Kamala Waxes Poetic on Ballot Drop Boxes

They can’t win if they don’t cheat.

Kamala Harris on Thursday lashed out at Republican lawmakers working to make elections more secure.

Harris said laws banning ballot drop boxes are “un-Democratic” and “un-American.”

The Democrats want ballot drop boxes because there is no chain of custody.

The Gateway Pundit has released several videos of individuals (possibly mules) in swing states allegedly dropping ballots in the drop boxes.

Earlier this month Gateway Pundit released 13 minutes of Detroit ballot traffickers dumping hundreds of ballots into voter drop boxes.

The Democrats can’t win if they don’t cheat which is why they want election month instead of election day and ballot drop boxes all over the place.


The Democrats are fiercely working to overhaul elections before the midterms.

House Judiciary Committee Democrats on Wednesday voted to support NON-CITIZENS the right to vote in our elections.

They want open elections to match their open borders.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday also passed a proposal to overhaul rules for certifying presidential elections.

“The House legislation overhauls certain parts of the Electoral Count Act, which sets out deadlines for states to certify their presidential contests, establishes a process to send electors to Washington, names the vice president as the overseer of the vote count and lays out a process for lawmakers to challenge results.” Politico reported.

Original Article: They Can’t Win if They Don’t Cheat: Kamala Harris Says Laws Banning Ballot Drop Boxes Are “Un-Democratic” and “Un-American” (VIDEO) (


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  1. We cannot allow illegals to vote inour elections. First of all they are not suppose to be and secondly they don’t have a stake in our system or its results. Ballot boxes need to be under a control system or they will also allow for fraud just as it idid in 2020. No ne can tell me that 2020 was a fair election.

  2. I’m sick and damn tired of this bitch and her ilk constantly LYING to us and expecting us to believe her!!! Show me one damn person who really wants to vote and is being restricted!!!

  3. One person, one vote. Regulations to ensure that are necessary and unavoidable. If someone cannot prove who they are, we assume they can’t do any of the thousand other things that require ID. And if they also don’t have anyone to help them get to a ballot place in person, it’s likely they aren’t a real living person.

  4. To quote Johnny Nitzinger, “Mama if you put your brain on a razor blade it would look like a BB rolling down a 4 lane highway”

  5. Quien puede aceptar que los ciudadanos no citizens puedan ejercer un voto en ninguna elección,sería como coger la más bella constitución y ponerla al fuego,los demócratas están planeando un gran fraude y solo lo podemos destruir si vamos a votar en persona y elegimos los correctos,acabar con estos ineptos corruptos demócratas liberales y hacer esta nación grande otra vez

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