Shocking “Hunter Laptop” Update

Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive likely holds the answer to House Republican questions over President Joe Biden’s son’s Chinese business deals, including his efforts to work out U.S. natural gas deals with a Chinese government-linked energy conglomerate.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the ranking member on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, sent letters to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in May, June, and September and argued the Treasury Department continued to stonewall his efforts to get answers on Hunter Biden’s suspicious financial transactions linked to China and elsewhere.

Comer’s newest letter provided granular details about Hunter’s efforts to work out deals with China’s CEFC China Energy, and the Washington Examiner can confirm his laptop hard drive is full of evidence about these efforts.

“Committee Republicans seek this information to determine the extent of President Biden’s participation in these plans to sell America’s interests to China, a foreign adversary,” Comer told Yellen in a letter this week. “Please produce all suspicious activity reports connected to China, including the CEFC venture contemplated by the maps and presentation provided herein describing a plan to sell America’s energy independence to China.”

The House GOP included excerpts from a December 2017 business presentation emailed to Hunter by his assistant, JiaQi Bao, who reportedly previously worked for the Chinese government’s National Development and Reform Commission and a Communist Party-linked investment firm before working with Hunter through his Hudson West business.

The Washington Examiner’s laptop review shows dozens of communications between Bao and Hunter. The Washington Examiner commissioned Konstantinos “Gus” Dimitrelos to conduct a full forensic examination of the laptop, and he concluded that “the data contained on the hard drive is authentic.”

Comer zeroed in on the sale of American natural resources, namely natural gas, to China. The Republicans included the title page, translated from Mandarin, which was titled “Overview of the U.S. Natural Gas Industry Chain.” The House GOP letter also included other excerpts from the presentation, including a “Map of Shale Gas Producing Areas in the 48 States of the Continental United States” and a “Map of U.S. Natural Gas Production Areas and State Capitals 2016.”

“These maps, along with a sophisticated analysis written in the Chinese language, are part of a larger presentation emailed to Hunter Biden and show the carving up of the United States based on natural gas reserves,” Comer wrote. “The emails that accompany the transmitted maps reveal a plan to sell American natural gas reserves to China via the same corporate entity branded on the presentation — Hudson West — set up by Hunter Biden with officials from the Chinese company.”

Hunter’s laptop contains dozens of other emails and documents related to this energy venture and other efforts to work out deals with CEFC and Chinese businessmen. It is believed that these dealings are being scrutinized by the Justice Department.

“Documents obtained by Committee Republicans show that the Biden family received millions of dollars from a Chinese business closely affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, and therefore the Chinese government, to sell American natural gas to China,” Comer told Yellen.

Comer also included a copy of a wire transfer order from Hunter and his CEFC business partner Gongwen Dong to a Mississippi law firm in January 2018, with Hudson West sending $14,351.88 to the U.S. law firm related to the Chinese business plan.

Wire transfer order from Cathay Bank account holders R. Hunter Biden and CEFC China Energy Company Limited Emissary Gongwen Dong to Mississippi law firm
Wire transfer order via James Comer’s Sept. 20, 2022, letter to Janet Yellen

A November 2017 email from Hunter to Gongwen, which was meant to be forwarded to CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, was also included by Comer, and it provided insight into the younger Biden’s business efforts. CEFC ended up funneling millions of dollars to Hunter Biden-linked businesses.

Email from R. Hunter Biden to Gongwen Dong (a:k:a, Kevin), CEFC emissary, to be forwarded to Ye Jianming, founder and chairman of CEFC China Energy Company Limited

“I look forward to seeing you at home in New York next week. I have much to report regarding our partnership here in the United States. … I hope that you have received the information I sent regarding the LNG opportunities in the state of Louisiana,” Hunter Biden wrote, adding, “The proposal I have shared with you has the added benefit of being good for both the United States and China simultaneously.”

Ye has since disappeared in China after state media linked him to a corruption case in 2018, which led CEFC to go bankrupt.

Ye’s top deputy, Patrick Ho, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2019 for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Ho was deported to Hong Kong in June 2021.

Hunter struck a $1 million legal retainer agreement with Ho following his arrest.

Comer pointed out that Hunter referred to Ho as the “f***ing spy chief of China” in a 47-minute audio recording dated May 2018, found on a copy of his laptop.

The Republican also included an email from Hunter arranging office space for the shared effort between Hudson West and CEFC. Hunter sent a September 2017 email stating that his father Joe and uncle James were his business partners, providing his father’s cellphone number.

E-mail from R. Hunter Biden arranging office space for the shared enterprise of Hudson West / CEFC

“According to additional information provided by a whistleblower, Joe Biden was involved with this arrangement as a business partner, and documents reveal he even had office space to work on the deal,” Comer also told Yellen.

The Republican included a May 2017 WhatsApp message provided to the committee by a “whistleblower.” In it, Hunter’s business associate James Gilliar wrote, “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid.” The other person wrote back, “OK they should be paranoid about things.” Gilliar replied, “For real.”

Gilliar & Bobulinski
Gilliar and Bobulinski messages via James Comer’s Sept. 20, 2022, letter to Janet Yellen

The other associate is identifiable as Tony Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and former Hunter business partner.

The message is part of a trove of hundreds of documents from Bobulinski obtained by the Washington Examiner, including dozens of texts, emails, letters, and business proposals.

Bobulinski spoke at a press conference just before the final presidential debate between then-candidate Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in October 2020, where he said it was “false” when Joe Biden said he never discussed business with Hunter, saying he was introduced to Joe by Hunter in May 2017. Bobulinski said he “discussed the Bidens’ history and the Biden family’s business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least a high level,” during that hourlong discussion.

Biden’s campaign denied this at the time.

“We request all SARs from Biden family transactions, including those involving President Biden, related to transactions with Chinese entities,” Comer told Yellen. “We are concerned that the President may have compromised national security in his dealings with the country most adverse to U.S. interests — China.”

Original Article: Hunter Biden’s laptop could hold answers to GOP interest in Chinese business deals | Washington Examiner


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  1. First, I know that Hunter is NOT the president but when emails, conversations with associates, and ongoing business deals all appear to have President Biden’s knowledge, consent and sharing of profits involved I seriously cannot see how he is innocent. He got money from Hunter’s dealings — how does he NOT know that was happening. Did he think the “tooth fairy” was leaving it? Impeach Biden before the United States goes down the drain. Take some of the other Dems with him, too.

    • That’s what Trump was doing and that’s why they hate him so much — only politician to ever do their job based on promises — God save us all and God Bless America. God please Smite Joe Biden and his wretched family

    • The ONLY law in the USA is MONEY and POWER. It is exactly what caused the fall of the Roman Empire, Egypt, and all the other MEGA powers of this world.
      Until HRC is in prison for her illegal server, Biden and Biden are in prison and hanged for being foreign operatives and all the other criminals in the FBI and Justice department have 50 year sentences, there can be no justice on the streets.
      They are throwing Patriots in prisons without trial, they are allowing BLM and others to destroy BILLIONS in private property without arrest or conviction and they allow Fauci to stand in position of authority when he caused C19 or knew of its cause and lied to the people.
      Inflation is run away, food prices are nearly 300% of 2 years ago as well as almost every commodity.
      The foot of government has come to the neck of the people.

  2. There is no way humanly possible for Joe Biden not to be heavily involved in Hunters dealings with China. He has been involved since he VP. Bobulinski nailed his involvement by stating that he was there when Joe met with all those involved. I’m sure his bank account has been receiving funds from all these corrupt ventures.

  3. How does the “smartest man” Joe Biden knows loose his laptop? Drugs? Arrogance, pure stupidity? How does the DOJ and FBI not charge these traitors for crimes against the USA? All part of the same drug infested arrogantly stupid swamp!

  4. A lot of people act as though Hunter Biden’s business dealings and employment at foreign energy companies, sitting as a board member or consultant is his own business! That’s a ridiculous ignorant and horribly naive claim to make.

    Who would believe that any of these CEO’s of billion dollar energy companies would deal with Hunter Biden if his Father was not Senator Biden, VP Biden, and now President Biden. Hunter is nothing more than a money launderer and go between so President Biden has the ability to claim plausible deniability. As a matter of fact, arrogant and stupid Joe Biden actually made that very claim!

    Joe Biden and his entire crime family have made their millions by illegal back room deals, using taxpayer money. It’s called Quid Pro Quo, and old and stupid Joe bragged on camera about having the Ukrainian government fire their prosecutor who was investigating Berisma Energy Company, where Hunter was given a “no show job” as a board member and advisor. Who do you think got Hunter that job Hunter never shows up to and gets 80-thousand a month for. Of course it’s Joe Biden! A large cut of that Hunters corrupt monthly payment goes to Joe!

    You would have thought that our DOJ and FBI would have minimally investigated the Biden’s for this Berisma scheme of withholding billions of Americans taxpayer money that was going to be given to the Ukrainian government and Berisma Energy Co. Nope, nothing happened to Joe or Hunter. Instead our Democratic run DOJ/FBI went after Trump who requested the Ukrainian President to look into this corruption and the Democratic Communist Party politicians tried to impeach Trump and do nothing to Joe or Hunter, even though they have more than enough to prosecute both Biden’s!!!!

  5. When did Hunter become “SPECIAL” & not subject to same laws as other 350 million Americans. This is NOT a Democrat/Republican issue. This is a all Americans treated the same: equally within the law. STOP government employees favoritism

  6. How can any of this be news? Haven’t we known that the Biden Family has always been corrupt? Our current POTUS is a criminal and a sociopath. He doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. His entire life is fiction. I*5t amazes me that the people who voted for Biden could think it was the best choice. People decided to hate Trump based on the lies told by the Democraps.

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