Uh Oh, Biden’s Off His Meds

It’s been easy to make fun of Joe Biden videos since long before he became President (allegedly).

Go back to my late high school/early college days, and there is Biden in all his video glory, going off on unhinged rants about grades and awards he never received, or IQ points he never possessed.

And then of course there’s the Joe Biden video that derailed his “youthful” presidential run against the Seven Dwarves in 1987, in which he claimed UK Labour Leader Neil Kinnock’s biography as his own.

Biden is a shameless liar, braggart, and fabulist, who — much to our national shame — was never laughed into richly-deserved obscurity.

Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Readers™ have joined me in the more recent fun of watching Biden try to shake hands with people who aren’t there, do the Old Man Shuffle to or from the Marine One helicopter, or get ignored — as POTUS! — at a White House reception because Smiling Barack Obama showed up to dazzle the crowd.

But this next video is just sad because it shows just how diminished the supposed Most Powerful Man in the world has become.

Here he is, after wrapping up his prepared remarks to The Global Fund earlier this week.

This one is a little personal to me.

I saw something almost exactly like this, 40 years ago, getting my great-grandmother to her car in her parking garage. Twelve- or 13-year-old me was a little too oblivious to realize I was about to get in the passenger seat with a woman who really had no business behind the wheel, but I still knew something was wrong and I did what I could to get her to her parking spot.

The same parking spot, I should add, she must have had for 15 years.

All this happened shortly before my grandparents gave her The Talk about not driving a car any longer.

So that’s our president, an old man whose handlers need to have The Talk about why he shouldn’t be POTUS any longer.

If it weren’t for the damage Biden and his handlers have done to this country, it would be one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

Original Article: The Saddest, Most Senescent Joe Biden Video Yet – PJ Media


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  1. Biden was born a congenital liar, (Psalm 58:3) so has been lying since he was born. He wants to be regarded as a great and famous person, so he has to make up “facts” about his life and accomplishments, but he is not very good at it, and he should have been called out for his fabrications many years ago. Now “We the People” are stuck with this embarrassing old man who makes the U.S. look like a joke to the rest of the world. Trump `24.

  2. How about we don’t have either of them? Let’s vote someone in who is young and fresh, with good values and wants to put America first. How about someone who will tackle ileagle immigration with strength and start up our own energy production again. How about someone who respects all opinions, not just the ones he thinks is correct. How about someone who cares about what is happening with the education of our children and will take a stand on the indoctrination that is taking place in our schools? How about someone who gives power back to the states completely so that they can make the decisions regarding abortion, gender issues and other life changing decisions without the federal government interfering. How about we elect someone who will give back the power to the parents so they can make decisions about what they want taught to their children. I don’t feel either one of these yahoo’s should be President. We need Americans with proper identification presented to vote our President into office. Not Democrats who think cheating and vote harvesting is the way to win. Yes, there are Republucans who cheat as well but there are far less than the Democrats. We need new, fresh candidates to run for office this time around. Not old dinosaurs who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about America and it’s people!!

    • Wow, you absolutely got the right message! I was going to write a post but you said everything I was thinking and more in a straight forward and honest way. I hope the politicians and voters are listening!!

      • Right on…I was hoping that DJT would mentor a younger, also strong candidate in the VP role and let him carry on for 8 more years after learning the ropes and draining the swamp. DJT was just getting warmed up. He now knows the value of well vetted people holding important positions. He should have fired a lot more people in the DOJ and in his cabinet.

  3. This is nothing but projection , a typical tactic of the conservative press in America. President Biden is not “senile,” does not have dementia and he does not have have or need “handlers:” He is 100 % in charge of his administration .
    In fact, it is Trump who has dementia, is senile and i s unhinged . He is a moronic, criminal , megalomaniacal buffoon , the worst traitor in US history , and the worst, most corrupt, self-serving, mendacious , ruthless, power-hungry , divisive and destructive president in US history .
    He should never even have been allowed to run for president in the first place, because he was no more qualified to be president than a retarded person is qualified to teach nuclear physics at Harvard or MIT . And this country is still paying the price for the fraudulent election of this horrible man .
    Joe Biden has restored , competence, decency, honor ,sanity and common sense to the office of the presidency after Trump shat on it for four horrible years, and America is no longer the laughing stock of the world !

  4. Quote: “He is 100 % in charge of his administration.” Please explain then why the White house and others have to constantly ‘clean up’ what Biden has proclaimed? For example, he has stated multiple times that American military will defend Taiwan against an by Red China. Every time the so-call Commander in Chief has made that proclamation it has been ‘corrected’ or ‘walked back.’ If he is 100% in charge he should show America and the world by immediately firing those who have called him a liar.

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