Biden’s Popularity Sees Surprising Surge

President Biden’s approval ratings have seen a big jump recently according to the Associated Press- NORC poll. The poll which was released on Thursday shows a 9 percentage points jump for the President. This in part has been fuelled by the large drop in gas prices and the legislative wins that Biden has recently had.

These higher approval rates are also important as the November midterm elections are fast approaching. According to the poll, Biden’s current approval rating sits at 45 percent. This is a 9-point increase since July.

Even with this increase though, the percentage remains far lower than the approval rates he had at the start of his term. Still, his recent moves have helped people gain confidence and be happier with his performance as President.

In August Congress passed a bipartisan bill that will increase investments in semiconductor chip manufacturing. Another bill was passed by the democrats for $750 billion to be used to address climate change and reduce the cost of prescribed medication.

The AP poll also showed that 27 percent of Americans now think the country is headed in the right direction. This is a 17-percentage point increase since July. Democrats have also noted that they feel more positively about where the country is headed. In July, the poll showed 31 percent of Democrats had felt positive about the direction of the country, but now that percentage has increased to 46 percent.

Still, many are worried about the economy, with 71 percent of respondents saying that the country’s economy is doing poorly. These numbers are slightly better than the ones in July when 20 percent had said the economy was in a good condition.

This result may in part have been influenced by the recent data released which showed an o.1 percent consumer price index inflation increase in August. Still, the much lower gas prices have helped ease the economic border on households. Prices for food, medical care and necessities have also increased.
Biden and many of his officials have maintained that the economy is in good shape, noting the lower unemployment numbers and the large decline in gas prices.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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