Biden Getting Replaced By Who In 2024?

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked during Vox Media’s Code Conference if he would run for President again.

In response, he said that he didn’t know and that running for office was not just about wanting to, but also about recognizing something in oneself, in the role, and in the timing “that adds up”.

He added that there was no way of knowing when the future would call him into it.

This all started three years ago when a college town mayor bid for the Democratic presidential candidacy. This led to some major upsets in key early states and later on a Cabinet secretary position under the Biden administration.

Now, with the midterms being less than two months away some are wondering about a potential second run from Buttigieg.

Joe Caiazzo, a Democratic strategist who worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2020, said that Buttigieg’s achievements in the presidential race were unbelievable and it was impressive how a small college town mayor managed to gain the support of so many voters.

Buttigieg has not yet revealed whether he would consider a second run. However, he has kept up his visibility in political circles, which is something many Democrats have noted.

Buttigieg was essentially the public face of the bipartisan infrastructure bill President Biden signed into law in November. This was one of his earliest political wins during a time when a lot of other legislation was not managed to pass.

Buttigieg’s political profile has continued to rise and he has found some support in the Democratic party as many view him as a helpful ally. Many also consider him a great replacement option if Biden does not seek reelection.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Another KNOW NOTHING (Transportation CZAR) looking to be top dog on the pile of crap that has been generated by that idiot in the WH ) To destroy this county.

  2. Said only one good thing this guy have in the secretary the transportation,nothing,only stupid comments and stupid ideas,I remember when take too months the father for you new son,who is the father or mother

  3. I don’t get it … how do people like buttigieg, Biden. Fetterman, who are completely incompetent continue to fail up? Mayor Pete was a failure as a mayor and is proving to be a disaster as transportation secretary. unfortunately he has the gift of gab and people are bamboozled by that. Fetterman was also a complete failure as the mayor of Braddock and now, because of the stroke, doesnt even have the gift of gab to gaslight people and yet with his bad record, cognitive disability plus his indefensible, destructive radical policies , he’s leading in the polls… what the hell is going on? Are democrat voters so low information or so partisan, they can’t see how or don’t care that democrats are destroying America?

  4. I don’t get… buttigieg was a terrible mayor and a disastrous transportation secretary and like Biden and Fetterman, he continues to fail up. The only thing he has going for him is eloquence so clearly democratic voters are bamboozled by the gift of gab. Biden and Fetterman, who are failed politicians with destructive policies, bad records and have cognitive issues to add to their incompetency are still getting far more support from democratic voters than they should! It’s dystopic!

  5. If the Democrats run Buttigieg again for president they may as well say goodbye to the white house! So I hope they do run that guy who wants to flaunt his depraved sexual lifestyle in eveyone’s face so America can flaunt its objection to his anti-God choices. No, we don’t have aproblem with his Maker. We have a serious problem with his personal choices. God gives us all problems to see how well we can overcome them and Buttigieg failed his problems miserably and should go back in the closet asap!

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