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Kamala Assigned New Task

Kamala Harris has been given some key tasks by the Biden administration, and she has been a remarkable failure at them all.

From immigration czar to cheerleader for Biden, she is a mismatch of awkward laughter, dishonest statements, and zero results. She is the most unpopular politician in America – and when your competition is Donald Trump and Joe Biden, that’s saying a lot.

But now Harris is being sent out on a midterm tour to try to complete an impossible task.

Vice President Kamala Harris is ramping up campaign road trips to turn out young voters and voters of color for the midterms — stopping this week in Wisconsin and South Carolina but so far without scheduled appearances with key Democratic nominees on the ballot.

So, Harris is headed out to recruit young voters to go out and vote – a frequent Democratic tactic that almost never works.

  • On Tuesday, Harris is scheduled to speak at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, S.C., her sixth visit this year to a historically black college or university.
  • She will also participate in a roundtable discussion with student leaders at Claflin University that day.

That’s not all.

  • She told students at the University at Buffalo in New York last week that the administration acted on clean energy legislation because “we heard you” demand that leaders “take action on the climate crisis like the crisis it is.”
  • She also held a rally at the University of Illinois at Chicago last week, and recently addressed a gathering of interns and young Hill professionals at an event for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute.

Now, there are two different parts to this task. The first, and most impossible, is to recruit young voters to turn out for the midterm election.

That was Bernie Sanders’ plan in 2020, and it failed miserably. Despite his popularity among young voters, particularly college students, they never actually went out to vote for him, which was part of the reason that Biden was able to win the nomination.

Recruiting young voters has also been a part of several other candidates’ plans in recent years. Younger voters showed up in higher numbers for the actual presidential election in 2020, but in primaries and midterm elections, they are historically absent. If they are relying on young voters to save Democrats right now, it’s not a good situation for Democrats.

The second part of her task is to bring voters of color back to the Democratic party. This is far more serious.

There are two issues Democrats have with voters of color. This first is the Hispanic vote. In their case, Democrats have focused too much on social/cultural issues, which most Hispanic voters disagree with, and too little on economic issues, which even the New York Times is pointing out is a major area of concern with Hispanic voters.

And while the polling is more or less a toss-up on where those voters are headed in November, the GOP has the advantage on the issues.

The other problem for Democrats is black voters, who aren’t in danger of voting for the GOP in significantly higher numbers than before but are more likely to stay home if the Democrats don’t make a good case.

Like Hispanic voters, black voters poll overwhelmingly concerned with the economy, especially on the heels of the Trump era, where black unemployment was at a record low and income was rising. Economic uncertainty and inflation have washed a lot of that away, and black voters (already more prone to stay home during midterms) may wash their hands of the party they traditionally support.

The Democrats were riding a wave of optimism toward the end of the summer as polling seemed to favor them. But the polls are shifting once again in the GOP’s favor, and while some are questioning whether it’s a wave or a trickle, it’s definitely a Republican year.

So that leaves Kamala Harris, an unpopular politician with awkward laughter and regular word salad statements, trying to recruit a bunch of voters that the Democratic party has little chance of winning over in big enough numbers to save them. Why is Biden routinely trying to set her up to fail?

Original Article: Kamala Harris Has Been Given Her Next Assignment to Fail – RedState


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  1. I would not vote for her is she even had a clue on what to do. You ever heard Clueless in Seattle, well we have Clueless in DC and she is now is going to spread it around. Democrats will destroy America, look where we are right now. Everything and i mean everything is gone up greatly. Have the Democrats done anything to help the American People? Higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher cloths prices. But Biden keeps giving you tax dollars away, Letting in more illegals daily, and who pays for them. Your Tax dollars. Time for a big change.

  2. More of nothing from the US’s walking mattress! She’s absolutely patheticand grossly unfit for the job she’s in and doing anything worthwhile!

  3. Like all her other tasks, Kackala Harris has no idea about how to accomplish anything. But drumming up new voters?
    In Oct 2016, Obama addressed a DACA gathering, hosted by Gina Rodriguez. It was on youtube, but has since been deleted. The MSM noted he attended but did release any videos of his remarks. Gina said that people who live here ‘contribute’ to society, so they should all be called citizens.
    Knowing he was addressing non-citizens, and always one to choose his words carefully, Obama said, “Not true. When you vote, you are a citizen.“ He explained in detail that state voter rolls are not linked to INS or ICE or DACA data bases, “So you can vote without fear of exposing any undocumented household members.” (or, obviously – themselves ). hint hint hint.

  4. She can’t handle any assignment, because that would require work and she is allergic to anything that required thinking or working. She is now claiming that if Biden runs in 2024, she will be by his side, however, I am not sure he wants her by his side, as I think even with his mind issue, he sees she is useless to him.

  5. Just look at the new tax portion of the bill just passed to “save the economy”. What a joke, this bill will destroy our American economy, the Police and Border Patrol agents. It destroys the American Dream!

  6. I beg to differ in opinion on Kamala’s job as being the Border Czar. The conservatives say she’s failed, but that depends on what your goal is. If the plan was to stop illegals from entering our country then she failed.

    But if the O’Biden administration and the Democratic Communist Party’s plan was to completely open up our border, which is what it still is, then she’s done an excellent job! Heck, Kamala’s let in over 4-million illegal immigrants, terrorists, gang members, and let’s not forget about all the drugs pouring in and killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. The O’Biden administration has done an outstanding job turning our great country into a third world rated shit-hole!

    As Americans, there’s only two ways we Americans can fix this emergent problem. One is to take our country back by force, which could be tricky and cost a lot of casualties. Not good. Second is to get off our butts and VOTE ALL THESE RADICAL DEMS AND RHINOS OUT OF OFFICE!!!

    We rational conservatives know from our last few elections that the democrats will cheat. We must fight back and call them on it instead of pretending that it didn’t happen like we saw in the 2020 presidential election, where President Trump won…..

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