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Shame on Biden: Stash Houses and S– Slaves

A recent visit by a group of Republican women to the US southern border has revealed a horror show of unfettered crossings, rape, and brutality that is worse than anyone could ever have imagined!

Just one day after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that migrants were not “walking across the border,” a group of Republican women candidates from across the country and Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores were given a border tour in McAllen, Texas that directly contradicted the White House’s narrative. 

The day-long tour showed firsthand the sheer numbers of illegal migrants crossing into the US, unhindered in broad daylight – but that was not the worst of it.

The all-day Republican women tour, hosted by Winning for Women founder Annie Dickerson and POLARIS National Security founder and former State Department Spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus, started with a panel discussion on a private ranch just steps from the Rio Grande river dividing Texas from Reynosa, Mexico in what is known as Sector 9.

Border patrol refers to Sector 9 as “the busiest Human Trafficking corridor in the United States.” An estimated 2,000-6,000 illegal aliens crossing from Mexico into the US every week in this sector alone. At least 2% of these weekly numbers consist of violent and dangerous criminals.

Local officials, Sexual Assault advocates, and Human Trafficking taskforce representatives who joined the tour left the GOP candidates and attendees speechless with individual horror stories of women and children being exploited by cartels, held captive inside ‘stash houses,’ some as sex slaves, others trafficked, kidnapped, organ harvesting, ransom, cases of impregnated twelve and fourteen-year-olds, and victims as young as 3 showing signs they had been brutally raped.

“There is ZERO regard for human life amongst these cartels,” said one expert who has been an advocate for sexual assault victims at the border. She pointed to so-called “rape trees” where women’s bras and undergarments are strewn as trophies to mock CBP agents and mark the numbers of rapes conducted by smugglers and cartels.

Sheriff Benny Martinez of Brooks County, TX, with a frustrated fervor, spoke from 42 years in law enforcement, and nearly two decades combatting border issues. Martinez bemoaned the lack of leadership and compassion from Washington when it comes to the burdens border communities shoulder.

Those burdens don’t come exclusively by way of the living. Brooks county is handling a devastating stream of illegal immigrants who didn’t make it at all – their bodies floating in from the river, drowned – from infants to the elderly. Or bodies of immigrants found on private property. 

Biden’s Border of Horrors

These ghastly reports are just more of Joe Biden’s seldom seen or reported on horror show at the border.

Lacking any support from the federal government and the Biden administration, Martinez has taken to having to negotiate with the various Mexican Consulates to try to mitigate the flow of illegal crossings.

Already morale depleted and overwhelmed Customs and Border Protection agents are also continuously undercut by the Biden administration – whether being castigated for using improper pronouns or investigated for disproven news reports about migrant abuse. The beleaguered CBP is seeing a record number of resignations and burnouts internally since the Biden administration has taken office.

Winning for Women and POLARIS have called on the UN Human Rights Council, Congress, and the DHS to investigate the human rights violations taking place at the southern border. Crimes and violations “perpetuated by the Biden Administration” enabling the federal government to aid and abet in the daily trafficking and smuggling of humans – particularly women.

Written by Bill Sheridan


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  1. Will some one tell the people the truth that bidiot doe not have a care for any one in the world they are considered to be collateral casaltities so no concern.only power is his concern.

  2. Joe Biden should be impeached,tried and convicted of child trafficing. Also for treason against the USA.And spend the rest of his days in prison.

  3. Importing Slaves
    The Democratic Party is doing exactly what the Democratic Party of the South did when it was importing slaves from Africa. The plantations were unable to hire freemen or citizens to do the drudgery of the plantations because any free person could set up his own farm for little investment and run their own life.
    What was needed was a workforce without citizenship rights such as the right to own land and move about in the economy freely. The twist today is the new arrival is not encouraged to learn the language or the American culture and this also leaves the new arrival compromised and destitute. At the mercy of masters.
    Joe Biden is a Modern Democrat Slaver by definition!

    • I guess everyone was BLIND when .a father and A little girl drowned during Trump administration. THE LITTLE GIRL HAD HER ARMS AROUN HER FATHER FACE DOW.N. TRUMP DID NOTHING BUT TALKED A GOOD GAME..

  4. Pres. Joe Biden the executive in charge of a safe and secure is horrendously guilty of perpetrating and promoting the illegal and criminal influx of illegal criminal alien immigrants into the USA. JOE the Smoe should be sent to Prison-ASAP!!!! Missed word-BORDER!!

  5. Such incompetence, such neglect, such stupidity. Then to have the WH press secretary blatantly lie to the Country. This even makes a dog and pony show look good. I realize Biden is not there, “at all”. He is not mentally competent it shows so obvious. The world has to look at our Country with such distrust now. I certainly hope come November we can vote some of these traitors out.

  6. Listening to a Joe Biden speech about his hatred for MAGA supporters is like listening to a biographical resume of himself. The democrats who pushed him into the White House certainly must be regretting that action.

  7. Bastard Biden should be forced to read this article about these poor women and children. Jill Biden, why isn’t your slimy ass down there observing how bad this is.

  8. Dr. Jill has no interest or time to go to the border. She is delegated to administering the drugs to her hubby so he can be semi- functional in front of the Teleprompter. Her devotion to him is limited to her remaining the wife of the POTUS. She cares nothing about that dodderinWhitehouse. Real! He’s just her ticket to the glamor of the whitehouse.

  9. It’s not just joe biden that is ignoring the crisis at the border.

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