Biden Versus Trump, Who Is Actually Ahead?

President Biden’s approval ratings continue to increase and according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll now he is currently leading in a potential rematch with former President Donald Trump in 2024 with the largest margin since March.

The survey of 1,634 U.S. voters took place between September 2 and September 6 right after President Bidens about “MAGA extremism” became public.

According to the results of the poll if the presidential election “were held today”48 of registered voters would support Biden while only 42% would vote for Trump. This 6 point lead is almost double what his lead was in Late August when he had 45% support and Trump had 42%.

The last time the percentage point difference in this poll was that high was in May 2021. At the time Biden had 48% support while Trump had only 39%.

While the elections are still years away, a majority vote isn’t enough to secure the Presidency. In 2016 while Trump had lost the popular vote, he had won the electoral college as many Republicans live in rural states that are overrepresented in the Electoral college.

The high disapproval rates that President Biden consistently has are also not helping bring security to the topic of the elections. However, his numbers have been improving lately. This drive-up of the approval rates is in part because of the lower gas prices and the recent legislative victories Biden had which included the Inflation Reduction Act.

Trump has also gained some support recently as many Republicans are on his side following the FBI raid into his Mar-a-Lago home. Yet, this also comes with a risk depending on what the investigation will show about Trump’s handling of classified material.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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