Kamala Accuses Governors Of What?

Vice President Kamala Harris has criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for “dereliction of duty” over their latest stunts of transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities.

In an interview with Vice News Harris said that when one is an elected official it is their job to not play games with human lives. She also said that “If you think there is a problem, be part of the solution.”

Beginning in April Abbott has sent thousands of migrants to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago by bus. The two latest buses arrived on Thursday at Harris’ home in Washington, D.C. This latest move was a response to Harris’ earlier statements when she had called the border “secure”. DeSantis has also recently taken some similar moves as he sent two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. The Florida governor also said that this would be “just the beginning” of his efforts to transport migrants to other locations.

Both Abbott and DeSantis have insisted that Biden’s immigration policies are to blame for the current border issues. Harris however has maintained that for the last 18 months the administration has been working to fix a crippled system left to them by their predecessors.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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    • You are so right; these politicians only want to collect their pay for doing nothing to help our nation and the right thing like closing our boarders ,by finishing the fence

      • They still refuse to spend some time on the real border and see for themselves what a FUBAR they have committed. Hard to deny when you in the middle of it all.

  1. Kamala,
    Governors in the southern states wouldn’t have to be doing this IF YOU HAD BEEN DOING YOUR JOB! Get to the border you walking mattress, secure that border, and get illegals out of this country! If they want to come here, let them do it the RIGHT WAY like others have. I am not paying for your mistakes as a taxpayer!!!! Get it together!!!!!

    • How in the hot Meth you going to act like somebody needs to listen to you , but yet you insult headers with your political ranting racist vomiting on here. Get and life and go to the back side of the Moon, and take your mattress with you (your Partner).

  2. The system was working Great until you and your party destroyed it from Day 1
    Look in the mirror to find Blame

    TRUMP 2024

  3. Really. If she did what little jobs she is given to do, the border was her first one. She couldn’t even do that. Where is it the Governors job to play host to the illegals? All these other states get out of paying for the illegals while the taxpayers in border towns have to pay it all. They have to build new places to put them all the time. It only takes a month before the new places are over full. I believe it’s the rich, turn to start paying the bills. Let their schools get over ran with illegal children and let’s not forget to get a job you need to learn their language, because God forbid, they have to learn our language. Since we invaded their country. Not only that now we as taxpayers we have to pay to have all documents print in all the different languages. At one time to come to our country you had to learn English, now they can come over here breaking our laws and let us support them.

  4. What an asshole! The immigration system was working fine before Biden screwed itup and then putHarris in charge solving the immigration problem he created. And she has done nothing since besides blaming Trump for her incompetence and he had it straightened out until Biden reversed everything Trump did! She and Biden and Pelosi all need to resign immediately. They are destroying America!

    • My thoughts exactly !! Go find a desk to hide under , I understand that’s where you exhibit your best “talent” . Nasty skank 🤬🤬🤬

    • Tom
      I agree with you these clowns have done nothing right from the beginning except tear everything apart that President Trump has done to get this country back on its feet, they need to get this administration out of the White House.

    • I disagree They do not need to resign!!! They need to be put in jail as traitors!!!!
      GOD Bless America and protect her from all evil both foreign and domestic!!!!

  5. First off VP. Harris has the unmitigated gall it say the border is secure, and then to say Gov. De Santas and Gov. Abbott are in dereliction of there duties by playing with human lives which is exactly what this Administration has been doing since the start of there time in office VP. Harris has yet to complete any task she has been in office. Then all these so called Liberals are ok with these human lives sent to other areas as long as they’re not sent to their neighborhood then they get butt hurt and whine and complain. Everybody needs to stop getting their feelings hurt and thinking everybody should think like then we are a nation made up of individuals we all have our our thoughts feeling and ideas. Everybody should grow up act like mature adults and respect each other as such

  6. HEELS HARRIS< Willie Browns thing, is an anchor baby, she is in an office that , she is not constitutional eligible, to be in shes an anchor baby, born here and raised in Canada, her parents was green card holders.

  7. Harris is very happy it all creates a distraction from the fact that she has done next to nothing. OF course, she cannot mention the fact that Biden has flown thousands of illegals all over the country.

  8. She and Biden have done nothing but mess with human lives since they took office. She should not use big words like dereliction of duty, when she has no idea what they mean, since she is the picture of dereliction of duty. She would not be needed if she and her boss had never got involved with out border problem, as the previous administration had it under control until she and Biden got involved. You two morons have totally screwed up this country and blamed everyone except yourselves.

  9. If you don’t vote red please kill yourselves because you woke pieces of dog turds are killing US. BIDEN DID ALL OF THIS TO ALL OF US!!!! Literally KILLING US ALL!!!
    Bye-done was the one flying illegals to red cities in the middle of the night with no press allowed near… remember?
    Bye-done is the one allowing illegals to enter freely, now all you demonrats that were pounding your chests during 2020 saying you are a sanctuary city….. time to step up libtards!
    Bye-done is the one to stop building the secure wall even tho it was paid for….remember??
    Where do u think these Venezuelans are fleeing from? A communist nation that was taken over by SOROS AND HIS SOCIALIST WARRIORS……just like the US now…….
    Again if you voted for the pedo and kameltoe….KILL YOURSELF BEFORE WE COME AND DO IT FOR YOU!!!!!! 🖕🏻

  10. No one is dumber than VP Harris for the statements she makes!
    She bad mouths Gov. DeSantis & Abbott for flying and or busing Illegals to Sanctuary Cities. Why didn’t she bad mouth Biden when he flew and or bused illegals under cover of night to various Republican governed non sanctuary cities??
    Leftist Dems are total hypocrites and can’t take the heat when Republicans retaliate.
    This should be gut wrenching funny, but instead, watching America be destroyed by Bidum makes one sad.
    Joe Bidum sold be impeached and imprisoned for malfeasance, misfeasance and crimes against America!

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