Blue States Ask For 50 Million Dollars For Illegals

A group of House Democrats on Friday asked Congress for $50 million in federal funding to be used for housing and feeding the migrants being transported from Texas and Arizona into their cities.
In a letter 23 Democrats, led by Reps. Jesús García (Ill.), Adriano Espaillat (N.Y.), and District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton have asked the heads of the Homeland Security

Appropriations subcommittee to include in their 2023 budget funds to be allocated for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP).

Norton has said that the move of busing migrants from Arizona and Texas has led to both the cities of D.C., Chicago, and New York, as well as the migrants being left in vulnerable positions.

The lawmakers are now asking for further funding for the EFSP. This will help cover some of the increased demand caused by busing operations.

The EFSP is designed to provide federal funding for housing and other aid to migrants. In 2022, Congress provided the program with $150 million. As of July 21, 2022, $85 million are still available. However, the recent busing operations have led to an increase in the needed funding as more cities need to deal with the rise in migrants. This was also noted in the letter sent to Congress.

Since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) began his busing operations, which were soon also taken on by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) there have been more than 10,000 people who have been transported to Washington, D.C. and thousands more have been left in New York and Chicago.

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  1. But the borders are secure. Just remember that. We welcome with no means of support, no intention of helping themselves, unless you include getting free EVERYTHING just because they are illegal.

    • Yeah, how did they possibly get through Commie- La’s secured border and get all the way to those cities? and why aren’t these sanctuary cities and states more happy to see them? Cheers to Abbot and Ducey. Send all of them on. When they are overran like Texas and Arizona then we will see how sanctuary they are.

      • Abbott & De Santis need to fly & bus these illegals to NH., NJ., Wilmington, DE., & Martha’s Vineyard!! Let them see how these “elites” live and I’m sure those residents would love to have them!! It wouldn’t cost $50M to complete the border fencing, but goodness, that would interfere with the illegal’s votes that Biden and his Democrat buddies want! Wake up people and quit electing these Democrat Jackasses!!

  2. i’m sorry but if you need money so bad for food and housing then use it to take care of all the American’s
    who are homeless and going hungry. Typical Dumbot thinking of all the illegals they let in and screw the American people. make them live like any other homeless person then maybe they’d regret comming here for all the benefits but NO taxes

    • Omg this is sick, All RED Border states like Arizona, and Texas have been taking care of illegal aliens for years and I don’t remember hearing that they got 50 million dollars for any illegal alien. The border states have gotten about 2 million.or more illegal the past 2 years that Biden has opened our borders.and just cuz about 10 thousand have been bussed to DC and NY they think They are owed 50 million, hello. What about rhe America’s that belong here? Why can’t they get 50 million dollars to be fed n clothed? How about us seniors on SS. Struggling to get by, how come we pay hundreds for our medical.while illegal aliens get free medical and free school. This administration needs to be impeached for TREASON they have broken the Oath’s they all took to protect this Country and her ppl the minute they threw the gates open to America. Supreme Court where are you? Why haven’t you worked with Republicans and I ndependents to help we the CITIZENS OF AMERICA ?

      • Take the money out of Biden’s salary as he is the one intentionally allowing anyone and everyone to come in; I suppose they don’t care until it hits one of their family members, can’t wait for the end of this disgusting movie!

  3. How about 50million for our homeless citizens?? Democrats want money for illegals so when Biden makes them all citizens they wil vote democrat.

  4. BS. What about the small cities in Texas and Az that have been putting up with this for over a year and begging for help money wise., and not getting one damn dime. Sanctuary cities my rear. They just want be get more for themselves. When the people in Texas and Az are give some help, then let the cry baby dems get some. Not until.

  5. Not one dime to house them but make money available to send them back to where they came from. The are unarmed invaders in this nation. These foreign invaders are migrants they are illegal immigrants. The use of the term migrants is to make them more acceptable and seen a# non criminal in their of of breaking and entering in our nation. If someone were to break and enter to your home, in the middle of the night, would you call your quest? Would offer them tea and crumpets? Or would see them as criminals who have no right to be there? Well folks this nation is our home and these illegal immigrants are breaking and entering into it as criminals.

  6. To all you brain dead anal orifice democrats, stop this spending madness! Is the plan (since we will NEVER be able to repay this money) to ignore the Country’s debts to other countries or is there NO PLAN!

    I know the Constitution says the people can remove an undesirable government, but it failed to leave instructions on how to do it without getting arrested!

  7. If they want to do anything for those illegals, put them on a big bird and ship their collectives butts back to where they came from. They are going to start hatching babies & claiming they belong. I’m not a believer that illegals children make them legal

  8. The answer is No! No! No! All democrats said the border was secure. President Trump secured it but Biden opened it up. Until Biden shuts down the border and starts sending illegals out of the country and stops all other money going to foreigners and illegals and give money back to states that help secure the border and gives citizens first on hiring over H1b1 and illegals then and only then we might talk. But nothing will happen when democrats have control.

  9. Just 50 billion? Take it out of petty cash, or from Joe and Hunter’s private slush fund. What we really need to give them is a good old fashioned butt kicking this November.

  10. The states that should receive federal funding are: AZ, TZ, and NM. They have born the brunt/impact from the illegal immigration. The states/cities requesting the funds are sanctuary cities! They welcome immigrants. The border states have no choice and need help!

  11. What a bunch of nitwits! While they turn a blind eye to what’s happening at the southern border their big cities need to be bailed out for taking a couple of busloads of the illegals they assure their constituency are not coming into the US!! Another money grab by the phonies on the left!

  12. You and your Sanctuary Cities. All done to stay in office and power. I say, you made your own bed, now sleep in it. Hey, why not join them on the street.

  13. Since they’re no longer inTX use fed. money from there to “travel” with in illegals. Abbott would have to agree with this policy or not have a leg to stand on.

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