Michelle Obama’s ‘Subtle’ Jab at Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama appeared to take a swipe at the expense of former President Donald Trump during an unveiling ceremony of the Obamas’ portraits at the White House.

The former first lady spoke during the ceremony for the unveiling Wednesday and emphasized that her husband former President Barack Obama respected the transition of power to Trump when he won in 2016.

“Traditions like these matter, not just for those of us who hold those positions, but for everyone participating in and watching our democracy,” said Obama.

“You see, the people they make their voices heard with their vote, we hold an inauguration to ensure a peaceful transition of power. Those of us lucky enough to serve work, as Barack said, as hard as we can, for as long as we can — as long as the people choose to keep us here — and once our time is up, we move on,” she added.

“And all that remains in this hallowed place are our good efforts and these portraits,” Obama concluded.

Some on social media praised Obama for politicizing her speech to take a jab against Trump and his refusal to accept the official results of the 2020 presidential election.

“Oh God, I loved Michelle Obama’s speech. Can she deliver a dagger to the heart while telling the truth!!!” responded one supporter.

“I loved her speech , throwing shade at trump it was wonderful!!!!” replied another user.

“The Art of throwing shade, a chef’s kiss by Michelle Obama,” read another tweet.

“Michelle Obama throwing subtle shade to MAGA and Trump and I’m here for it,” said another supporter.

A month after the 2016 election, the former first lady cast a similar insult against Trump when she said in an interview that America would come to appreciate having had a “grown-up” like her husband after electing Trump.

Here’s more about the portrait unveiling:

Original Article: Michelle Obama takes a veiled swipe at Trump during ceremony to unveil White House portraits – TheBlaze


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    • I agree; when the press comments on Michele, it’s abut whay she is wearing or how she fixes her hair None of that is relevant in this day and age. She doesn’t have a good comon of English and the press is trying to ide that; just like thye are doing for the Bidens.

      • Margy Baby, you GOP Loser.
        What African country were you born in?
        And you have the balls to say: “She doesn’t have a good comon (sic) of English.”
        Here are more of your mistakes:
        ‘whay’ instead of ‘what’
        “hairNone” instead of “Hair. None”
        “have a good comon of English” instead of “have a good sense of the English language”
        “ide” instead of “hide”
        “thye” instead of “they”

        Look at all the English mistakes in ONLY three sentences!!!
        Grade: F
        Now go back to Africa and learn PROPER English!!!!

        • Michael is a hypocrite always talking about white people when he/she talks about white flight, what do you call he/she that when she got the cash she moved on up to Marthas vineyard, what do you say about this woman’s ignorance to Melania that has more class than Michael will ever have, who made gave a nice picture frame to her as a nice gesture, Michael made fun of that gift, on national tv, Michael is a phony, and viola Davis got her facial expressions down to a T

    • Oh Boy do I ever agree with that. Melania is beautiful and Michael, yes I said that, cause I do think she is, has a face of a gorilla. Sorry if I insulted the gorillas of the world.

      • Michael aka Michelle is a racist bigot. Hates whites, hates America. What other First Lady would say she never felt like an American until her husband became president. Who scoffed at the American flag. Hateful piece of crap

      • Michael is a man, period! Confirmed when his mother died and left her estate to “my son Michael Lavaughn Robinson. Horrible deception by the left! He should keep her mouth shut!

    • I totally agree with you, plus Melania is so beautiful and MO is not at all. Looks a little like a Gorilla. Sorry Gorgillas of the the world if I insulted you.

    • James-I agree with you 100%. They are so narcissistic and cocky, it’s unbelievable. I despise them both, Barry & Michael. I knew they stuck around DC for a reason and that’s to constantly keep their two cents where it doesn’t belong and to help run Obiden! They live in Kalorama which is a high end area. I wonder where they got so many millions from for two such expensive homes!

    • You have to be desperate when your husband accomplished nothing in eight years and whose followers then have to claim that it was all his secret plan that made Trump look so good. And his stellar law practice doing research for actual working attorneys was obviously just to set them all up for real successes. Must be a Stealth Success guy.

  1. obama started everything we are experiencing , anti police, violent crime, inflation, anti-Christian rhetoric, govenrment over-reach, the list goes on. I am glad he is out of office, along with his anti-American wife.

  2. Well MO does not have the class or intelligence of Melina Trump! Can’t say that her comment about her husband being “a grown-up” shows her intelligence at all. Plus look who he had for a VP for 2 terms!

  3. Ms. Obama worked hard and continuously as FIRST LADY. She urged the importance of family unity. The importance of youthful exercises. Showed she cared about their education while Mela proudly wore a t shirt with writing “I don’t care”. Her Eastern European ideology can be felt in every word trump oozes. Somebody please tell her that in America we don’t have princesses or Shahs.

  4. Ms. Obama worked hard and continuously as FIRST LADY. She urged the importance of family unity. The importance of youthful exercises. Showed she cared about their education while Mela proudly wore a t shirt with writing “I don’t care”. Her Eastern European ideology can be felt in every word trump oozes. Somebody please tell her that in America we don’t have princesses or Shahs.

    • She worked hard at trying to destroy this country with all her hate. Made school lunches inedible. All she was, was a racist, She hates this country. And it is sad that they were elected. Not for the good they might do. But for the color of their skin. Just so some dumb white Americans can say, They are not prejudice.

  5. Michele’s Comments remind me of when she said that it was not until her husband got elected as President that she finally had hope for our nation. So, was that a jab at prior democratic Presidents like Kennedy or Clinton? Probably so. Coming from a Community Activist role who has never worked at running a company and being responsible for employees, etc. or had to work 2 jobs to support her family she has a very lofty and 1% type of viewpoint of herself and negativity of those beneath her. Let’s face it, she feels we are all beneath her.

  6. Michelle, no matter how they paint you or dress you up it’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Do every one a favor, go underground and keep out of sight. You weren’t relevant when your husband was in office and it’s still the same. Shut the h–l up!

    You two represented and opened up the flood gates for the start of the downfall of the US including all the garbage running the streets creating chaos, crime, and other messes going on in this country when Trump started to clean it up and now Biden has done nothing but destroy it even further with his complete and gross incompetance and walking mattress VP who has done zero other than blow her mouth off. She should have used it on the street corner where it would have been used better. She is completely unfit for her job as well! All four families Obamas, Biden’s, Clinton’s and Pelosi’s) amongst others in your party should be behind bars if not facing capital punishment for putting this country and it’s citizens at risk! This country doesn’t need to be run by any more gutter trash of society which you and the democrat administration represent. You still pull the wool over the eyes on part of society simply due to their stupidity, ignorance, and TDS but the rest of decent society knows better! sick! sick! sick!

  7. Donald Trump may not have always come across as “grown up”, but who the hell gives a damn! His policies for making America GREAT AGAIN were spot-on.

  8. Donald Trump, in the eyes of Michelle Obama, may not always have come across as “grown up”, but the policies he enacted to make America great again were absolutely spot on.

  9. Biggest mistake in our Country’s history….Barrack O’Bummer, and his hateful Wife..who never had a reason to be proud of her Country. What a joke those two are.

  10. I was never a fan of the Obama’s – all politicians should step out of the mud-slinging – I think it’d be so “grown-up” if these folks would stick to what they’d like to fix in our country and how they’d go about getting it done.

  11. LISTEN UP….GOD Says PREZ TRUMP got 104 Million Something LEGAL VOTES even before the ELECTORAL VOTES. Includes TRASHED …SWITCHED VOTES etc etc. I Stand by GOD’S Word. TRUMP shall Become a TRUMPET. ALL shall SEE the POWER of GOD in All its GLORY. From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

  12. Big Mike is nothing more than a Silverback with a big mouth, who think the world never caught on that he’s a transvestic. Please Mike, go away, you AND your homosexual paramour.

  13. How proud the Obamas must be every day they turn on their televisions and see the most horrific crimes being committed by blacks. Just like every black politician, black commentator, black guests on all these shows and let’s not forget the pathetic show the view, they are all silent to what Americans see on a daily basis. None of them have the balls to say enough is enough and it’s truly embarrassing to the black community. So he/she Michele and your family go back to Martha’s Vineyard and live your safe life with your children and keep on pretending you did a lot for the black community. The reality is you and yours did nothing for them, DONALD TRUMP DID

  14. Again a lie from the left! There was no ‘peaceful’ transition for Obama to Trump! Obama moved into a mansion one block from White House and built a ‘situation room”. He sabotaged and meddled in everything he could to make Trump’s transition hell. Now he can direct Joe Biden and have a 3rd term ultimately to destroy America. Why has the FBI not looked into the 30+million papers Obama moved to his library in Chicago! Oh so much more but he is proteced by the NWO.

  15. Michelle Obama is more of a man than her husband she has an Adam’s apple like a man and bigger balls then her husband and should truthfully keep her mouth shut about President Trump he did more for BLACK PEOPLE THEN EATHER OBAMA EVER DID HE WAS A WAISTED PRESIDENCY

  16. I never liked Michael always preaching, when she herself is racist, she’s ghetto, not classy, she came in wearing off the rack and left wearing vouge, my biggest reason though is her hypocrisy, also being unkind to Melania making fun of a gift that Melania had enough class to offer in good faith, Obama destroyed this country with his race war,and continues to do so

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