Far-Left Democrat Aim To Take Over Congress

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has asked President Biden to decriminalize marijuana. This move has received support from all Democrats in the electorate. Fetterman has long been a supporter of implementing and creating a criminal justice system that is fairer. While his request has so far not been addressed by the President, many liberals are looking to increase their influence as the time of the midterm elections is approaching.

So far, progressives have not been performing as they might have hoped this season, but they could still have a few wins in some key races. This is why they are hoping to present themselves as a safer choice for voters.

Naveed Shah, Political director at Common Defense, noted that Democrats are looking to tackle key issues that they have been on top of for a long time. These include student loans, expanding health care, and others.

Shah noted that even those Democrats who were not progressive, are still starting to focus on these liberal ideas as the party is beginning to shift.

However, it is not the internal battle between centrists and liberals that Democrats will need to focus on, but rather the battle against Republicans.

Currently, Fetterman is ahead of his rival Mehmet Oz, in every poll. Many Republicans don’t appear to be in support of Oz calling him a disappointing candidate.

Biden has also expressed his support for Fetterman as earlier this week during a speech about gun control in Wilkes-Barre he said, “Fetterman’s a hell of a guy.” He even added that Fetterman would make an excellent U.S. Senator.

In Wisconsin another important battle is taking place as Mandela Barnes, a progressive Senate nominee is looking to win over Sen. Ron Johnson (R). Johnson belongs to his party’s conservative stream.

With the current poll results, many Democrats are hoping that they will manage to retain the Senate in this midterm election.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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