Republicans Flip On Trump Following Raid

Following the FBI’s search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, many Republicans have defended the former President saying that the search was unjustified and politically motivated. Still, there have also been GOP members who have defended the Department of Justice (DOJ) and have said that the handling of classified material is a matter of security.

According to the new records, FBI agents have taken more than 100 classified documents from Trump’s home, as well as several empty folders that had the classified banner which was found in Trump’s office.

Trump and his team have not given a clear explanation of how the classified documents ended up in Trump’s home.

Trump’s former attorney general (AG) William Barr said during an interview last week that it was likely that the DOJ had found solid evidence as part of their investigation. He also said that there was no legitimate reason for these documents to have been removed from the government.

He also criticized those who have called the search “unprecedented” saying that what is unprecedented is for a former President to remove classified material and store them in their home.

Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton also spoke up and said that the handling of classified documents by the former President was harmful and that during his time serving under Trump he was not made aware of any order to declassify documents, as Trump is claiming.

Karl Rove, a senior adviser to former President George W. Bush, also said that Trump would not have had the legal authority to remove these classified documents from the White House.
Among the other GOP members who have criticized Trump over this case are Liz Cheney, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Charlie Dent.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. So,,,, the rino republicans have refused to back Pres Trump in favor of increased wallet stuffing. LOL Can’t say I am surprised, just politics as usual. No honesty for constitutinets,no representation for those that elected them, just their own bank accts. WE WILL REMEMBER THO, NEVER FEAR.

    • How Right you are “Betty B.” A Fed. Court Ruled that “anything Bill Clinton took from the white house was considered His Personal Property” or so they told Judicial Watch in that case.. of course there is a DOUBLE
      or Triple standard “when it comes to anybody but Democrats & specially Trump; they Hate him so much for
      messing up some of their CASH COWS.

      • You are absolutely right. They did not let anyone, lawyers, etc. near Trump’s home, and they have apparently not found anything wrong, except for what they planted, which will be found to be legitimate findings. Unlike Bill and Hill, they were able to get away with major deceptions, lies, and destruction of emails, because they are part of the New World Order, which is rooted in evil and the desire to control the world’s population, in the form of a pyramid, with the ungodly, wicked sub-humans at the top, looking down on their subservients, totally at the mercy of these demons for food clothing homes, jobs, etc.
        We must stop this before it’s too late. Trump is on board to track down all human trafficking, lawlessness with dire consequences, stolen elections, etc.

        • I agree with you Rose. Including the Bill and Kill what about the Muslim who was in office unlawful and it was proven several time over but no one believed what was found because he was A “DEMO-RAT”. In my opinion it was KILLARY and OBO who started the witch hunt when she lost the election and continued to try and impeach Trump and lost so they came up with another illegal search and i hope when November comes WE THE PEOPLE CLEAN HOUSE AT THE POLLS.

      • Guess he could have waited until the docs were in the NA amd then sent his his own Sandy Berger to stuff the docs in his pants and then hide them at a construction site next door. He got off with a slap on the wrist and we still don’t know what docs he took to hide Clinton’s BS! Funny how nobody seemed to care what the docs were he stole!

  2. Bill Barr is a Deep State rat pretending to be a fair and balanced arbitrator of truth. That’s pure BS. If he was fair and balanced he would have never made false statements about the 2020 election. He knew Several States violated their own Constitutions by changing the law that was illegal and those electoral votes should have been challenged. Pants on fire. Please stay away from the corrupt MSM, if not, tell the truth when your on our airways. Thank You.

    • Barr loyally served Trump until the very last minute when he remembered his oath of office was to the Constitution, not a Fuehrer oath of unconditional loyalty to Der Trump. That somehow makes him a Deep State rat?

  3. According to those named in the article, no actual Republicans appear to have flipped. I have a drawer full of socks that are more Republican than theses charlatans.

  4. trump declassified all docs while prez that he had. he is only one that can do that. this is a doj screw up again. anyone that doesnt know that trump can as president can declassify is not knowledgable.

  5. The covers and everything else that may say classified, can still have been unclassified by Trump while still in office. And even Obama has classified memo and documents, that are not in NARA. So this means nothing. And still have not heard 1 peep from any Republicans denouncing Trump. And anything that is supposedly recovered by the so called FBI, does not mean anything to me. They have planted evidence before against Trump. Waiting to see the tapes of the FBI search of Mar a lago. That will be an interesting watch.

  6. I think they’re all missing the boat. They should spending more time on bringing Clinton ; Biden ; Obama ; and Biden son all of which did much more damage to the US taxpayers than Trump ever did.
    To bad all these supposed PATRIOTS FOR JUSTICE have forgotten their oath to “We The People “that voted for them to do their job. But we won’t forget when it’s time to replace these bottom feeders that are only in it for their own gain. 🫵🏼

  7. The only National Security to this country is the Biden Administration, they thrive off corruption , greed and power its to hell with the American people and heaven for them everytime they look at thier bank accounts,Our country is in complete chaos from 2 years of Biden and theres still 2 years left for him to finish us off .Thier doing the same exact thing to Ron Desantis as they did Trump anyone who is a political threat is thier cue to do thier dirt no matter who gets in thier way . The new 87,000 armed IRS agentsm is the start of them building an army to force people into submission Monkey pox is the next planned pandemic they had to find something before Midterms ust like they did with Covid thier allready offering vaccines for Monkey Pox how were all these vaccines tested so quickly because they knew in advance they needed a deterent before the elections. Lets not forget voter fraud if they could dupe a whole country on who really won the election the midterms should be a piece of cake for them and have you noticed a whole bunch of them are stepping down right after the midterms im assumeing thats so they cant be prosecuted for crimes against America.Anyone with an ounce of sense will contenplate everything thats happened in the past 2 plus years and say im going Republican this go round because it sure as hell cant be any worse then it is right now. Thier leaveing thier trail of destruction for someone else to clean up and let us all pray its not to late or at the end of the next 2 years we will be known as Little China we will be under communist rule so if thats what you want for you kids and grandkids keep voteing for these power hungry people.

  8. the slant of this article is misleading, independents are also going team trump as a blind man can see the two tiers of hate of the democrat party, towards anyone not registered democrat. dark brandon is showing the values of the party in his German bund rally style of citizen against citizen in the mid 1930’s that turned into ww2. with the help of media mind poisoning the citizen is not as democrat as the author would suggest. maybe if the quasi-juorno left the water cooler for news, they would see for themself.

  9. I wonder what these same republicans (if they even exist)will think when they find out that the fbi is now raiding the homes of Trump supporters for no apparent reason other than they are supporters of President Trump.

  10. If Donald Trump runs again in 2024 I definitely will vote for him. He did so much good for the Country. He made us energy independent, created more jobs and a lot more. Now we have the DemoRats from the swamp especially “Go Brandon” who is a great “friend of China” sign all the executive orders to ruin all Trump did and raise prices so the lower and middle class are getting poorer, Then he and the rest of the swamp say it is all his fault. The DemoRats are also good at making up lies to try to stop Trump and the GOP . Dems lied about Russian involement of Trump’s 2020 presidential run, now they are creating lies of confidential info being taken from the Gov. Why did the FBI refuse to let his lawyer in Mar Largo during their raid? Because they didn’t want anyone to see that they were setting up the former POTUS yet again.

  11. Everyday I read where the FBI and Doj has planted evidence. Or refuse to prosecut. Give false testimony. In one case or another, maybe every person found guilty of a crime from evidence derived from the FBI or DOJ should receive a new trail. Maybe then if the FBI or DOJ was found falsifying. The agents could finish serving the time.

  12. Unfortunately, when it comes to politicians the FIRST WORD OF MEANING should be, CORRUPT. It always boils down to voting for the lesser of two evils when it comes to Democrats and Republicans.

  13. Do you really think that any Republicans actually cares what Barr and Bolton, the war hawk, has to say. Surprised you didn’t interview Cheney, kinzinger or Romney for this article.
    Can you please explain to me why the doj and fbi are having such a huge problem with a special master going through the papers the fbi took from Mar A Lago. If there wasn’t anything to hide they should welcome the special master to go through everything to prove the raid was legitimate
    and what they took was legal but yet they are fighting it. It’s just like all the cases of voter fraud in the 2020 election. Again if there was nothing to hide You would have thought the democrats would have welcomed all the cases of voter fraud be looked into so they could prove Donald Trump wrong, destroy him politically over it and shut him and all his followers up and yet again the democrats were fighting it. I guess the corrupt democrats couldn’t take the chance the truth of their corruption would come out like it did in the mueller investigation.

  14. If Trump did or didn’t is irrelevant. The fact is the Republican Party need to get behind a new horse. Florida’s governor comes to mind. Trump had his shot and he blew it. We need someone who can go two terms to have any impact. Trump was not prepared for the depths the Democrats would sink to, and however it happened, he lost. Let’s look to the future. All Trump will do if he’s still able to run, is split the ticket cause confusion and stick us with Mo and Larry for another four long years.

  15. The more they oppose President Trump, the more they expose themselves as D.C. Swamp dwellers who will need to be ousted from government starting in 2024 when a rational, hopefully slightly right of center moderate like Trump, is elected to the presidency.

  16. The RNC and the Rinos that have stabbed Trump in the back from day one need to wake up and smell the coffee.
    I refuse to donate one penny to them until they unite and stop capitulating to the socialist/globalist left wing.
    They could do wonders if only they would act like Republicans.
    In my honest opinion, the last true Republican was Barry Goldwater.

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