Murderous Democrat? New Evidence Found

A far left, anti-gunner Democratic official has been arrested and charged in the stabbing death of a  local journalist to death, who he felt cost him his bid for reelection!

So much for the party of “tolerance” and “non-violence.”

A veteran journalist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jeff German, was found dead outside of his home recently. Robert Telles, the Democratic Clark County Public Administrator, was arrested for German’s murder after police searched the Democratic official’s home.

NBC is reporting that Telles was upset over stories the reporter wrote about him, and his DNA was found at the crime scene, authorities said.

Detectives immediately zeroed in on Telles, 45, because he publicly expressed his anger at German and his reporting, police said.

“Telles was upset about articles that were being written by German as an investigative journalist that exposed potential wrongdoing, and Telles had publicly expressed his issues with that reporting,” Las Vegas Police Capt. Dori Koren said Thursday.

German had recently written an article accusing Telles of having an affair with an employee and other corruption in his office. Telles failed to win reelection as a result. The Daily Mail reports Telles had been “railing against German for months” in angry social media posts, accusing the reporter of rifling through his trash and writing lies and smear pieces about him.

Not surprising, the US lamestream media is determined to gloss over the fact that Telles was a radical left Democrat.

CNN neglected to mention Telles being a Democrat at all. The Las Vegas Journal, German’s own paper, neglected to mention Telles was a Democrat until the eighteenth paragraph.

On the other hand, UK’s Daily Mail identified Telles as a Democrat in the fourth paragraph – as you can see, it is our headline!

A 2019 tweet from Telles is going viral, where the Democrat called for national gun control. Three years later, he finds himself accused of stabbing a reporter to death.

German was praised by the Journal-Review as the gold standard of the news business. “It’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like today without his many years of shining a bright light on dark places.”

German’s family thanked police and his fellow journalists for working so hard in recent days to find his killer and publicize the story.

“Jeff was a loving and loyal brother, uncle, and friend who devoted his life to his work exposing wrongdoing in Las Vegas and beyond. We’re shocked, saddened, and angry about his death,” the family said in a statement. “Jeff was committed to seeking justice for others and would appreciate the hard work by local police and journalists in pursuing his killer. We look forward to seeing justice done in this case.”

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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