Americans Say Trump Innocent Following Raid

According to a new survey one-third of surveyors did not believe that former President Trump had indeed taken top-secret or classified documents and stored them at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The Marquette Law School poll released Thursday shows that 67 percent of responders thought Trump had such documents. However, among partisan groups, there were varied responses.

Of those who noted themselves to be Republican, only thirty-nine percent have believed that Trump indeed held top-secret or classified documents. Of Democrats, 93 percent held that same belief while only 65 percent of Independents thought that classified documents had been held in his Mar-a-Lago estate.

The FBI’s raid of Trump’s Florida home led to 33 boxes being retrieved with around 100 classified documents being found. Trump and many of his supporters have claimed that the search was politically motivated. Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity that he had the right to declassify sensitive information just “by thinking about it.”

Most of those surveyors who had a positive view of Trump, regardless of their party, expressed that they did not believe he had classified documents, while 8 out of 10 of those who had an unfavorable opinion said that he had classified documents.

Eighty-five percent of Republicans with an unfavorable opinion of Trump noted that they thought he had classified documents.

Of the Republicans asked two-thirds also said that they wanted to see Trump run for president again in 2024. The rate of those who would support another candidacy from Trump has slightly dropped since July.

Furthermore, of those surveys, only 11 percent of republicans had confidence in the FBI. Of the Democrats surveyed, 29 percent had confidence in the organization.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Like hell Trump is “innocent ” ! He was illegally keeping highly sensitive classified documents at his Mar-A-Lago home , and. the FBI had good reason to search his home to confiscate those documents .
    This was NOT a “raid “. The FBI had obtained a search warrant from a judge and that judge would not have singed it if there had been no evidence against Trump . The Donald has no one but himself to blame for this disgraceful incident , and this was only one of the countless crimes he has committed over the years , whether as our alleged “president ” , as a businessman or in private life . It’s past time for Trump to face the music !
    “Witch hunt ” my foot !

    • B.S. The “judge” was a shopped partisan. The warrant was overly broad and unnecessary. The raid on his residence was a violation of the fourth amendment. The incident is a continuation of the illegal and persistent political persecution of Donald Trump. This is not an isolated incident of the lawless attacks.

    • Wake up to ALL the news! You have apparently missed much of it! The FBI had already been to Trump’s place weeks BEFORE the raid. They were told to take all they needed with Trump’s full cooperation! They even enjoyed a nice meal while there! They only requested that he place another lock on the basement room with such items in it!! This was promptly done! Check out where Obummer stashed his like documents! The judge was a previously proclaimed Trump hater, that didn’t have the full credentials as a judge! All he had to hear was that it was against Trump * he was ALL in for it! All previous presidents were allowed to take & declassify such documents! What about Killary’s bleach-bit & hammer works? Do you have NO questions there? Amazing! Some people only hear/see what they want to fit their narrative!

    • You cannot provide one iota of empirical evidence to back up your ridiculous, outlandish, partisan rant. You are nothing more than a brainwashed partisan hack. Go and crawl back into “Plato’s” cave with all of the other brainwashed morons.

    • eat your foot. Better get an education too while you are at it. OBAMA too hundreds of boxes and no one raided his home gee wonder why? They found he had taken way more than Trump of everything including many many things that WERE the peoples property such as high end “gifts. He sashayed around a bit and said “gee! thought as long as it was going to my library I could take. Some Constitutional Law Professor he must have been LOL You libs are Jokes.PS they weren’t

  2. Conservatism aside your article title is a lie. According to the data you published in the article, Trump is generally considered guilty by most other Americans other than conservatives. Your continual slant and publishing such misleading FALSE NEWS continues to contribute to the divisiveness that currently plagues our country. SHAMEFUL!!

  3. Democrats have been manufacturing “evidence” against Trump since his first day in office. The silly part is weak minded fools lap it up and treat it as gospel truth

    • Why would anyone collect evidence against any president from day one, before even he starts his policies?
      Is this regular occurrence in the US?
      Seems to me that conservatives believe anything that goes with their belief system including invisible people, people who turn magic, predict future, live at the north pole, easter bunny, flat earth, etc.. in 21st century, easy to be conned by a well known con artist. I watched one of his rallies yesterday.. boy, who believes this obvious con artist? He can’t even act it well.
      This is so obvious and present conservatives will go down in history for being so easy.
      Special kind of people.

  4. I get a kick out of the few, thankfully, people on this site who have blatant Trump Derangement Syndrome. The majority seem to claim how uninformed we conservatives are in believing in Trump. What President Trump has proven to all Americans is that his policies worked.

    Under Trump our border was secure, crime was down, our 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments weren’t under attack, no inflation, gas was much cheaper, Afghanistan wasn’t turned over to the terrorists and China, and Russia would have never invaded Ukraine. Biden, Obama, and Hilary have to be some of the worst criminals of the Democratic Communist Party.

    Additionally, I also know is how badly the Democratic Communist Party and their fake news media outlets, ( CNN MSNBC ABC CBS NBC NY TIMES WASH POST….etc) lie to the American people. The liberal democrats are so ignorant to believe in the total bs they’re being fed.
    I hope Trump runs in 2024 because he has my vote!!!

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