Democrats Push Ahead Of GOP Heading Into Midterms

Recent polls place Democrats higher up than Republicans for the upcoming midterm elections. There are still two months to go before the actual day of ballots being cast.

According to FiveThirtyEight’s surveys, Democrats appear to be leading three of the four recent polls for the upcoming races.

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll showed that 45 percent of registered voters said they would vote for the Democratic congressional candidate in their district, while only 40 percent said they would vote Republican.

The Morning Consult Poll published on September 6th also showed the Democrats leading with 47 percent compared to the Democratic 45 percent.

An Insider Advantage survey gave some more exact results that still put Democrats in the lead with 44.7 percent votes in favor of them vs. 43.5 percent in favor of the Republicans.

However, the OnMessage poll for this September shows that the GOP is leading with 46 percent over 44 percent for the Democratic party.

The Democratic party is currently leading over the GOP in many national polls. While now the two parties appear to be going head to head, only a month ago the Republican party held a 1.6-point lead.

In the Real Clear Politic survey, the Democrats are leading by 0.1 percent. In the Morning Consult by two percent and in Polling USA’s national tracker by 1.7 percent in the general survey.

While for months speculations wanted the GOP to regain control of both the House and the Senate, the current polling numbers show that the Democratic party has rebounded. This in part has been because of other factors in their favor like the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the recent legislative victories they have had.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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