Texas Sheriff Exposes Kamala Harris

A South Texas sheriff spoke up in support of Governor Greg Abbott’s for transporting migrants from the southern border to Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd joined “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday to talk about what border communities have to go through and to discuss VP Kamala’s Harris’ claims about the security of the border.

Boyd said that what Governor Abbot is doing is a great way of bringing attention to the ever-pressing issue of migration and he applauds him for that.

These comments came after Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a state of emergency in response to the increased influx of immigrants. However, Boyd said that the numbers in Washington are nothing compared to what they have to handle in Texas.

He also specifically spoke about how the open-border policies have had an effect on his county which has a total population of 7,400. He said that many large-scale organizations are responsible for transporting people through the country and that one of them alone transported over 26,000 illegal aliens through his jurisdiction.

Boyd also called Harris’ comments about the border being secure a political ploy. He added that the border is wide open and that the Border Patrol has encountered more than 100,000 illegal aliens in Texas. He also added that every single day agents encounter at least eight migrants and that only accounts for only around 15% of the people who come across.

Boyd was also asked about Kilmeade’s plan for handling the border crisis. To this, he said that this problem extends far beyond the local level and that it is a problem that has been in part caused by the actions taken by the federal government.

This fiscal year the encounters at the southern border cross two million. This is an all-time high breaking last year’s record of 1.7 million encounters.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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