Evading AR-Toting Antifa to Expose P——–s

Steve Crowder of “Louder With Crowder” fame went undercover to get the real scoop on this week’s outrageous debacle involving a supposed “kid friendly” drag queen show in Texas and its ANTIFA AR-15 toting “bodyguards.” 

What crowder found was almost as laughable as it was disturbing and stomach-turning. As he and his staff put it of the undercover operation, “Friends, we’ve seen things–things no decent human being should ever have to see. Leftists waving all manner of ridiculously colored flags, several of which have never before been seen. Antifa nerds taking their soldier cosplaying to a new level, complete with ARs and sidearms. And three-hundred-plus pound drag queens performing for singles being thrown at them by children. My friends, we’ve seen things.” 

The staff of the show spent the day in Roanoke, Texas, a small town with a population of just over 8,000. A small town that didn’t much appreciate a new business–one that had only just opened a handful of weeks ago–importing drag queens. To be fair, it wasn’t because the townsfolk are “homophobic” or “hate gay people” as the left-leaning media and the performer’s Antifa “protectors” tried to portray. It was because this show purported to be “family-friendly,” but instead, it was raucous and actually encouraged kids in attendance to participate in the drag queen’s lewd behaviors and gyrations. 

A member of the “Crowder Undercover” team said, “The dominant opinion of residents I spoke to predicted this small distillery ‘isn’t long for this world.’”

Describing the segment that they filmed, which can be seen here, the team said, “We have endured some of the most disgusting, repulsive leftist behavior imaginable to bring you a close-up look at what they specifically say they aren’t doing.”

“They say they aren’t attempting to sexually indoctrinate children. They say there is nothing sexual about these performances. They say it’s all family-friendly – ‘G-rated.’ But then why is it so important for them to shake their asses for small children? Why do they dress in leotards and revealing clothing if it isn’t a sexualized performance? And since when did grown men performing in skirts to the musical stylings of Miley Cyrus become family-friendly?”

The disturbing footage of kids being groomed and sexualized concludes, “It’s all gross. It’s enough to make one want to wash their eyes with acid. And it’s incredibly important for everyone to see what kind of people we’re actually up against in this ideological war for the soul of the United States. 

This reporter couldn’t agree more!  

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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