DeSantis Sued By Migrants

Attorneys representing the dozens of migrants who were transported to Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island, have called for state and federal prosecutors to investigate these “political stunts” that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis orchestrated.

According to the Lawyers for the Civil Right group, which is currently representing more than 30 immigrants, there were criminal laws broken for this political stunt to be carried out. They also sent letters to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and Massachusetts US Attorney Rachael Rollins regarding this.

Last week, two chartered planes flew from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard carrying 50 undocumented Venezuelan and Colombian immigrants. The endeavor was organized by DeSantis who failed to inform the Massachusetts officials that the migrants would be arriving.

Since then, the immigrants have been taken to a military base in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The Lawyers for Civil Rights executive director Iván Espinoza-Madrigal and the group’s litigation director, Oren Sellstrom, wrote that these people were taken to the planes under false pretences and that there were a number of false promises made to them by those who were working with the Florida Governor. This included that they would have more job opportunities, schooling for their children, and further assistance.

All of these incentives were given to them to agree to travel. According to the letter, the migrants had also been told they would be taken to Boston where they could also find work. It was only after the plane had taken off that they were informed of their actual destination which was Martha’s Vineyard.

Espinoza-Madrigal and Sellstrom said that this was a conspiracy to strip their clients of their liberty and civil rights and that those involved should be investigated for their violations of criminal laws.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Immigration law experts suggest DeSantis may have trafficked migrants!

    If Governor DeSantis loses the lawsuit because of an immigration law that deals with trafficking migrants. They would be eligible for a special kind of visa that protects victims of human trafficking. “It would be so ironic for these families to ultimately be legalize and become citizens as a result of his actions.” I believe his stunt has backfired regardless how the lawsuit turns out.

    Also where did the tax monies money came from to fly migrants?

    Source: of the Federal:

    • BIDEN should fall under the same laws. Flying immigrants in the middle of the night. Martha’s vineyard claims to welcome all. Immigrant friendly. Well that was a lie. They talk the talk but cannot or will not walk the walk. Posturing to score points but no follow through. Hypocrites

        • Another Republican bites the dust our Texas governor should be spending all this money that he is using to transport illegal immigrants north on the border wall or maybe use it to make our schools more safe for our children but some people don’t have any damn brains when it comes to using taxpayers Money I bet he wouldn’t do it if it came out of his pocket

      • The immigrants were taken in by these blood thirsty lawyers. Which sue anyone for anything today. They saw this as a perfect way to make a big pay check and to bring more internal chaos amongst America and Americans. It is obvious that the democrats are behind this lawsuit. Just like BLM, this is democrats using people as political pawns to attack democracy and republicans and the most strongest Governor in the country at this moment.. This is causing more separation between Americans. We need to somehow come together and get the county back on track and make people accountable for themselves and their own actions. I agree with DeSantis.. How come the Biden Admin was allowed to bus in illegal / undocumented immigrants all over the country without asking or notifying the states that got the surprise welcome wagon of un invited guests. Yes, I believe all people should be free… Worldwide.. But, through the proper process. My great grandparents had to go through the proper steps to be able to come to America and they did. They were checked for diseases, treated as a number, had to get caught up with vaccines and had to have a job before leaving Ellis Island. Now you can just walk in… Alot have walked in, committed crimes and murders and bring in drugs etc.. There is no such things as a safe country if it does not regulate what comes through the country. This administration has done more damage, alot of it irreversible, than anyone at the moment really knows.. It will take a while for the true face of this administration’s actions and mandates to truly be seen. They are now trying to have republicans fight against republicans. (Divide and conquer) My fellow republicans, we have to stand close and trust what we know is true and correct. This administration is going to turn up the volume against republicans even more and more.. Know it is all lies to defeat us.. If you truly believe in the USA, this is the time to support the USA and stand up to “SAVE AMERICA!!!” DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING THAT IS NOT RIGHT!! We need each other.. This is just the beginning.. People are already fed up and growing more angry.. We cannot win with negative actions.. That just give this administration fuel to call us ignorant, no good, redneck, scum of America… Which is just THEIR way to collect more supporters and divide republicans.. Stop buying Chinese.. Stop supporting those who want the worst for America.. Without America, there is NOTHING left…

      • Marthas Vineyard should be the ones sued, they claim to be a sanctuary State and welcome criminals and illegals that need help and they turn right around and have our Military pick them up and want 50 million dollars to care for 50 ,yes 50 ppl. Biden started all this flying illegals all over RED STATES in the middle of the night and there are videos of it,if they sue DeSantis they MUST SUE BIDEN FIRST or there is going to be an uproar like this Country has never seen before. These are illegal ppl how do you give them any rights to sue ????? This is sick.waiting to see bidens name on the law suit. GO BRANDON, GO BRANDON

    • After Biden was elected, he welcomed migrants to our country for the first 100 days, and yet it is still happening and he says the border is closed, which is a lie.

    • WE like to see the REST of America pay the cost of their Altruism vice shove it in the backside of Florida, Texas, Arizona etc.
      Whats wrong, dont want to actually spend YOUR money to help?
      They flood the hospitals, the schools, are milling around on corners begging for OUR money to help them as Mr Biden promised them.

      Its time for you in Massacusetts to absorb thousands and assist them as YOU promised them.

      Mr Biden flew 4 flights into Jax and another bunch into Fort Myers. Was it fair for tbose peoe to be dumped by YOU based strictly on a flight manifest?

    • You are in dream land. He has signatures of every illegal authorizing the flight. There you go. Libs jump the gun just like they do with Trump mouthing that he broke laws when they historically are dead wrong.

  2. Just when, did people who came into this country illegally have the rights and benfit of the law, they broke the law when they frist set foot into the usa. But we give them free medical, free food, free housing. Being an 80 year old who worked all my life paying taxes, never received any of these things. I for one thank it’s a crock of dung.

    • Agree with you 100%. How do they get legal rights when they are here illegally? I too have worked all my life and now I have to worry about Biden Administration taking my hard earned money to illegals or college grads making more than I ever did to pay their college loans make me sick.

  3. What Bull Shit! Why do illegals have right to sue Americans in American courts? This is just a bunch of worthless lawyers trying to cause problems. Send these illegals back to their home countries.

  4. The folks are not migrants, they’re illegal immigrants seeking a better way of life. Florida is not a sanctuary state and our taxes are for the benefit of Florida citizens. If biden will not close the border instead of allowing them in so the liberals get more votes, they should be flown or transported in to Delaware or DC. Many of our American citizens are in deep need, and need help but he favors bringing down our country.
    Be very careful how you vote, or we’ll lose our country and contribute to the one world government he and his group are seeking

  5. More like leftist ambulance chasing lawyer(s) are filing suit, using the illegal aliens as their pawns. All the MV libs got their lawyer buddies to really “show” us who’s boss.

  6. Migrants Can not sue anyone in our Country because
    they are not Citizens of AMERICA!!! They come like a Thief in the Night!!!
    instead of Coming Through the Gate Properly as Many Do!!!

  7. I say put them on C-130’s fly them out to sea about 300 mile and through them out. If they can swim back to the mainland they should be give in a free pass.

  8. Some facts:
    1. These immigrants had already been screened and were now deemed in this country legally.
    2. Florida representatives of Governor Desantis were using Florida tax payer dollars IN TEXAS, not in Florida, to move these immigrants. That may have been ok (?) if their purpose was to bring them back to Florida and support them there to become Florida citizens. HOWEVER, they sent them to Martha’s Vineyard?? Using Florida taxpayers $$ not to help Florida, but to help Texas.
    3. A great many FALSE promises were made to these immigrants to get them to board the plane. This, at best, is duplicity. It may be Fraud which could be charged as a crime. Bottom line, Desantis representatives lied thru their teeth as his representatives, making him a co-conspirator.
    4. Who charted the plane? That person and Desantis representatives are likely guilty of human trafficking.

    This is NOT a simple case of trying to make a political statement of making the northern “blue” states bear/witness some of the burdens that the border states and others on the gulf coast have had to face with immigrants entering the USA. There are crimes committed here : FRAUD, MISAPPROPRIATION OF STATE FUNDS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, to just name a few. Everyone involved needs to be investigated charged and punished for this illegal stunt, starting with Desantis.

  9. It amazes me that the illegals can figure out bringing a lawsuits against DeSantis, but can’t apply for citizenship in the proper manner. We know exactly who is responsible for these lawsuits, right Soros. It is so clever of the Biden administration to allow these illegals (not immigrants), to walk into our country without any documentation, with criminal records, not cleared for Covid, and when they are sent to these hypocratic areas that claim they are sanctuary cities and states, that they have the rights to sue our citizens for illegal acts. I am by these illegals, like any other foreign person that comes here and immediately demand everything that the real citizens have, or a lot of our citizens do not have, if you don’t like what you have been given, the get your butts back to where you came from and stop complaining that we need to change our country to the way their country did things. It your country was so great, why did you come here.

  10. They are illegals they have 0 0 rights and suing is 1 of the 0 rights we should be suing these invaders and their countries any judge that even tries to do this need FIRED immediately and license to practice revoked for life

  11. here’s the email address of the law firm that’s handling this case. Email:

    i suggest you send them a note on this frivolous lawsuit. There should be ample opportunities in the Boston and Martha Vineyards area for the 50 migrants. unless of course, they don’t want these migrants to be employed in their state.

  12. How it is okay for this administration to fly and bus illegals “immigrants” across our country and they are suing DeSantis. George Soros should be put in jail for sponsoring this lawsuit. I don’t want illegals in my country or in my state. We need to be suing the Biden administration for treason against America by allowing illegals to flood across the borders bringing crime, drugs, COVID with them and no protection for Americans.

  13. The political stunts are being performed by Progressive Democrats allowing millions of undocumented and unclassified immigrants to enter the U.S. without having any plans as to what to do with them all. The political stunts are attorneys who are creating claims about those immigrants when the governors of border states relocate them to areas controlled by those responsible for their being in the U.S. By demanding millions of dollars to deal with a relative few of those immigrants, Progressive Democrats are admitting that allowing undocumented immigrants with no visible means of support to enter the U.S. is a major financial burden. The political stunt is when Progressive Democrats attempt to overburden state governors with millions of immigrants. Those politicians who are allowing undocumented immigrants to invade the U.S. need to be made responsible for the welfare of those aliens as well as all crimes committed by those aliens. Responsibility is not something Progressive Democrats are much known for.

    • Well said Robin!
      The current administration is really set on destroying our country and way of life.
      Politicians need to remember they work for the people, not for themselves and corporate America!
      We the people have the power to vote them in or out of office! We need to take back control of our respective political parties.
      For those of you who think your vote doesn’t count, it does!
      Buy not voting you’ve given up your right to complain when things don’t go the way you think they should.

  14. One illegals have NO rights. So the law sued is hog wash. We as American’s can do anything we want with them except physical and mental harm.

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