Democrat Killer: Shocking New Developments

The far-left Democratic official who has been charged in the stabbing death of well-known Las Vegas journalist, Jeff German, was seen smiling in handcuffs with visible signs of his recent suicide attempt as he was being marched into his first court appearance since his arrest.

Disgraced Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, handcuffed around his bandaged wrists and arms where he had apparently tried to kill himself, smirked and nodded at the judge during his brief arraignment.

Telles, 45, is accused of “lying in wait” outside 69-year-old Jeff German’s home on Sept. 2 before viciously stabbing the veteran journalist to death.

Prosecutors said the crime was a “willful, deliberate and premeditated” murder, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

German, of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, covered public corruption and had previously exposed Telles’ workplace misconduct, including an alleged ‘inappropriate relationship’ he was having with estate coordinator Roberta Lee-Kennett, 45, who is also married.

During the brief court appearance, Telles’ defense attorney, Travis Shelter, said he “needed more time” and asked to continue the hearing for another week, which the judge allowed.

“We consider him to be a flight risk and a danger to the community, so when the bail issue arises, we’re going to argue for a very high bail,” Wolfson said after the court hearing.

Damning DNA and Other Evidence

Investigators said DNA found under German’s fingernails matched samples taken from Telles, which led to his arrest. 

During a press conference on Sept.8, Capt. Dori Koren, head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide and Sex Crimes Bureau, said investigators also found a straw hat and gray sneakers at Telles’ home that were cut into several pieces, which was a “likely attempt to destroy evidence.” 

Video surveillance from near the crime scene showed a man wearing a large straw hat, an orange shirt with reflective stripes, black pants, and gray sneakers walking to and from German’s home on Sept 3. 

German was found unresponsive and lying outside of his home at around 11:30 a.m.

At the time of his brutal murder, German had been seeking further information, including copies of text messages, sent by Telles. The Public Administrator, a Democrat, had been running for re-election when German’s stories were first published. He then lost a primary in June.

The wounds on Telles’ wrists and forearms speak toward a suicide attempt and further imply his guilt.

Telles is scheduled to appear back in court for his arraignment on Sept. 20.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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