McConnell Faces Unforeseen Problems

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is facing many complications as the recent legislative Democratic victories have led to doubts about what the potential results of the midterm elections will be. According to many, this is not the position that McConnell expected to find himself in during this midterm election.

The Senate is set to return to Washington next week. This will be the final stretch for any potential legislative victories ahead of the midterm election.

McConnell has also been losing some of his support because of the conflict between him and former President Donald Trump.

Just last month Trump wrote on his social media platform that Republican senators should stop Mitch McConnell from disparaging other Republican candidates for the United State Senate. His attack also had a personal note as Trump called Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife crazy.

Many anti-Trump conservatives have also said that McConnell is in an impossible position partly caused by his failure to convict Trump following the Capitol riot. If Trump had been convicted then, he would not have any chance of holding office again.

Last week McConnell also faced some unfavorable comments made by Scott. Scott reportedly wrote that many of those who are responsible for Republicans losing the last cycle are now “trash-talking” the Republican candidates.

McConnell has also been criticized for the compromises he has made with Democrats regarding gun safety bills. However, McConnell has maintained that those were necessary moves to gain the support of votes in competitive areas.

Others, however , maintain that McConnell is doing everything he can to support the party. This includes donations, phone calls, and even other fundraisers in order to support Republican candidates.

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  1. McConnell should be removed as senate leader. The 2020 loss was due to his actions not supporting candidates that could win because their positions were different from his.

    He is not supporting candidates this year that can win because Trump has endorses them, and is taking funding away from them.

    He needs to go!

  2. McConnell must be replaced. He is a problem for the Republican party and its constituents. I have only contributed to individuals and nothing to the party itself. Scott would bring new hope to many of us.

      • I quit donating to all Reps after they stabbed Trump in the back. Reps are as bad as Dems and are just bsing when they get behind the news cameras. There are few real conservatives in the Rep Party and until they start taking control and get all the McConnells and Romneys out of the party my wallet is closed to them. The problem is DC. Elected reps get to DC and what they said to get elected goes flying in the wind. Eye patch Crenshaw from my state Texas is a prime example.

  3. I supported President Trump, and appreciated many of his policies.
    However, he seems to be becoming more unhinged and unstable. He lost the election by millions of votes. Get over it. He’s not going to get “reinstated” as President. He’s viciously attacking good Republicans like Mitch McConnell and Brian Kemp who won’t kowtow to him and repeat his lies. (I’m writing this as a strong, former supporter of his)
    Our 10 kids/spouses: None will vote for him again, even though most are conservatives. That does not bode well for a re-run.
    President Trump is now supporting election deniers, who are going to get attacked mercilessly, and will be weaker candidates for the midterm. It looks as though Republicans will lose senate races in Pennsylvania and Ohio and elsewhere due to his interference in these elections.
    There are many great Republicans who would make an excellent President who don’t have all his baggage. Someone like Ron DeSantis would get many votes that Donald Trump would not, which is likely to be critical in the 2024 election. Sadly, I expect that if Donald Trump runs for president again, he will savagely attack all the Republicans who run against him, whether that be Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and whoever else would dare run against him.

    Liz Cheney could actually be helping Republicans, by helping move President Trump and his rants to the side, so more electable Republicans can step up.

    • You certainly are in the minority. President Trump won in 2020 and it has been proven over and over. Now we Trump supporters are working to weed out Rinos such asMcConnell, Pence , Cheney and others!
      I believe you would “ rant”as well, if you had been mistreated as Donald J Trump has been. They have been attacking him since he announced that he was running in 2015 and still have nothing to show for their outrageous lies, schemes , cheating , anything that crossed their evil little minds and yet my President has prevailed. He has worked night and day to make our country a wonderful place in which to live,but the globalists are so afraid of his wrecking their road to self serving money, no matter if it destroys our country. The New World Order and the World Bank want China to be the number 1 country and the Rinos and democrats have helped their goals!

  4. Mr. Van Horn, respectfully, you have received some bad information. President Trump did not lose that election. In one of the states Trump was up nearly 20,000 votes just before it closed. All the sudden, when the voting place reopened, Biden was up 30,000 votes which exceeded the number of registered voters in that district . Additionally, Biden’s 30,000 votes that showed up in a truck we’re mail-in ballot’s. Two huge problems, there were no folds in the voting form that would occur to fit it into an envelope. Second problem with these phony votes is the only box checked was the Biden box. All other candidates on the voting form were left blank.

    There’s ridiculous amounts of evidence to show that the 2020 election was won by President Trump.

    • I don’t know if Trump won or lost in 2016. I’ve voted for him three times, but I feel that he spends much too much time dissing other Republicans rather than comparing his record with the record of the Democrats. Please, just the facts! I hope that DeSantis runs because he would bring back all of what Biden cancelled that was helping our country to stay the free, non-socialistic nation that has made us great, thanks to Trump, I might add! DeSantis is more mature than Trump in my mind and wouldn’t waste valuable time criticizing other Republicans and yelling and yelling! If DeSantis doesn’t choose to run and if Biden or other left-wingers win the dem primary, then I will vote for Trump if he wins the Republican primary. We just CAN’T become another failed socialistic country!

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