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Adam Schiff is Plotting to Take Pelosi’s Seat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will supposedly be stepping back from her seat after the midterm elections, which are slated to hold in November. This decision might be influenced by the fact that the House of Representatives will most likely be taken back by the GOP in November.

If the speaker truly steps back from her seat or retires, reports have revealed that Representative Adam Schiff has shown interest in Pelosi’s seat. More so, he has also begun to take steps to ensure that he is chosen as her replacement.

According to reports from the Washington Post, the California Democrat Rep. has been trying to garner support from notable members of his state, California. However, the report adds that Schiff has not directly begun to ask people for endorsement or the likes. Instead, his efforts have been focused on “gauging members’ interest and planting the seed that leading the caucus is his goal.”

In addition, Schiff has reportedly reached out to several congressional groups but has mostly received tepid responses. Adam Schiff is also not the only democrat representative eying Pelosi’s seat. Some others include Hakeem Jeffries, James Clyburn, and even Steny Hoyer.

However, Pelosi has not said anything about this as she announced that she intends to seek reelection in November. Yet, many top democrats already having potential successors suggests that Pelosi might not seek reelection.

Another California Democrat Representative, Ro Khanna, said, “I think we want leadership that bridges some of the different ideological wings of the party, that is committed to listening to all of the perspectives, that will be capable of helping move the Senate or things that have stalled in the House. But whoever it is, I hope they would adopt progressive positions and also listen to the broad caucus and build consensus.”

Washington Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal added, “I think there was a ‘holding of power’ model that worked very well for a long time, and I think now it is more about a recognition of different centers of focus within the Democratic caucus that have to be brought in and brought together. It takes some acceptance of more-decentralized leadership.”

A Fox News Host, Maria Bartiromo, has reported since 2021 that the speaker may have plans to step down. Bartiromo said her sources had informed her that Pelosi planned to step down after Biden’s Build Back Better bill was passed.

She added, “So all those Democrat members who had their arms twisted to vote on the multitrillion-dollar package and put their own reelection in jeopardy may be fuming to learn that the speaker could be planning a cut and run.”

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  1. HA-HA-HA Schiff will be lucky if he gets reelected to Congress at all. And if he does it will be a new majority of Republicans anyway, so he willnever be elected as Speaker! He has lied about so many things I can’t believe he has never been prosecuted yet. He needs to be living under a rock like other insects!

  2. There is only one if two places for Schiff. In prison for helping put this country and citizens in jeopardy or facing capital punishment for all the treason! Make him an example!

    • Clyburn, Hoyer and pencil neck all need to go. Like a crazy person I have been watching all these people since covid began. There is not a more evil person in the world than Schiff. I really can’t believe his people keeps voting this demon back in. That Jamie Raskin is another one. I don’t know how these people sleep at night, and they keep getting voted back in, unreal. Nothing is ever going to change with these kind of people in congress. I use to be democrat. I am so ashamed of all of them now. My parents and grandparents were democrat, they are probably rolling over in their Graves. So sad.

  3. If Adam Schiff were to take Pelosi’s seat as Speaker of the House, it would not benefit our U.S. as they are just alike and we would be swapping the she devil for the he devil. They are both lier’s and don’t have the brains to hold that position.

  4. Adam Schiff is a definite perfect fit as Speaker of the Democratic Communist Party’s house. He’s as big of a criminal as Nancy Pelosi ever was and he’s proven he will violate any law to justify their party’s proven corruption and anti-American policies. The lies of Russia Hoax says it all.

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