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VP Assassination Attempt Caught on Video

The Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, had a loaded gun pointed at her face, almost point-blank range, and the trigger was pulled. But the assassination attempt failed because the gun didn’t fire.

The hair-raising incident was caught on cam as Cristina Fernandez was walking into a crowd of her supporters outside her residence in Buenos Aires on Thursday evening. A video of the incident shows a man’s hand holding a handgun reaching out toward an oncoming Fernandez’s face and pulling the trigger. The gun doesn’t fire. Seeing the gun pointed at her, Fernandez ducks and appears to be picking a book dropped to the ground.

Media reports say that the suspect, a 35-year-old Brazilian man named Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel, tried to fire a 32-caliber Bersa 380 pistol at Fernandez. The gun had five bullets in it, but it didn’t go off despite the trigger being pulled (quite contrary to Alec Baldwin’s gun that
supposedly fired without him pulling the trigger).

When the police later raided Montiel’s residence, they found a large stash of bullets. He was cited last year for possessing a knife and has been moving places a lot across Buenos Aires. At the time of the assassination attempt on the VP, he was working as a driver. VP Fernandez is said to have not issued any public statements yet since the botched attempt on her life but she came out of her home and waved to her supporters on Friday after she was visited by President Alberto Fernandez.

The assassination attempt targeting VP Fernandez earned immediate and wide condemnation on both national and international levels. Soon after the incident happened on Thursday night, the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) announced the suspension of football matches in Argentina on Friday. President Alberto Fernandez also declared the Friday as national holiday in wake of the attack on the VP.

The motive behind Montiel’s assassination attempt is not immediately clear. Media sources have called Cristina Fernandez a “divisive figure” in the country’s politics. She served as the 54th president of Argentina from 2007 to 2015 and is currently facing a trial over corruption charges.

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. The madness continues. It’s as if politicians across the globe learned nothing from the past. While this woman plays victim and the media plays along nobody makes mention of the similarities between today’s world and the past fascism. This is not an isolated incident as we’re seeing this sort of behavior from many countries including the United States. It’s a direct result of the divisive rhetoric and corruption we see in nearly every nation. When a politician and it’s party uses hyperbole and demonizes their opponents along with those who don’t support their views it creates an atmosphere of oppression. This always results in violent resistance. People who feel cornered by their own government will not sit back and silently watch their way of life destroyed. Unfortunately far too many do not understand that this sort of behavior is not the answer. Oppression and corruption must be fought through the courts and political system. Once they turn to violence their opposition is enabled to restrict their freedom even more which causes more resentment. In the end this never goes well for any nation. We’re seeing the resurgence of fascist leftism and we that know our history understand that this means all sorts of bad news. Wars perhaps global famine poverty destruction are all hallmarks of the sort of rhetoric and behavior we’re witnessing in far too many governments and nations. We need true leadership and not hateful rhetoric backed by nothing more than corruption and self serving politicians and bureaucrats.

  2. In over 30 years Military service, the only time I ever had a gun misfire was on an exercise and using French blanks. Modern, factory-produced ammunition is reliable. Unless this person loaded his own ammo and mistakenly omitted the primer or some such, I find this nothing but a staged event to garner a sympathy vote for the VP.
    Perhaps impact for her forthcoming trial?

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