Trump’s Lawyers Block DOJ

Former President Trump’s legal team has opposed the Justice Department’s motion that seeks to allow them to continue reviewing the classified documents found in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate last month.

Reportedly Trump’s team also criticized the investigation saying it was “unprecedented and misguided,” and that it has “spiralled out of control.” They also retain that there is no proof currently that the documents “remain classified”.

On Monday morning, Trump’s legal team said that the Justice Department is looking to “limit the scope of any review of its investigative conduct and presuppose the outcome, at least regarding what it deems are ‘classified records.’”

The Justice Department also said that they would be appealing the ruling from U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon which determined that a special master would need to be appointed. However, Trump’s legal team has said that this court decision would restore order to the overall process.

In the initial order made by the Judge, it was determined that a special master would need to review all of the seized material and determine which document fell under the categories of “personal items and documents and potentially privileged material subject to claims of attorney-client and/or executive privilege.”

Cannon, has however said that the order “shall not impede the classification review and/or intelligence assessment by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (“ODNI”) as described in the Government’s Notice of Receipt of Preliminary Order.”

Trump’s legal team has said that the Justice Department has “misinterpreted” the order and that there is currently “no indication any purported ‘classified records’ were disclosed to anyone.”

They have also continued to dispute whether the documents were classified or whether they had indeed been declassified.

Upon the request of the judge, both sides have also submitted potential candidates for the position of a special master.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. they got nothing to run on and they know in mid election the are thru they thing if they can keep President Trump out they won’t get prosecuted for all thier bull shit but they got a rude awaking all the conservative Republicans are going after them all, but i say its witch hunt well be like all the rest , water on a ducks back , its going to just run right off , like before because the DemoRATS , are just a bunch of power happy CLOWNS, and Dumbasses. LOL i just got out of face book jail an after this post i’ll be right back in but that is OK. i got thick skin .and feelings of iron they can’t hurt me LOL hahahahahahaha !

      • You mean like he sold Russia 20% of our uranium? Oh yeah! That was Clinton and Obama. You mean like he received $500K for a one-hour speech? Oh yeah! That was Billy Boy “rape ’em young” Clinton. You mean like when he received $3.5 MILLION from the Moscow mayor’s wife for a bribe? Oh yeah! That was Biden! You need to stop believing everything the MSM toss at you. Don’t you realize that POTUS Donald Trump has been thoroughly investigated by every single agency in the USA, and MSM for the past seven years and they have nothing on him? BECAUSE HE HAS NOT DONE ANYTHING ILLEGAL! Use your brain, if you have any brain cells left after all that brainwashing!

      • YOU are and IDIOT! ! ! Biden sold out the US to China years ago and is handing the GREAT USA over to Putin and China on a silver platter. Pull your head out before you suffocate!


      • What you been smoking? Crack? Are YOU better off right NOW than ANY day of Trump as President? If ur stupid enough to say yes, ur a damn liar! Inflation, gas prices, groceries, rent, flood of millions of illegals/terrorist just walking over the OPEN boarder, fentanyl and other drugs killing Americans, Beijing Biden is literally begging our enemies for energy…A Sharp contrast to being an energy exporter under Trump. Joey and son have made well over $30 million from China and Ukraine! He’s ACTUALLY on VIDEO telling Ukraine “if you don’t fire the prosecutor, you’re NOT getting the money!” Just how stupid are you?

      • I agree, Marc. I wonder if these same people who defend him would employ a person who could do what this guy did to us and his own government Really would he let someone like him ever be hired in his business TRUMP and his cronies all belong in Jail. IMO. A Concerned Voter USA.

    • AWESOME REPLY! ! ! It’s just like the misleds – such as MARC to call people nasty names – because as you clearly stated, the DUMocrats have NOTHING TO RUN ON except selling out the USA for their personal power and financial gain. Good job David Wayne Reep!

    • Way to go David! You nailed it! It’s SO typical of the misleds – such as Marc- to just call someone he doesn’t even know, a nasty name. All because he and his fellow dumocrats have NOTHING to run on, just as you clearly said!

  2. It’s being done by Madam Garland the head of the democratic political prostitution ring, otherwise known as Department of Justice. actually the Department of Injustice would be a better name. When Republicans get control of the house and senate he should be impeached. Not enough majority to convict but at least put him through what dems did to Trump.

  3. Yea Biden has done more harm to this country in
    In one year than we can even imagine.
    Sadly he one step away from the nursing home.
    He is not fit to run this country. Bad choice after bad choice. Proves that. We need To win in midterm
    And impeach him!!!stop the maddness. J.

  4. Good for Trump! Kick the DOJ’s royal butt and when you are back at the helm start asking for resignations or fire them. Enough of the BS!

  5. Anyone who thinks Buy them Biden has helped one single lower class person, is a brain washed moron. He is a liar and the most anti American president ever. He should be impeached and forced out of OUR country into political asylum. Send him and Hunter to China, theyre buddies any way.

  6. The two liberals (Marc, Camille) are like most liberals, who complain about President Trump, but never give any facts to support their pathetic claims. I would imagine they’re like all liberal members of the Democratic Communist Party who and their propaganda fake news media outlets.

    All these libs want to talk about is the phony insurrection claim on January 6th, which has been debunked or the phony claim that abortions have been outlawed, which is also b.s.

    Can’t talk about all the horrible anti-American policies of the O’Biden and the democratic idiots. The Green New Lie. Buy battery cars, when our electric grid can’t support it. California can’t even keep the lights on! We were energy exporters under Trump, not now! Our border was more secure it’s been in 40 years. Not Biden, 2- million plus and counting. Biden claimed Afghanistan withdrawal was a great success. No need to give further on that disgrace!!! Police, 1st, 2nd, 4th amendments all under attack. Cash bail = lawlessness! Biden caused all of this recession when he started his war on fossil fuels. No Putin inflation. That was another massive lie. How about Biden and his party’s beliefs that government and schools no better then parents of what should be taught to THEIR KIDS !!!! O’Biden and his Liberal New Order must be stopped by throwing these anti-American azzwhole’s out of office!!!!

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