GOP Brings Garland And Wray To Justice

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other House Republicans asked for Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray to appear before the House Judiciary Committee. The topic of discussion would be the FBI raid into the Mar-a-Lago estate.

McCarthy along with Reps. Mike Turner, Jim Jordan, and James Comer are calling for a public hearing and for the documents from the search to be released. McCarthy in his letter to Garland stated that the way the DOJ is proceeding is harming public trust. He also asks that information should be released in the “appropriate” manner rather than having the information leaked to the media in order to create a one-sided narrative.

The House Republicans also asked that Garland and Wray submit all of the material they found without “redactions or withholdings.” So far, from the unsealed litigation, many of the released documents have had reductions.

The FBI’s search in former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home took place on Aug. 8. The search resulted in more than 100 classified documents being recovered. According to the evidence from the search, it is likely that Trump had “likely concealed and removed” documents after the grand jury subpoena was issued.

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  1. Good God will their speculation never cease? WHY is it likely? because they couldn’t find anything other than those documents that Trump declassified? They never find anything except whatever they do find is proven to be a frame job against President Trump! What about all those things that they are ignoring about Hillary, Obama, and especially Biden! There is just so much that they have done and are doing that is outright corruption!

    • It’s because the swamp dwellers are so corrupt that they can’t believe that there are honest non-corrupt people still they think Trump MUST have some skeletons in his closet

    • Trump did ALL the”framing” by himself. He was authorized to have NONE of those documents – NONE! – in his possession. All of them were supposed to have turned over to the National Archives the day he left office. Trump ignored any and all attempts by the Archives to quietly, cooperatively return all those documents over the last year and a half. This search and retrieval of National public documents was LONG overdue. Very little was found that did not belong in the National Archives.
      This is Trump being Trump and all those GOP lemmings in Congress attempt to continue support of the biggest liar the USA ever had as President.

      • Poor Bill doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about! Poor thing! Obviously suffering from TDS in a BIG way! No worries Bill, there is Therapy available for that! Get help quickly before you have a heart attack or something!😂

      • So that’s why they took passports, documents relating to client-attorney privilege, and other unclassified documents? Try being totally objective sometime instead of just being a ate up, koolaid drinking troll.

        • You know I love reading all these comments well you guys growl and bark at each other our leaders are just making a big fuss out of nothing to make you think that they’re working hard for the big dollars that they earn at the end of this investigation nothing will be done so there’s no need to be barking at each other why don’t we just wait and see what happens before we make enemies

      • President Trump was entitled to have ALL the documents and I mean ALL! The president is the person who decides what documents can be declassified, not some leftist azzwhole in archives. The documents are only stored in archives, it’s the president who decides where they go.

        Bill, how can you be so horribly misinformed and uninformed. Let me guess, you watch CNN and MSNBC, right?! Or do you read New York Times, Washington Post….etc. That would explain why you’re so completely ignorant and clueless.

  2. Joe Biden and others are turning America into a Socialist/Communist country! I feel sorry for our children and grandchildren as they will live under this authoritarian leadership!

  3. I will believe it when I see it! Remember just recently they called in Wray who was entirely evasive and unwilling to answer any questions AND then he announced that he is out of time and that he must leave in order to catch his private plane because he was going on vacation? Apparently, that was acceptable to the GOP because they simply let him go as if we all work for Wray!
    That is how arrogant and corrupted the Justice Dept have become! Like the DEMS whom they are covering for, they think that they are above the law and above the People of this Country who pay their salaries!

    It is going to take the Military to weed out these awful and lawless people! The Military swore that they would protect the US against ALL enemies, domestic and foreign!

  4. Let’s start by taking control of the House and Senate and let the impeachment’s begin and the investigations start so we can bring out the real truth.Starting with Biden and working down the list it’s time to really drain the swamp and if the Republicans don’t do anything about all the corruption in the past 6 years then you will loose most of your support and never regain power again.

  5. It is such a shame that we can not get along with each other even if we have different views.
    We need to get back to respecting and listening to one another.
    It used to be this way in this country not too many years ago.
    I pray that we can accept one another, respect one another
    love one another.

    • I’m so sorry Roy, I am over 90 years old and remember when working in the name of the American people was the oath politicians took. Yes, there were times when there heated arguments darkened the calm but threats of bodily harm were few. Too bad the left no longer believes in civil dialogue. Do I need to name those foul mouthed Democrat members of the Senate and House who espoused hunting down Republicans and run them out of Restaurants etc. Never chastised by either Nancy or Chucky. How about a President who, like Hillary, calls non Democrats deplorable or 74 million voters Un American fascists. Trying to mix civility with verbal Vomit and expect a good outcome seems like quite a stretch.
      We, as citizens of the finest country the world has ever seen need to DRAIN THE SWAMP (FIRE) every leftist holdover the Democrats have embedded in most all departments of government. I would hope there are citizens who would be willing to work for the betterment of us all, not just some political party’s power. We can not linger or we will see the end of our “Land of the free and the home of the Brave”. May GOD bless America!

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