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The Dumbest Congressman Opened His Mouth, Again

Every time, Hank Johnson opens his mouth in public, that stinky four-lettered unspeakable thing comes out.

To the disgust of all those who heard, he recently opened his mouth again. So if you have not heard yet, it’s advisable you stop reading further.

Warning: This article has links to instances when Johnson opened his mouth in public.

Now if you’re still reading, you may remember Johnson as the same Democrat congressman from Georgia who once wondered in a public hearing whether the island of Guam was so overpopulated that it would tip over and capsize.

Yes, that thing in congress who tried this summer to taunt Justice Clarence Thomas about not attacking interracial marriage because the justice himself is in such a marriage.

Now, Johnson has spoken again to slam parents who show up at school board meetings to record their opposition to school policies that are harming children, mainly the sexual content in the material the schools provide them. Johnson who usually speaks incoherently stated that those parents are like “MAGA republicans… after January 6.”

Useless to try clarifying why he used “after January 6” as it’s established that language, at least English, isn’t any of Johnson’s strengths.

But comparing parents’ protest against school policies to the so-called “insurrection” sounds too much, even for Johnson’s level of reasoning.

It’ll be interesting for air quality detectors to calculate the level of bad air in an indoor place where Johnson has spoken in an hour or less. Under the right administration, we can hope that a special group of top-notch scientists will work on developing a sensor that can detect and warn in advance that Johnson is about to open his mouth.

Better still, the device can also be applied to the Obamas, the Bidens, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, AOC, Kamala Harris, Anderson Cooper – pretty much any liberal in politics and media. 

Written by Ernest Dempsey


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  1. I guess Hank Johnson is upset about the 50 illegals being sent to Martha’s Vineyard because it may flip over and capsize and the Obama’s could drown.

  2. I wonder how this United States Navy Admiral kept a straight face and didn’t burst out in laughter at the moronic questions asked of him from the democratic congressman Hank Johnson (D). “I’m afraid that the Island might tip over due to it’s over population?!” What’s dumb dumb democrat, Johnson going to say next. The earth is flat!

    Johnson must be smoking too much of today’s extremely high THC level marijuana on a daily basis. Add Jonson to Biden’s mental assessment test , along with Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Schumer……..and the list would require page(s) of the Democratic Communist Party politicians.

  3. Who is dumbest, the dumbest Congressional representative or those who allowed him to be elected? We must take control of our elected officials before they are able to completely control our lives. Is there really no one who can show they are more responsible and better educated to represent American citizens in Congress than Johnson?

  4. Este gobierno corrupto demócrata liberal es tan real lleno de ineptos dentro de ellos qué me pregunto como los ciudadanos pueden votar por estos personajes que solo dicen estupideces y no hacen nada por sus votantes,lo que si no podemos negar qué son buenos haciendo negocios y dinero para sus familias y ellos

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