Democrat Mayor Erupts On Texas Governor

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has caused many to doubt Gov. Greg Abbott’s Christian faith after she denounced his plan to extend his migrant busing operations to her city.

During a press conference, Lightfoot said that while Abbott claims to be a Christianity, his policies are not following the bibles of the Bible. She also said that religious leaders across the country are also denouncing the busing operation because of this reason.

Lightfoot’s press conference was brought on after 50 migrants reached Chicago from Texas during the Labor Day weekend. Abbott first started his busing operations in April, sending migrants to Washington, D.C., and New York City.

Abbott had originally said that his actions were meant to counter the inactivity of President Biden which was harming both Texan and American lives as many local communities were overwhelmed.
Lightfoot has stressed that to support the relief efforts for smaller border towns Chicago would join the efforts and become a sanctuary city along with Washington and New York.

However, she has maintained that the entire busing operation is “racist” and “unpatriotic.” She said while the pressure on Texas is undeniable this move is going to lead to a humanitarian crisis, as people are being treated without dignity. She also said that this behavior does not fall in line with being American.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, has made previous remarks in the past, calling the entire operation “horrific.”

Conservative leaders on the other hand have repeatedly criticized the Biden administration for causing the crisis in border cities with their lack of strict immigration policies.

Abbott’s press secretary Renae Eze slammed back saying that the only horrific thing was the actions that were allowing border cities to be overrun and that if they wanted solutions for that they needed to ask President Biden to secure the borders.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Hey mayor’s of liberal cities spouting that you’re sanctuary cities you should welcome all your new citizens! Texas and Arizona are just sharing our 4000 a day illegals and you can care for them!

        • Talk is cheap so put up or shut up. If you have goods on Abbot then show your evidence or just plain go away and take your lies and innuendos with you. You ought to shut your cake hole.

          • I agree with Rev J. Talk is cheap. You feel you can say others aren’t christians when you lie about Abbott and calling others liars and cheats. Rev J was very polite to say shut your cake hole. Maybe you should stop listening to the lies of the Demo Rats and read the Bible and try to be the type of person it tells us to be.

        • You need some counseling Johnny. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you are an atheist, therefor, you know nothing about Christians. You can’t prove ONE thing you said.

    • Bingo! You nailed it Right On!. You never heard a word out of her as long as the illegals were not bussed into Chicago. My goodness a mere busload of 50 illegals hit her streets listen to her cry, whine They’re not going to cause much more crime than what is already taking place that she’s allowing to take place.

  2. Funny how democrats think its okay to cause problems elsewhere, but when someone is smart enough to pass on the problem back to them they can’t stand it. If we don’t vote out every last democrat in politics then the true enemy of America will still have a foothold. What will it take? You have the president of the USA threatening military action because everyone doesn’t agree with the baby! It proves that democrats are the true enemy to democracy. You can’t turn it around as the corrupt media tries to do. Democrats have called for war against America?

  3. These Democrats are just Hypocrites they claim they are Sanctuary States and are complaining after they have Invited all Illegal’s to come to their States, they stated everyone of them would be welcomed, Texas in not a Sanctuary State along with other Border States, and the Massive Invasion they have they Can’t Handle, Who better to Handle this Massive Invasion then the Democrats who wanted it, who agree with it, and their President who has never cared enough to see it for himself, and does not care that he is Draining American Resources, Billions upon Billions are being drained away Monthly and will continue for just the people who have already violated our Country’s Laws, since Biden took office two years ago 5 Million Illegals that we know of are in our Country and they are still coming due to Biden’s Policy’s we have no way of knowing how many bypassed our Border Patrols, Lets not forget the Drug runners, Gun runners, Criminals, Terrorist, Human Traffickers, Rapist, Pedophiles, and every other type of Criminal pouring through. Americans no matter what party you belong too, will be paying for all of this Insanity, and Not just Financially, Death come’s along with this Insanity, Suffering Comes along with this Insanity, Poverty comes along with this Insanity, Homelessness come with this Insanity, it will affect every American other then our Very Rich who have Built walls around their Homes and Armed Guards to protect them, Like Biden and Pelosi and Obama, Clinton, yes this will not effect them like it effects you.

  4. Unfortunate for those of us who live in Illinois and are for closing the boarders to all until we as a country heal the poor, the homeless, the murder, the rape, the tracking of humans/drugs and our corrupted government. Lori Lightfoot and the rest of those who bury their heads at the bottom of our political cesspool have no idea who God is!

  5. According to Democrat Mayors, Democrat Governors, and Democrats in Congress, and the MSM, if the MSM has not reported a crisis at the border – it just doesn’t exist. Even if there was some kind of border “situation”, VP Harris, the exalted Border Czar fixed that months ago, right?
    Just like crime stats spiraling out of control in Democrat cities and states. The MSM spins all the numbers as trending down” over the past 20-30-50 years.
    News outlets here in CO keep making the same vague generalizations that drug deaths, and most violent crimes are trending down. (Maybe when compared to the Roaring 20s in Chicago.) They split hairs over definitions and only a few local papers report that CO has over 4K car jackings and car thefts every month.

  6. I find it hilarious that beetlejuice, the worst mayor ever is whining when Texas is only trying to replace the dead bodies that her city, under her jurisdiction has allowed to occur. Keep them coming Abbott. Then she won’t be able to line her pockets with federal cash and be forced to walk the walk and talk the talk with her really not a sanctuary city. How ignorant, dishonest and lame she is.

  7. I find it abhorrent what has/is happening to our wonderful country; all because of Biden (I refuse to call him ‘president’), he is a do nothing guy that was helped stealing the election. I am really looking forward to President Trump taking the reins again.

  8. These governors HAVE asked these democrat presidents to secure the borders and they tell the American People to go screw themselves.
    The democrats need the votes. They can’t get them legally so they screw us to let the wetbacks in. If they ain’t legal then they’re wetbacks.
    Get out and if you want to come back do it right

  9. Drown the blue states in their own evil. We DON’T accept illegals in the U.S. It is against our laws and Dems are against out laws, unless it suits them. Biden has failed the “oath of office” to protect the U.S. from hostile invasion. Christian ? Don’t EVEN use that word our of any Dems ……mouth. They butcher and sell baby parts. EVIL is the word……..DEMS are known for.

  10. ‘A Christian In Faith, Deed & Word’

    Mayor lightfoot ‘a wannabe Christian? Is Claiming To Be ‘A Christian? by her Questioning? Of The Governor in Texas.

    While her (Very)! Public Office Records, Clearly would Showcase her ‘Complete Lack Of Understanding For ‘Basic Christian Principles? “Take The Log Out of Your Own Eye! Before You Seek to Remove a Splinter – Out of Your brother’s eye” Matthew 7:5

    *she – Just Like Many politicians, Fail To Remember = Public’s understanding w/All Their Own Sins? While = Committed In: Official Duties, Press Conferences, also Their ‘Private Lives’. Thinking themselves Above The Laws!? They Accuse Others of Misconduct? When In Fact – They Are Much Worse Offenders w/Their Own Accountabilities…

  11. WoW! “The pot Calling The kettle Black?” For the most part, she’s Like Most Politicians! & Thinks The Public – Won’t Remember All her: Lies, Misconducts & Abuses ‘Committed In her Time In Office!?

    *Thinking herself ‘Above The Law’ & Immunity from = her Own Lapses With Reality?

  12. Lightfoot is a joke! Biden has done more harm to this country in less than 2 years. Invasion on the southern border. Why are we letting them even touch our soil?. Turn them around in the middle of the river. New IRS agents must be willing to carry a gun & be willing to use deadly force. NEWS FLASH! Send them to the border with same instructions for dealing with our own citizens. Use special ops forces & take out the drug cartels poisoning our country with fentanyl. Biden put more taxes on fossil fuels & billions for the green “rabbit hole”. Gave China fuel from our strategic supply. “Treason” is the only word for that.PAY ATTENTION!! China is building more coal,natural gas, and nuclear power plants. They are laughing at our incompetence. Even Elan Musk says we need more fossil fuel. Wise up before it is too late for our country. This is the greatest country in the world for all our faults. Let’s not lose it

  13. Illegals don’t have rights in my view so he can send them any where he wants to! How the hell else are the liberals going to see the error of their ways unless you rub their noses in it! Go Abbott!!!!

  14. I’d offer my homeless population a free trip to warm Texas since winter is coming and fill up those buses for the return trip if I was mayor. That would free up shelter space.

  15. Gov. Abbott has “forwarded” less than 1% of the illegals we have received. Let the sanctuary cities spend millions to build more schools for them, try to hire enough teachers, provide them school supplies, provide them free healthcare, subsidize their housing, give them food stamps, WIC certificates, supply the food banks, deal with all their crime & drunk driving, working for cash & paying no taxes, etc. Dems need to put their money where their mouths are. Hippocrates promote killing pre-born children & then pretend to care when other children are killed. Pray for The Rapture!

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