GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Dumps Democrats

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has been urging members to vote against any funding bill which does not also make provisions for assisting in the migration surge at the U.S. Mexico border.

This message comes at a time when Congress is facing a deadline as they will need to decide on the funding for the government by the new fiscal year on Oct. 1. So far, there have been some negotiators looking into a shorter funding bill being passed that would help cover government needs until Mid-December.

According to a statement posted by McCarthy on Twitter, President Biden’s request for a funding bill leaves Congress as “lame ducks” instead of allowing them to deal with the problems being faced by the nation. During Biden’s and Pelosi’s time in office, there have been more than 3.5 million illegal border crossings, and the Democrat’s open border policies have led to an even further crisis as they are failing to secure the border.

McCarthy also said that if this government funding bill does not also cover migration, he will be urging all of his colleagues to oppose it.

This sentiment is echoed by conservatives in both the House and the Senate as many don’t believe that short-term solutions should be pushed as they are hoping that in the midterm elections Republicans will gain a majority and thus, without these short-term resolutions they will have the upper hand in negotiations.

This will also help put the border issues at the forefront ahead of the midterm elections, which is something Republicans have been trying to do in their campaigns.
It also puts a spotlight on border issues that Republicans are stressing in their midterm campaign arguments.

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  1. Typical Congress actions. Congress, particularly the House, is supposed to pass all funding bills for the government by 1 October to start the new fiscal year. You can count on the fingers of one hand how successful they have been in doing that since the fiscal year change in 1976. This continues to be the low point for Congress, McCarthy’s partisan approach is typical and shameful for an elected representative of his constituents. For Shame!

    • Are you kidding me with your post. Exactly what would it take for the democrats, forget about fixing the problem at our borders how about an acknowledgement that there is a problem at our borders. 2.5 million illegals crossed our borders in less then 2 years that biden has been in office. We are in a recession, too many Americans are having a hard time making ends meet but the democrats want open borders so billions of tax payer dollars is going to illegals while the tax paying AMERICANS ARE SUFFERING. Please with your “for shame”, FOR SHAME TO YOU

    • Quote: “You can count on the fingers of one hand how successful they have been in doing that since the fiscal year change in 1976.” What is the problem? Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives so IF every Republican including the RINOs vote no Pelosi can still pass the bill. Democrats have a majority in the Senate when you throw in the so-called Independents and the VP casting the tie breaking vote. Indeed in relation to the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act Biden has bragged about it being passed with ZERO Republican votes.

  2. The US was the greatest country on earth. When it was government for the people by the people. Sadly it is no longer the greatest country in the world and no thanks to greedy government officials, we have government for the government by the government. I hope we will able to MAGA.

    • AMEN Sherri! Them Party of Satan, aka DemonCraps, creatures of the DC Swamp, don’t give a damn about about our Constitution, our laws, nor We, The AMERICAN People, the very people they took an oath to serve and protect. All they care about is absolute, total power and control, over everything and everybody. And they do not care who they destroy, whether it’s illegal or unconstitutional. And because the spineless Republicans refuse to fight back, DemonCraps are never held accountable for their evil doings. Sadly, the only way to stop this evil and corruption is, the American People must take matters into their own hands, rise up and fight back.

  3. Shame on Republicans? You have got it completely backwards! Most of our nation does not approve of what is happening at the border. Dems have used blackmail more times than I can count. The have been complete bullies as Biden totally disrespects half of our nation.

  4. I have observed over the past couple of decades that Congressional Republicans tend to “talk a good game” but rarely ever follow through on it. Our biggest problem is with the RINOs and spineless Republicraps as we know what to expect with Democraps but we expect more from the guys and girls who are supposed to be on our side.

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