Democrats Get One Step Closer To Gun Database

Payment processor Visa has announced that gun shop sales would now be categorized separately in their card. Mastercard and American Express have made similar announcements about firearm purchases in the past.

Visa announced that it would be using the International Organization for Standardization’s new merchant code for firearm shop sales. This new code was announced on Friday as gun store sales used to fall under the “general merchandise” code.

Visa said that in following the ISO’s decision they would make sure that their network continued to be by the rules set out.

This has been seen by many as a win for those advocating for greater gun control, as the categorization of suspicious quantities of firearms purchased would be tracked. These purchases can often be linked to mass shootings.

However, gun rights advocates and gun lobbyists have said that this categorization would be unfair as it is not often that firearm sales result in mass shootings.

Visa is the largest payment network currently. With all three major payment processors announcing the new categorizations it will now be up to banks to determine whether they will allow for the purchases of guns on their issued cards.

New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has defended the choice of the new categorization saying that groceries and plane tickets have their codes, so it only makes sense for gun shops to have to follow the same policies.

Gun control advocates have maintained that this separate merchant code could help reduce gun violence. Only a week before the 2016 Pulse Nightclub mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, the gunman used his credit cards to purchase over $26,000 worth of guns and ammunition.

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  1. This is unfair and an invasion of privacy. Another way to spy on the honest citizen making an honest purchase. A criminal will buy an unmarked gun from an individual not on a credit card. Visa, Mastercard and American Express you are being used to demonize the American Citizens. Please stop being used by the power hungry Democrat administration who seek to control the American Citizens. They have become dictators.

  2. This would be a great opportunity for a new credit card that does not catalog any purchases

    They would immediately have multi million customrrs

  3. unconstitutional. democrats hate you. love criminals as they dont buy guns , they steal them or on black market. this will go to the sc like everything else they try. you should tell mc and visa, you will boycott their cards if they do this

  4. It is possible there could be some Congressional Action with at least two avenues against this as it is an invasion of privacy 4th amendment,and an attempt at creating a back door type of registration of firearms etc which is illegal under the 1986 Gun Control Act . . Further, they could also possibly get after the Banking / Credit industry on the grounds it involves U.S. Currency etc. .. However, until the Democrats loose control of the House and Senate legislation protecting consumers against this abuse is unlikely to pass ,and even if it did Its unlikely that Brandon would sign it. Pray for the U.S.A….

  5. The New York idiotic democratic Mayor Eric Adams doesn’t seem to understand that groceries and plane tickets are not in our constitutional rights, which guns obviously are!

    O’Biden and his Democratic Communist Party members have the hypocrisy to call conservatives fascist, when they’re the ones trying to control every aspect of your life.

    The Democratic Communists want to censor your free speech. They want to take away your 2nd amendment right to arm and protect yourself and your family. They want to force you to drive the cars they allow you to drive. They believe the schools should determine what kids learn, instead of parents!

    In short, these anti-American azzwhole’s want open borders, allowing unknown illegal immigrants and criminals into our country. They want complete lawlessness in our streets where criminals are victims and police officers are suspects. They call Americans who support conservative values racists, bigots, domestic terrorists and white Supremacist. The current White House administration hates half the country’s guts and want to collapse and destroy our great country!!!

  6. The banks will categorize cash withdrawals and forward then to the Feds. Don’t think this can’t happen. Just another way to take away your freed oms.

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