Trump Hurting The Republican Party?

According to news reports, Republicans are getting more and more concerned about the extent to which Trump could potentially hinder their chances during the midterm race as they are looking for ways to ensure that they will gain the majority in both the House and Senate.

Trump has been popular with Republican voters for a long time, and he has remained popular even now that his time in the White House has come to an end. However, Democrats are strongly against him and according to new polls so are independent swing voters.

A new NBC News poll was released on Sunday which showed that 54 percent of registered voters view Trump negatively. In contrast, only 34 percent regarded him positively. These are the lowest polling numbers Trump has gotten since April 2021.

At the same time, controversies are plaguing Trump even though he has tried defending himself against the latest one which relates to the FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago home where they found several documents of varying levels of classification.

A Quinnipiac University poll conducted in late August also showed that around half of Americans thought that Trump needed to be prosecuted over his handling of classified documents. This includes 52 percent of independent voters.

An NPR-Marist poll from September 7th also showed 67 percent of independent voters saying that they didn’t think Trump should try to take the White House again.

While Trump himself is not up on any ballot this midterm, many GOP candidates supported by him will be. These include the following Trump-endorsed candidates: Herschel Walker, Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, and Mehmet Oz. All of these candidates are thought to have won their respective primaries because of the president’s support.

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  1. He needs to hold his tongue during this key off-year election period. His words may hinder the GOP’s chances of taking the House and potentially retaking the Senate.

    • Mr Hart……..Mr Trump is not the problem with the GOP. The problem is the those who believe the polls and the media. Yes……rump is often loud……..but…….like it or not…..he is much more often right! It’s high time all conservatives understand just how much this man achieved during his 4 years. They need to open their eyes, ears and minds and support him. We all owe him at least that much!

  2. Well, The socialists really want to get rid of everyone who stands in their path. Trump is at the top of the list. Nearly all of these so called episodes are a bit fishy, and the press is left wing. Those of us who were babies in WWII, and impressionable children when the history of that war was being written think we know the outcome.

    The main recourse under our Democracy is to vote for change. (Socialism may not offer the same opportunity)
    Acquaint yourself with the candidates who support democracy and vote for them. Do not vote for those who are pushing our country towards socialism. If you have voted for Democrats in the past BITE THE BULLET AND VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOV 2022. You can help return our country to its basics through fair voting, done peacefully to remove from office the current weak high level policy makers in Washington.
    Why do some citizens intensely dislike the former President ?
    Why disparage the former President who accomplished many more good things for Americans than the claimed bad ones. If you don’t like him don’t vote for him. Do you honestly think that Donald Trump is a power seeking dictator or a criminal intent on destroying Democracy? Do you really think that citizens who support “Make America Great Again” are fascists who want to destroy Democracy? Do you really believe that the conservative movement is in favor of civil war here?
    Can you accept or even entertain the thought that it was ANTIFA and other radicals, not conservatives, who triggered the unacceptable 6 JAN 2022 activities, and that the only person killed there was Ashli Babbitt? Not the five persons that is often maintained by some.
    Do you really think that a retired senior naval officer and a common sense conservative like the writer would want to destroy the American Democracy that he has have lived under and supported for many decades? Conservatives want to keep America from drifting onto the socialist road that we are witnessing today. Conservatives don’t want to ‘destroy’ Democracy. Conservatives want to ‘destroy’ Inflation, Socialism, Wokeness, Crime, open borders, energy restrictions.

  4. Although My President, DonLd J. Trump does make some outlandish statements, he is America’s best chance to save itself. Disregard what the corrupt MSM idiots predict, he’s the man that has a proven track record of how to Make America Great Again and bring back prosperity. The Democrats have led us to a destructive financial Armageddon and only a man with his experience dealing with the swamp can save us.

  5. This is propaganda regarding Republicans being worried that President Trump is hurting their chances. Trump is the guy who is endorsing the Republicans running for office and Trump has done a great job in running and electing Republicans in key States. So when you print that Republican Conservatives are worried about being hurt by Trump, you are only feeding the propaganda of the media and the socialists. We have to vote for Republican Conservatives and kick these useless and crazy Socialists the hell out of office and out of the country. In my opinion President Trump (that is IF he decides to run) is the only one to get the U.S. back to the normal way of life we’re used to. China, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Russia feared President Trump and the world was safe. He’s known by our adversaries for not taking any bullshit. President Trump can clean up this mess and do the job even better than before.

  6. If people do not think Trump is the best candidate ……. Then they are either Communists or Socialists trying to take over America! Plus there are many of us just sitting back waiting to go to the poles and vote for America against the Commies and Socialists!!!! We let our votes speak for us!!!

  7. Trump may be hurting the republican RHiNOS but he is leading the Conservative Make America Great Again Party which is the one needed to lead America back to a number one nation and out of the third-party hole we are in now. The RHiNOS are politicians too close to the Democrats to turn our government back to them.

  8. Well NBC can kiss my a$$. It’s nbc…so im not taking the poll results seriously and if anybody else is thinking the poll numbers are real and not fictional,, then remember how your bank account was when he was in office
    Remember the price of fuel while he was president.
    Everything that he did for this nation was destroyed by those a$$hats in the democratic party and I’m fed up with this horse $hit persecution of the 45th president.
    Trump was a threat to their money making evil ways and THATS why they went after him. Look at what he accomplished while he was in office. He had to fight pelosi and the dems every foot of the way. Now just imagine what he could have done if those inbred dems had worked with him instead of working against him.
    If this country doesn’t pull its head out of its rear end, there won’t be anything left worth fighting for in 4 years time and it will be due to those p.o.s. democrats and their puppet masters.
    Remember, those pukes work for US. NOT soros. They had better remember that and soon.

  9. I believe President Trump should withdraw from being the front runner and endorse whatever candidate is the frontrunner of the Republican Party most likely DeSantis or Vice President Pence.

  10. Donald Trump is the only reason I remain Republican!!!!! The rest like Kinzinger and Cheney. Deserve to b prosecuted over what they have tried to do!!!! America…. Wake up!!! We must vote out all Dems to keep America safe!!!!!!!

  11. Sorry, but Trump tells you like it is and the truth hurts and I agree with him 1000%. The idiots that got too offended have been shown what voting for the wrong candidate does for the country, nice job voting in a senile old man that can’t put his pants on much less figure where to go including a walking mattress for a VP that has done zero but blow her mouth off instead of using that talent on a street corner! We have inflation, out of control gas and food prices, countries ready to start a war, has divided this country even further, left our weapons and people in another country, off his rocker with environmental crap that can’t even begin to work in this country, homelessness out of control, housing pricing through the roof. There is much more including him and his corrupt son involved in anything and everything corrupt!

    You want things fixed you bring Trump in to get the job done and let him finish cleaning up this country and politics Grow some skin and act like responsible adults people so you aren’t a whiney crybaby that gets offended by everything he says.
    Trump is passionate andsmart! In this day and age we need someone like him that won’t put up with the BS of democrats, liberals, or countries out to destroy the US.
    Get these illegals out of this country and put these criminals in prison, INCLUDING politicians who need to face capital punishment for the treason and allowing this country and its US citizens to be at risk. Get people off welfare and make them work! Stop popping out babies to get more money. Start sterilizing those people since they don’t seem to get the concept of contraception! Enough of abusing the taxpayers!!!!

    For God’s sake would someone also shut The View down as well as these disgusting C’s that are overrunning this country! There are incredible, educated, talented, and formidable women then there are the feminist Cs that are repulsive disgusting and nothing but chaos invoking thoughts and actions to society and you know the type I am talking about. Someone please put them back in their hole where they belong for good! They certainly serve no purpose. Either get it together or go find an island where you can wear your Birkenstocks, pink hats, cuss like a sailor, have no class reek of pot, and raise cane all you want where none of the rest of decent and respectable society doesn’t have to deal with you!

  12. The problem with the Republican Party is that they won’t fight together to accomplish their goals. Compounding that problem is lack of leadership from their leaders Mitch McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy, because they both are men without core values. McConnell has always been an opportunist looking out for only McConnell, and Kevin McCarthy has shown us by his past performance that he lacks the stones to lead.

  13. You don’t realize by now the people knows all these articles your web site runs are bogus. You are a leftist site even though you use the word conservative. You and your writers has Trump syndrome. You even come out with bogus polls to try to make Mr. Trump look bad. Your a joke and we all know it.

  14. Trump’s not the problem, it’s the Rinos and the so-called conservative press like faux news that do their subtle jabs like this crap publication, stating Trump is hindering the chances of the rinos, I mean republicans in the midterms…You know, those stand-up crooks like Graham, Mitch the b!tch McConnell, Dan(I love insider trading as much as Pelosi) Crenshaw, Liz-neocon-Cheney(wait, she’s gone), the rino/swamp list is long…..

  15. We need to do better than Trump or Biden. Neither resents appropriate leadership of the U.S. Biden is in the early stages of Dementia and Trump is a loose cannon on a rolling deck in a storm.

    Trump is likely to lose again by a greater margin. He will attract the far right but few in the middle who will decide the election.

  16. If those in the middle are so stupid, after seeing what we got in 2020 they deserve communism. Do you not
    see how fast we are loosing our freedoms, only an idiot would not see that. If the press and internet were
    not censoring him the truth would get out then everyone could the trouble we are in.

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