Democrats Push Ahead Of GOP Heading Into Midterms

Recent polls place Democrats higher up than Republicans for the upcoming midterm elections. There are still two months to go before the actual day of ballots being cast.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s surveys, Democrats appear to be leading three of the four recent polls for the upcoming races.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll showed that 45 percent of registered voters said they would vote for the Democratic congressional candidate in their district, while only 40 percent said they would vote Republican.

The Morning Consult Poll published on September 6th also showed the Democrats leading with 47 percent compared to the Democratic 45 percent.

An Insider Advantage survey gave some more exact results that still put Democrats in the lead with 44.7 percent votes in favor of them vs. 43.5 percent in favor of the Republicans.

However, the OnMessage poll for this September shows that the GOP is leading with 46 percent over 44 percent for the Democratic party.

The Democratic party is currently leading over the GOP in many national polls. While now the two parties appear to be going head to head, only a month ago the Republican party held a 1.6-point lead.

In the Real Clear Politic survey, the Democrats are leading by 0.1 percent. In the Morning Consult by two percent and in Polling USA’s national tracker by 1.7 percent in the general survey.

While for months speculations wanted the GOP to regain control of both the House and the Senate, the current polling numbers show that the Democratic party has rebounded. This in part has been because of other factors in their favor like the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the recent legislative victories they have had.

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  1. If that is true than there are more stupid people in this country than those that could save the country! Those that support the democrats in their quest for tyrannical power will have a rude awakening when reality hits them, welcome to third world communist country as a country and all except the elites are treated like dirt! Of course with the amount of voting fraud that will occur it really makes no difference who votes!

    • If true it shows there are more people smart enuf not to vote Republican.

      To Republicans these days anybody to the left of Heinrich Himmler is a communist.

      FYI I voted straight Republican between Reagan and when those Tea Party lunatics took over the Republicans.

    • Communist third world? China is third country world now?
      Tyranny starts with blind faith to popular leaders that places them in authoritarian positions. Unbridled power corrupts humans, any human.
      Tea party and Trumpism cult fit that more than anything else. Bring back real Republican party.

      • I can’t believe what a ridiculous comment that is. How can any sane person actually believe we are doing better under Biden than Trump. Ignorance is bliss. Your stupidity is puzzling.

    • The stupid people are the ones who are falling for the unelectable Trump endorsed candidate to run in the general election. Donald Trump has taken a huge GOP advantage and like he did in the 2021 Georgia Senate runoffs, helping the Democrats win races they shouldn’t win

  2. This is total horse manure and you know it. Your surveys are like everyone else’s. The reasoning is that your surveys are hand-picked from areas and venues which give you the line of bull shit you want to purvey.

    Take your surveys and shove them. Not only does the world know that Biden is sick, but Americans know it as well, especially after that Thursday Hitler-like speech in which his handlers and the deep state put up that blood red backdrop with two marines, to try and intimidate Americans and you don’t think the DemonRats are aware that Biden and his administration along with all the Demonrats in congress are aware what that means to America and our Constitution???

    I am also well aware that you will more than likely dump this comment, but at least I know you read it.

  3. Political polls and surveys are designed to allow politicians from all political parties to get the most money out of supporters. I will never spend my hard earned money on politicians.

    • Agree! Biden approval rating is 11% at best. That is from several reputable polling results. They are trying to setup the steal for midterms. They tell you the dems are surging that way you don’t question the results when they steal the election. I just wonder how long this has been going on and how many elections they have stolen through the years. You would be a real idiot not to notice all of the corruptness happening in this country.

  4. Tyranny starts with blind faith and unbridled support for popular leaders when they are placed in god like position. Tea party and Trumpism cult fit that description today more than anything else.
    Power corrupts humans, any human.
    Bring back real Republican party before the party is completely destroyed by these lunatics.

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