McConnell Faces Unforeseen Problems

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is facing many complications as the recent legislative Democratic victories have led to doubts about what the potential results of the midterm elections will be. According to many, this is not the position that McConnell expected to find himself in during this midterm election.

The Senate is set to return to Washington next week. This will be the final stretch for any potential legislative victories ahead of the midterm election.

McConnell has also been losing some of his support because of the conflict between him and former President Donald Trump.

Just last month Trump wrote on his social media platform that Republican senators should stop Mitch McConnell from disparaging other Republican candidates for the United State Senate. His attack also had a personal note as Trump called Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife crazy.

Many anti-Trump conservatives have also said that McConnell is in an impossible position partly caused by his failure to convict Trump following the Capitol riot. If Trump had been convicted then, he would not have any chance of holding office again.

Last week McConnell also faced some unfavorable comments made by Scott. Scott reportedly wrote that many of those who are responsible for Republicans losing the last cycle are now “trash-talking” the Republican candidates.

McConnell has also been criticized for the compromises he has made with Democrats regarding gun safety bills. However, McConnell has maintained that those were necessary moves to gain the support of votes in competitive areas.

Others, however , maintain that McConnell is doing everything he can to support the party. This includes donations, phone calls, and even other fundraisers in order to support Republican candidates.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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