Evading AR-Toting Antifa to Expose P——–s

Steve Crowder of “Louder With Crowder” fame went undercover to get the real scoop on this week’s outrageous debacle involving a supposed “kid friendly” drag queen show in Texas and its ANTIFA AR-15 toting “bodyguards.” 

What crowder found was almost as laughable as it was disturbing and stomach-turning. As he and his staff put it of the undercover operation, “Friends, we’ve seen things–things no decent human being should ever have to see. Leftists waving all manner of ridiculously colored flags, several of which have never before been seen. Antifa nerds taking their soldier cosplaying to a new level, complete with ARs and sidearms. And three-hundred-plus pound drag queens performing for singles being thrown at them by children. My friends, we’ve seen things.” 

The staff of the show spent the day in Roanoke, Texas, a small town with a population of just over 8,000. A small town that didn’t much appreciate a new business–one that had only just opened a handful of weeks ago–importing drag queens. To be fair, it wasn’t because the townsfolk are “homophobic” or “hate gay people” as the left-leaning media and the performer’s Antifa “protectors” tried to portray. It was because this show purported to be “family-friendly,” but instead, it was raucous and actually encouraged kids in attendance to participate in the drag queen’s lewd behaviors and gyrations. 

A member of the “Crowder Undercover” team said, “The dominant opinion of residents I spoke to predicted this small distillery ‘isn’t long for this world.’”

Describing the segment that they filmed, which can be seen here, the team said, “We have endured some of the most disgusting, repulsive leftist behavior imaginable to bring you a close-up look at what they specifically say they aren’t doing.”

“They say they aren’t attempting to sexually indoctrinate children. They say there is nothing sexual about these performances. They say it’s all family-friendly – ‘G-rated.’ But then why is it so important for them to shake their asses for small children? Why do they dress in leotards and revealing clothing if it isn’t a sexualized performance? And since when did grown men performing in skirts to the musical stylings of Miley Cyrus become family-friendly?”

The disturbing footage of kids being groomed and sexualized concludes, “It’s all gross. It’s enough to make one want to wash their eyes with acid. And it’s incredibly important for everyone to see what kind of people we’re actually up against in this ideological war for the soul of the United States. 

This reporter couldn’t agree more!  

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. It’s really hard for me to believe that my Texas has turned this way. What’s even worse is a bunch of chicken sh?t’s carting around AR-15’s claiming to protect these fags. You think civil war isn’t coming???

    • Do these fat trans performers understand what “adult content “ is. What they’re doing in front of the small children is child abuse and they should be arrested. I doubt that will happen because law enforcement is afraid to do their jobs.

      If these Antifa wimps were really opposed to fascism, then why do they cover their faces. There’s only one reason these little Antifa coward’s cover their faces and that’s because they conduct themselves illegally!!!

  2. Even though I disagree with many of the comments, everyone has the right to their opinion as this is America. That being said, as a gay man who the hell has the right to force their negative opinion ( about gay people) down the throats of everyone by calling gay people fags along with lots of other despicable names? This akin to calling Jews kikes, Latinos beaners and black people the ‘N’ word. For the record, the American Medical Association division of psychiatry in 1973 declassified homosexuality not a mental condition or illness. Really if people being gay doesn’t affect your lives, live and let live. This applies to everyone, regardless if you disageree with the way they live their lives and again if this doesn’t apply to you, mind your own damned business.. Time to get over it and let it go. For the record gay people don’t force their lifestyles on anybody, children included and if those who think they do, they need to get their heads out of their collective asses.

    • You are right except you can’t see the very queer minority group pushing their nasty behavior on normal people in a very public way. Do you agree with these foul freaks behavior? They reflect very negatively on the typical “quiet” (i.e. not a queer militant pushing their agendas into you face) gay folks.

    • Completely disagree with you William! I am a gay man and I have spent enough time at pride festivals in many cities including my home of Palm Springs. There are conservative gays and lesbians and disgusting ones that DO shove the lifestyle in people’s faces acting just as disgusting as they can in public, and I have seen far too much!
      You know better than to say that and you know that the Castro and Folsom Street fair have sex and nudity out on the streets of San Francisco where there are apartments and homes where there are children that clearly can see things as an example including in other cities.

      Conservative gays are SICK TO DEATH of being put in the same category as the boys acting like effeminate men shaking their butts in front of children in public acting out sexual including the bitter angry liberal lesbians looking more like men and carrying on and that is without the rest of the worst part of the culture. Let’s add the drag queens strapping their business between their legs and I am sure they are telling the children where their privates are including confusing the younger generation on gender with the trannies that are so mentally sick roaming the streets and we both know they are because we see it at parades, functions, and bars!. IT IS NOT COOL!

      While you and I may be used to being around anything and everything in the culture IT IS NOT acceptable to act the way part of the culture does in public ESPECIALLY AROUND CHILDREN!
      If they acted someone like decent human beings like the doctors, nurses, or other professionals that act like they have intellect, manners, respect for themselves like the part of our culture that does society people might have a different opinion of the culture. There is ONLY two genders, male, female, and then the rest that are unstable like my cousin who actually had both functioning sex organs.

      Parents should be concerned about children’s well being and if they allow children around this culture with adult content before they are old enough and ready to understand then those parents are no better and shouldn’t even be raising kids.
      Sorry but we will NEVER side with the LGBTQ because of their disgusting agenda! We may be gay but there are human responsibilities we need to live by and we DON’T live by what is between our legs but our brains except those that are disgustingly depraved. ADULT CONTENT AND PORN, WHICH IS LGBTQ IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!

      To all the straight people, protect your children! If they decide this lifestyle when they are older that is one thing but raise them with the best values, christian/catholic upbringing and DO NOT give in to the woke agenda. Not all gay people live like what you see in the stereotype and we are just as sick about it because we don’t agree with it. While you may not agree with the lifestyle that is fine you are entitled to that but fight back if the LGBTQ tries to shove it down people’s throats.

      • One of the most intelligent comments I’ve read. First of all what any human being does in the privacy of their own bedrooms is nobody’s business as long as no one is being victimized. Secondly you are absolutely correct about gender disphoria and the agenda being pushed. Your cousin’s condition is relatively rare and it’s his or he’s personal issue to be dealt with in whatever manner he or she feels best. That being said any normal person can see how ludicrous it is to involve small children in their world of confusion. Let’s be clear acute gender disphoria is a psychological condition that should be treated by a professional. That is between that individual and their doctor. The statistics are clear that this confusion has several negative factors that can not and should not be shared with children that already have enough confusion in their lives. Any parent that based on their own wokeness would subject their child to such ridiculous nonsense has no business raising a child. When an entire political party can’t even figure out what a woman is they should not have any say in the lives of others. Males can not breastfeed they can not bear children and they don’t need abortions. Imagine being an insurance company having pay for such a foolish idea yet here we find ourselves. I wish more people like yourself would speak up and be recognized as understanding this nonsense is not healthy for children or society in general. I’ve often wondered why so called gay men and women choose to associate with very obviously disturbed people. Another question I have is why so many feel their sexuality defines them as person? For example what’s the deal with being a gay man and the need to be so extremely effeminate? I know for a fact that most gay men would not be identifiable in every day scenarios yet the most prominent in television movies etc are overtly feminine. It seems again too many are just really confused. I wonder if you’d agree that many younger people claim to be gay only because it’s trendy? Just knowing human behavior would affirm that possibility. Never the less I simply don’t understand why people tend to believe that what they are attracted to is everything that they are when in reality it’s a very small part of a human life.

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