Trump Slapped With Another Lawsuit

The New York Attorney General’s Office has now filed a lawsuit against Trump, several members of his family, and a few executives of the Trump organization. In the suit, she alleges that they carried out fraud and misrepresented financial information to boost Trump’s financial position.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Attorney General Letitia James filed in the New York Supreme Court that Trump had “inflated his net worth by billions of dollars” and that some of his children, including Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, assisted him with this fraud.

James has said that both Trump and the Trump Organization have repeatedly misled and manipulated to get banks to lend money at more favorable terms to the company. They also played lower taxes and used other misleading information to get higher insurance coverage at far lower premiums.

James said that during her investigation they interviewed more than 65 witnesses and reviewed millions of documents. In the evidence submitted by Trump, there were “more than 200 false and misleading asset valuations.”

Some of these misleading facts included stating that Trump had cash that he did not and ignoring restrictions that could have potentially affected a property’s valuation.

The attorney general has said that the allegations warrant both state and federal criminal laws. James has also said the investigation began after Michael Cohen; Trump’s attorney had told Congress about Trump misrepresenting his financial information.

Part of the lawsuit includes for the New York Supreme Court to permanently bar Trump and his children from serving in any New York corporation as officers.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. This DOJ should be fired and taken down. In fact our DOJ system is broken when they come after only Donald Trump when you have criminals like the Clintons and their so called charity; the Bidens who are criminals…but no let’s go after Trump. Everyone in America knows what is going on. It is DISGRACEFUL as they leave the criminals of the country alone to gloat and carry on. Our justice systems makes my want to vomit!

  2. This moron runs on a platform of “getting Trump,” files charge after charge and nothing sticks, so now she changes tactics to lawsuit after lawsuit… How is this not harassment and abuse of authority???

  3. This AG needs to concentrate on something besides her TDS issues. It is misuse of public monies…it isn’t based on actual facts.
    Time for her to BE FIRED!

    • Just a quick question Laurie North, how long have you been a ignorant liberal democrat. I’ll bet you believed the Russian hoax was true too.

      Laurie, you’re exactly the type of person the democratic politicians look for as voters. You’re completely uninformed and misinformed, plus you’re not to bright either, which makes you perfect to be a liberal democrat.

        • Well CJ, probably as long as you’ve been a dumb communist liberal who hates this country. This is a center right country CJ, so since you hate capitalism so much, why don’t you and the rest of azzwhole’s in the Democratic Communist Party move to Europe! Now, do the letters FO mean anything to you!!!

    • If he is guilty, yes. This seem to be a fishing expedition. Hunter Biden is still not under investigation, and the charges are more serious…just saying.

    • Why? If he’s guilty he should be but the charges won’t hold. Anyone can put a price on everything they’ve got but a bank isn’t going to take their word for it. Every bank has a loan review dept and the tools they need to review all loan applications. The banks review will determine what the values are and what they’ll lend you. That complaint won’t go anywhere. Leticia James is determined to get him on something…..anything. It’s not going to work again.

    • How guilty does one have to be ? ! ? Red Jesus is a lunatic with a liars tongue . Morals were never his thing. But then again, a narcissist dont realize how crazy they are. LOONY!!!

  4. This idiotic attorney general of NY is so delusional that she believes this pathetic lawsuit will work. It’s up to the bank who’s loaning you money to verify the worth of your assets as collateral. The bank is not going to just take your word for it, especially for large sums of money to be borrowed! The lawsuit against President Trump is baseless!

    If the weak and spineless Republican Party win’s control of both houses, they had better open many investigations on all of the criminal corruption of the Democratic Communist Party members, with Special Prosecutors assigned to them. Starting with Obama, Biden, Hilary, FBI, DOJ, AG Office, on their 6-year criminal and illegal attacks on Trump’s campaign and when he was president.

    No more stupid worthless congressional hearings that are nothing more than a circus where no one goes to jail. These Democrats get away with their crimes and continue to do these crimes because they’re never held accountable and democrats NEVER go to prison!

  5. NYC is being victimized by the criminals more and more.. not safe to walk the streets, but this fool of an AG has one agenda and that’s to destroy Trump while people are being shot, beaten and robbed…
    She is so extremely consumed with hate for Trump that she is spending her time trying to create a crime to charge him with… How about she stop this vendetta against Trump and STOP the REAL criminals from killing or hurting the people on the streets of NYC

  6. Trump is a crook Read books about him BEFORE he was elected He is trying to ruin this nation His grandfather was refused entry back to Germany because he was a draft dodger They go on and on about his family and how he became what he is today His son-in-laws family was just arrested on fraud RUNS IN THE FAMILY ! The public need to read about this man ,,, before and after his election!

    • Anybody can write a book. It don’t make them true. I rather look at the facts as they happen.
      To me these charges are stupid. Banks put things in their computers and they are checked out.
      Trump and his people have done business for years, and all of sudden, they find something wrong!
      Something fishy in Denmark.

  7. Trump Is an Absolute Big lying Fraud, and will never vote for him again, as the proof is had that swindled many, many people, and lie’s doing it , and whom ever the person’s are that throw there vote away by voting for this lying dictator,( Want-a-be) as he love’s kim of north Korea, and that other low-life Putin, he should just move to either one of those countries, and run against either one, and see want life is like there, nothing as pleasant as the USA, but his money will not go that far, as he’s a poor boy there, playing in a rich dictators country in those countrie’s, he’s absolututely nothing there, as they will rape his funds, and throw him any! – Don (USA)

      • You know I enjoy reading everybody’s comments we have a lot of smart people probably smarter than what we got leading our country when you act like first and second graders in school one thing I have to say is that all our leaders Democrats or Republicans they’re all a bunch of crooks and they will continue to be crooks as long as they’re in office

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