gun laws with extra background checks.

According to an unsourced claim, during the speech, Biden said that AR-15 shoot bullets at a five-times higher travel speed than that of other guns.

While the context for the President’s statement is unclear, in general, AR-15s are not the fastest bullets. In fact, according to a June study by hunting gear retailer Field and Stream, the AR-15 did not even make the list of the fastest rifle cartridges that they made.

Instead on that list, the following rifle cartridges could be found .220 Swift, .257 Weatherby Magnum, and .30/378 Weatherby, 224 Clark, and .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer.

These are not shot by AR-15s. According to the study, the cartridges above have a speed that varies from 3,400 to 4,600 feet per second (fps).

In contrast the .223 and 5.56, both commonly used with the AR-15 only move as fast as 2,700 to 3,100 feet per second.

Biden also claimed that the “AR-15s just rip the body apart,” which is not factually accurate as the damage depends on the bullet type.

Biden also mocked Second Amendment supporters saying that to fight and keep America independent and safe “you need an F-15,” and “You need something more than a gun.”


Written by CFP Staff Writer


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    • That DUMB Idiot does not know anything about guns so why does his protectors carry them. He Has to hide behind a billion dollar fence for protection because he is a Wacko. He apparently has been spoon fed since he was HATCHED.

  1. Bumbling Biden is absolute “bumbling idiot” and is the most incompetant president we’ve ever had !! That man probably can’t even wipe his ass without someone telling to to wipe! He is a disgrace to the USA and is in stages of alzheimers,,,,so who are the ones pulling the old mans strings. He should be impeached ASAP,,,,as well as Kackling Kamala,,she too is about as useless at tits on a bull !

  2. Guns themselves are not dangerous, but the thoughtless or evil-intending people using guns are dangerous.
    I remember, as a near-teenager about seventy years, reading the caution on the cartridge box that the bullet could travel a mile. As a farm boy in Missouri, I knew I had to be careful if I shot a rifle because I could cause the death or injury to a neighbor a mile away.

  3. Angry, reactive individuals with easy access to guns are the problem. If guns weren’t so AVAILABLE we would not have had all the school massacres.
    More Guns=More Killings
    What’s so hard to understand about this?

    • Ella Alovis, you’re horribly uninformed and misinformed which is a very dangerous liberal combination. It’s pretty apparent you don’t consider our Constitution of any importance, now do you.

      The 2nd amendment is extremely important, especially now, with the Democratic Communist Party in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. We have a tyrannical party attempting to overthrow our government with anti-American Marxist Communist crap!

      This is going to blow your simple elitist mind. Maybe we should get rid of Gun Free Zones and just maybe if more law abiding, well trained American citizens were carrying guns, these school shooters would be put down before they start shooting! What’s so hard for liberal idiots to understand!

    • with all due respect, elly, you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about! More guns in the hands of respectful American citizens = less crime. ANY object can be a weapon – a gun, knife, machete, car, rock, chainsaw, fist, razor blade, acid, belt, stocking, rope, large dog, medication, illicit drugs, liquor, etc., etc., etc. WEAPONS DO NOT KILL all by themselves; PEOPLE KILL people using weapons of their own choosing. More than 43,000 automobile deaths occurred in 2021, about twice the number of people killed as a result of gun violence. Why are cars not banned? Why are 16 year old children allowed to operate motor vehicles? Historically, areas where citizens are allowed to carry firearms experience much less crime than democrat run cities and states where law abiding citizens are denied their constitutional right to carry.

  4. The real issue is all the SSRI’s these kids are put on – THATS what never addressed because of the advertising money spent by Big Pharma who spends more on advertising than on R&D ( Washington Post ).
    Just watch how many TV commercials are on after 6 pm- more than every other one AND listen to all the side effects the rush through at the end – often including “possible death”.
    Great website on relation of meds to shootings is here – ssristories dot org

  5. This is easy to research which apparently BIDEN nor his staff know how OR they think we are too stupid to research the “speed of all bullets”…’s so easy to make an ass out of an ass!

  6. Facts about fire arms and ammunition are not allowed in the Dem and MSM echo. Biden does not know or care. Neither does the media. Some years back, Dems and the national media screamed,”No one should be able to own a gun that fires a million rounds a minute!”

  7. To all Americans who val;ue their rights and in thsi case the second amendment, and for those who might be unsure of this right guranteed by the US Constitution ” the right to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged and the right to a ready militia shall be necessary’. I don’t know the exact words but the idea’s the same. The liberals ant to ban all guns under the term ‘assault weapons’. Anyone with half a brain ( this leaves out liberals
    who can’t think rationally) knows any gun from a pistol to a rifle can be used as an assault weapon. Hell a kitchen knife could be used as an assault weapon as well. Point is, it’s time for the American people to vote down any politician who wants to ban guns as if your life depends on it, ’cause it does. Really who you gonna call in the middle of the night when some bastard breaks down your door? Certainly not Avon or Fuller Brush or Ghostbusters. And calling the local police, good luck. Time to take matters into your hands

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