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Republican Ready to Takedown AOC After Landslide

The Republican challenger to left-wing darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is putting the blame where it belongs — laying the current “blue crime wave” that is destroying New York City at the feet of “woke policies” that seek to defund the police and are otherwise soft on crime.

Winning the Republican primary with 67% of the votes, a challenger to the  “Squad” leader wants to take down the self-described social democrat because she’s fed up with crime in New York City.

Congressional candidate of New York’s 14th district Tina Forte told Fox News recently that people are afraid to be out at night because of the city’s rising crime.

She added that she spoke with constituents directly about crime by going to their homes, businesses, and even on the streets of New York.

“They don’t come out at night anymore like they used to,” Forte said.

Forte went on to say, “They tell me personal stories, to be honest with you.” 

“I grew up here; I own a business here; I raised my family here. I see the difference. I see stores closing earlier than when they normally do. You have a grandma and grandpa who don’t come out for a cappuccino at night anymore. They don’t want to come out, or if they are out, they head home because it’s getting dark. People are afraid to be out at night. Those are the things I am getting back from people as I meet with them.”

Although Big Apple murder rates were similar this year compared to last, other major crimes have surged. Police statistics and polls show that New Yorkers are fed up.

AOC has been one of the most vocal and high-profile lawmakers to demand the defunding of American police departments. In her own district, major crime has climbed steadily over the past two years.

According to Paul Mauro, an attorney and former NYPD inspector, key major crimes to watch are robberies and burglaries — highly invasive profit-motivated crimes that often involve repeat offenders.

In police precincts that are located in Ocasio-Cortez’s middle- and working-class district, those crime numbers have also increased.

Even in what are supposed to be the “better” parts of AOC’s district, the crime rates are up.

In the 114th, a relatively safe area that covers parts of Astoria, Woodside, and Jackson Heights in Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional district, year-to-date robberies were up nearly 20% compared to 2021 and more than 56% higher than in 2020. Burglaries were up 7% and 30.2%.

In the 108th, which covers parts of Ocasio-Cortez’s constituency as well as the affluent Long Island City neighborhood, which is outside of her congressional district, robberies climbed by 71% and 84.4% over the past two years. Robberies were up more than 75% in the neighboring 109th precinct, near the Mets’ Citi Field.

Forte argues that the cause of rising crime is “immunity” being lifted off of police officers, “bail reform,” and “woke” district attorneys.

“They have handcuffs on our police, but they don’t want to keep the handcuffs on our violent criminals. That’s the problem, and that’s what needs to be fixed. Especially in this district,” Forte said.

“We have the criminals that are being released immediately due to the AOC-supported bail reform,” Forte said. “Not to mention, we have the highest tax burden in America in New York City. We have nothing to show for it except crime, high unemployment, bad school, and leaders who behave like the very third-world dictators they admire.”

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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