Americans Warming Up To Biden

President Biden’s approval ratings continue to increase as they peaked at over 40 percent in August according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. This is a 9-point increase from the previous month.
According to a poll published on Thursday, 40 percent of respondents approved of Joe Biden’s performance in the oval office. That same poll had shown a 31 percent approval rate in July.

Of those responding, Fifty-two percent said they disapproved of Biden’s work as President.
Of those who responded 83 percent were Democrats. Among them, there was an 11-point increase in the approval rating in the last month.

Ninety-two percent of Republican respondents said that they disapprove of Biden’s work. Out of the independents, 55 percent also disapproved of Biden’s performance.

When asked about specific current issues, 50 percent approved of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, 44 percent approved of the President’s approach to climate change while only 27 percent approved of his approach to the border crisis. This was the lowest result President Biden received in this poll.

This poll comes after President Biden has had several big legislative victories, which included a climate, health care, and tax package plan passing. The administration’s plan to cancel student loan debt has also led to increased support. Fifty-three percent of those surveyed said that they approve of the cancellation of some form of student debt.

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  1. Another misinformaqtyion blurb given out by the press to make it seem people are begnning to like Biden. FALSE!!! hE HAS DONE SO MUCH DAMAGE TO OUR COUNTY THT THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN REDEEM HIMSELF.

  2. Bs, that is absolutely ridiculous in the very utterance of it. Oh sure people are thrilled to lose gas vehicles, to give illegals free health care they cant get, in flooding the country with criminals and backing ANTIFA and now trying to take natural gas from homes. Oh Sure People are gaining new respect and approval for this demon who wants to use F16’s on the public at will. Dear Jesus you people are stupid if you believe that I think you should push Pelosi for President

  3. Don’t think anyone is really “warming up” to Biden. Just not happy with the extreme stance the Republican Party has taken following the extreme ideas of the Supreme Court and its victimization of women. If the court had ruled such restrictions on men’s health and personal choices, there would be no one voting for Republicans. But the men in the word still want to control women and their bodily choices. Women make up a very large portion of the voting block and the SCOTUS’ decision (mainly led by a very old MAN) has presented a challenge to freedoms in this country. We all have to ask, what rights and personal bodily choices are they going to revoke next?
    If Republicans want to regain control they MUST realize that stomping on women’s healthcare choices is not the right choice. Allowing decisions about any woman’s healthcare choice should be between her and her healthcare provider, not some unelected, privileged lawyer who has been living in a cocoon for decades with no contact related to the world of women whose lives he just affected.
    Wake up America!! We are becoming more like China every day.

    • Oh Charlene, for God’s sakes get off your soap box and stop spreading that BS. The Republicans are not trying to victimize women. You are spouting the same old democratic lies. Women still have the same rights. They can keep their legs closed, use birth control and have their partner use birth control. They do not have the right to end the life of a child because of their irresponsible actions.

    • I just can’t understand this. The country is circling the drain and women are more interested in being able to kill their baby than anything else. We are headed toward socialism with the government wanting full control of everything we do. Gas prices soaring, inflation, the border, etc., but let’s worry about abortion!!!

    • The Supreme Court did nothing regarding “victimizing women” ALL they did is finally after 50 years is to follow the Constitution and give the decision regarding “Roe vs Wade” back to the STATES where it belonged in the first place. Decisions such as abortions never belonged to the Federal Government. The Federal government continues to try to take States rights “according to the Constitution” away from the States. Our forefathers never wanted the Federal Government to have control of our lives.

  4. I guess that’s what you call “buying the votes” but please notice his approval numbers rose by democrats only… proving the Democrats are bought and paid for by this administration.

  5. Nothing but bribes.that’s how shitting people really care about .un American pure shit offs pay offs.that’s the DEMS.only way.

  6. Okay so more democrats have begun warming back up to him, so what. If you poll more democrats than anyone else, you get skewed results, and something for left leaning media to herald.

  7. Of those who responded 83 percent were Democrats. Need I say more? The vast majority of respondents were among the fully indoctrinated and brainwashed sector of our citizenry. Not to mention, the left has been known to ignore or dispose of votes they disagree with. In fact, we don’t even know if they counted all the disapproval votes.

  8. That’s what buying them will do!!! He hurts everyone, only they’re to stupid to realize it. Who does he think will have to pay for these students loans???? They will still be paying, only they haven’t got the sense to realize it!!! It will be by their taxes!!!! And for a long time!!

    Biden is a cancer on the butt of America!! He needs to be removed from office!!! And so do all of his administration, including Harris the hag!!!

    • a blowtorch goes very that would be real nice..get rid of these democrooks..they are very sick..sick..wastes of life..they are for sure satan’s people..

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